A Guide to Recliner Maintenance: Keep Your Chair Looking and Feeling Great

Recliners are comfortable piece of furniture that is loved by everyone. It is the favorite furniture for people of all ages. The comfort and coziness offered by a reclining chair is the proximate reason behind it being the favorite furniture. It is vital to keep your chair in proper condition to reap the benefits. Maintenance of a recliner should be predominant and importance should be given to care for the reclining chair. Keeping your reclining chair looking and feeling great does not need special effort. Consistent efforts from the time of purchase will keep it looking and feeling new. 

However, if you are unsure about the techniques to be followed to maintain your reclining chair, here is a list that will furnish you with the knowledge to keep your chair looking and feeling great.

How To Keep Your Recliner Chair Looking Great?

1. Add the Right Recliner Upholstery

Upholstery is the main component that elevates the look of the recliner. Time should be taken to decide on the upholstery of the reclining chair. Fabric or leather must be chosen and it should go following the look of the entire ambiance. An inappropriate upholstery will spoil the entire look of the recliner and the room. 

2. Frequent Dusting

It is highly recommended to dust the recliner frequently to prevent the settling down of dust and debris. Dust and debris will spoil the look of the recliner. They will make the recliner appear old. Dust on the parts of the recliner will also throw an outdated look to the reclining chair. 

3. Comfort Pillows

Small comfort pillows can be added to the recliner. This will make the recliner look complete. It will also add a touch of elegance to the reclining chair. The fabric and texture of the pillows must be chosen carefully to suit the recliner. 

4. Decorate Around The Recliner

Keeping the place around the recliner in a good-looking manner will add to the look of the recliner. The place around the recliner must be decorated to keep it aesthetically appealing. Lamps, indoor plants, a bookshelf, and a floor rug can be added to the space where your recliner is placed. This will help in escalating the look of the reclining chair. 

5. Add A Slipcover

A slipcover is a layer that will act as a protective cover as well as increase the look of the recliner. Slip covers can be chosen in colors and they can be changed according to your mood. Slipcovers will protect the layer of the recliners from wear and tear. Wear and will deteriorate the appearance of the reclining chair.

How To Keep Your Recliner Feeling Great?

1. Add A Lumbar Support Pillow

A lumbar support pillow will be a great addition to your recliner. It will offer a sense of relaxation and comfort to your lumbar spine and the back area thus enhancing your experience on the chair. This will also make you feel good while seated on the recliner. Recliner genius zero gravity will enhance your experience when adding a pillow to it.

2. Adjust The Footrest

Keeping the footrest in the right position will offer a feel-good experience. If the footrest is not proper, there are chances of aches and pains in the full body. The foot should not be hanging out and it should be free of stress.

3. Armrests

The armrest must be fixed in a comfortable position. There are several types of recliners available. Most of them allow you to raise the armrest and fix it in an enjoyable position. You must use the armrest in the right position to feel great while seated in a recliner. The best-reviewed zero recliner chair needs armrest adjustment to offer the highest possible relaxation. 

4. Music

One powerful tool that can enhance your mood and make you feel great while seated on a recliner chair is listening to music. You can try plugging in your favorite headphones and relaxing in the recliner. This will make you feel relaxed and good. 

5. Aromatherapy

Trying your hands on aromatherapy is yet another good idea to feel relaxed. You can add a drop of your favorite essential oil and place it near your recliner while you are settling down to relax. This can spread a positive vibe and make you feel good.


Keeping your chair looking and feeling good is essential to reap all the benefits of a recliner. It is vital to take consistent efforts from the time of purchasing your recliner. This will make your recliner last for a long time and will enhance your experience while seated in it. The secret tips furnished by our team will assist you in keeping your recliner looking and feeling fresh and making the relaxation hour, the best hour of the day.