Renting A Recliner

Renting a recliner is a good decision if you are looking for a temporary solution. You can opt to rent a recliner if you or anyone in your family are recovering from surgery. A pregnant woman and a nursing mother can also be comforted by offering a recliner if they are not willing to have a recliner for life. Elders who are facing trouble accessing sofas can experience a recliner chair before buying one. Choosing to rent a recliner will be of great use to you if you are working on a budget. Many retailers and rental outlets provide recliner chairs for rent at affordable prices. You can choose among them according to your requirements. This write-up will be an eye-opener on renting a recliner chair. All the major factors and things that must be given major importance have been discussed and listed by our expert team. You will benefit from the read if you are one among the many who are looking for advice before renting a reclining chair.

A Guide To Recliner’s Rental Cost

The cost of renting a recliner depends on various factors. Not all recliner chairs are offered at the same cost when you are renting them out. The major factors that decide the rental cost of a recliner are its type, material, brand of furniture, transportation cost of the recliner, and handling charges.

1. Type of the recliner

There are several types of recliners such as pushback recliners, swivel recliner chairs, traditional recliners, rocker recliners, power lift recliners, etc., The cost of renting varies according to the type of recliner chair. The significant difference in cost is due to the mechanism involved in the types of recliners. Advanced mechanisms have been equipped in recliners such as a power lift and swivel. The level of comfort attained from these type of recliner chairs also vary significantly.

2. Features

Recliners vary in their features and advancements. A basic recliner can be rented at a lower cost which cannot be expected from a recliner with advanced features. The advanced features of a recliner are massage, vibration, USB ports, storage, music, and ottoman. The rental cost of recliners significantly varies depending on the features you choose.

3. Material

Material used on a recliner also affects the rental cost of the recliner. Many recliners are made using premium quality leather or fabric which has a direct impact on the comfort and coziness attained from it. A recliner made of premium material usually costs more than a recliner made of lower-quality counterparts. If you are opting for a recliner made of premium leather, you will have to pay extra for it whereas a basic recliner with normal-quality leather can be rented at a lower cost.

4. Duration

The rental cost of a recliner chair depends on the duration for which you are willing to have the recliner. For instance, the rental cost of having a recliner for a month varies from having a recliner for a week. You will be able to get a consideration on the rental cost of the reclining chair if you are opting for a longer period, say a year or more than a year.

5. Security Deposit

Most of the rental outlets charge a dedicated security deposit on the recliner. This is to compensate for the damage or breakage to the recliner during the period you rented the recliner chair. For instance, you will asked to pay a deposit of 10-20% on the rental cost of the recliner. The amount will be refunded when you hand over the rented recliner back to the person. 

Things To Consider While Renting A Recliner Chair

These are the ancillary factors that must be considered when renting a recliner chair. This will help you immensely to not lose your money, time, and efforts.

  • Check the condition of the recliner chair when you are renting one. This is important from the point of view of losing your security deposit. Inspect all the parts of the recliner in the store and also ensure that the chair has arrived in the same good condition at your home. Damage during transit is highly possible which must be given immediate notice to the owner. 
  • Check if the recliner owner is a registered person. Many shopkeepers run the store without a proper license. Ensuring this is important to stay safe at all times during the renting period.
  • Get the rental documents from the shopkeeper immediately after you complete the payment process. Delaying the documentation process is not a good sign. Ensure that all the conditions have been mentioned on the rental agreement. The period of renting, damages if any, transport conditions, amount paid, and details of the refundable security deposit must be mentioned on the document.
  • Maintenance and repair that is required during the rental period must be discussed in advance with the owner. This is essential to ensure that you are not charged additional costs and also to avoid any tension. Ensure with the owner about the maintenance cost of the chair. It is always better to add the repair and maintenance costs along with the cost paid.
  • Know how the recliner has to be returned. The return policy includes transportation, package, and handling charges. Check with the owner if the cost includes packing and transportation for returning the recliner chair. Also, ensure that you will be provided a refund if there is an early return of the recliner.
  • Many recliner chairs come disassembled. It is better to seek assistance from the person who is running the store to assemble the recliner chair. It is highly recommended that you request the owner to send a person who possesses the knowledge to assemble the chair. This will prevent damage to the chair.
  • It is highly recommended that you provide all the right information to the shopkeeper at the time of renting a recliner. This is vital for the owner to call or contact you to communicate any information regarding the recliner.

Wrap Up

Renting a recliner might sound simple but the risks that come along with it are huge. From the time of deciding to rent a recliner to taking it home to returning the recliner, everything must be given utmost attention. Take personal responsibility to look for the best and most reliable vendors in the market to rent a recliner. It is highly recommended that you do some research, have a look at the reviews, and get opinions and experiences from previous customers. This will give you an idea about renting a recliner. Also, it is important that you treat the recliner chair as your own and not cause any damage or mishandling to avoid any stress and tension while returning the recliner.