Everything you Need to Know About Recliner Warranties In 2024

Most recliner brands provide a warranty or guarantee card for their product. A warranty is a product guarantee that allows you to receive free repairs or replacements if it becomes faulty or ends up being damaged. However, the warranty specifics are complex and difficult to understand. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of recliner warranties, as well as what to expect if you need to file a claim.

1. Why Are Recliners Warranties So Important?

Reckiner Warranty

The main goal of a good manufacturer’s warranty is to give you peace of mind. It’s a written list of assurances that specifies at the very least how long the entire thing or different parts will perform well. Also included are details about what will be done if the item does not meet your expectations. The quality of recliners is frequently indicated by the warranty. So take both the item’s price and the warranty coverage into account when you’re buying a recliner.

2. What is covered in a recliner warranty?

Almost all recliner manufacturers offer warranties for any flaws in their products. Here are some of the items that are covered in general. This might vary according to the brand you purchase,

  • Reclining mechanism parts and base
  • Frame bases such as metal, swivel, wood, etc
  • Metal arms
  • Decorative frame legs and wood parts
  • Electrical parts and motors
  • Fabrics and leather

3. What isn’t covered in a recliner warranty?

There are certain exclusions from recliner warranties in general. Again this will vary according to the brand,

  • General wear and tear
  • Damages caused by improper cleaning methods, and chemical treatments
  • Damages caused by unreasonable or abusive use
  • Usual fading, scratching, discoloration, or chipping of the finish

4. What happens when you have an issue?

In case of any issues, the maker will prefer that you resolve any issues with the exact retailer where you made the purchase. You will probably need to return to the exact place where you made the purchase in order to resolve your issues, even if the retailer has another location closer to you.

If the issue arose during shipping, you should first seek advice from the shipping company on what to do. They frequently take care of the replacements or repairs themselves. As long as the remedy or remedies can be applied in a timely manner, the manufacturer is always permitted by the warranty to repair the product instead of replacing it.

To get more information, you can also call the customer service team of your recliner brand, they will guide you if your issue covers under their warranty policy.

5. Should I buy an extended warranty?

Many retailers of low-cost furniture offer consumers extended warranties at the time of purchase in exchange for a fee. Do your research on the businesses that provide them. An extended warranty might make sense if the business has a good reputation and the warranty’s price is reasonable given the price of your furniture.

Please note that an extended warranty you buy from a retailer will not be applicable if the manufacturer warranty has not expired. And a manufacturer warranty will not apply if you have purchased an extended warranty.

You might purchase an extended warranty from a retailer thinking that it’ll protect your recliner. But it may not cover the issues laid down by the manufacturer warranty. So always go through your manufacturer and retailer warranty before you buy an extended warranty. You can purchase an extended warranty under the following circumstances,

  • Pets and children in your home
  • Expensive or sentimental furniture
  • Friends, roommates, or your spouse is clumsy or accident prone
  • Sublease or rent your home

6. How to prepare for a warranty claim?

To begin the claim-filing process, you should contact the furniture manufacturer or retailer as soon as you discover damage or a defect. To file a warranty claim, manufacturers typically ask their customer service departments for a form or an email. In addition, make sure you take pictures of the damage and defect and send a copy of your purchase receipt. Depending on the warranty and the damages, the items will either be repaired or replaced.

Repairs and replacements in the field may or may not be the customer’s responsibility, depending on the warranty’s specifics, as mentioned above. The customer must ship the item back to the manufacturer for repairs or replacements if they cannot be made on-site by the customer. The cost of shipping from the customer to the manufacturer and back is frequently their responsibility.

The majority of producers provide the following warranties:

One year warranty

For a year following the date of purchase, the furniture is free from flaws in the workmanship, use of materials, and construction. If a flaw is discovered, the manufacturer will, at its option, repair or replace the flawed product. Generally, these are some of the items covered in a one-year warranty,

  • Finished wood
  • Plastic and metal components
  • Battery packs
  • Filling materials
  • Upholstery material

Limited warranty for five years

Based on reasonable use, the product or part has a five-year warranty against faulty materials or workmanship. The manufacturer will, at its discretion, repair, replace, or reimburse the product’s original purchase price if a problem arises that is covered by the warranty. Some of the items are covered under a limited five-year warranty,

  • Electrical components
  • Mechanical components

Limited lifetime warranty

Always keep in mind that a warranty is all about comfort and peace of mind. For these reasons, it is best to search for a Lifetime Warranty on essential components and materials. The wooden frame, the spring system, the reclining mechanism, and the sleeper mechanism should all be covered by a lifetime warranty for upholstered furniture parts and materials. Generally, these are items covered in a limited lifetime warranty,

  • Inner structures
  • Springs
  • Wood framings
  • Metal bases
  • Reclining mechanisms
  • Seat protector foam


Warranty is one of the most reliable signs that a product is high-quality. A piece that boasts a lifetime guarantee from a manufacturer will demonstrate why they offer such a guarantee. A retailer’s warranty is often equally important. Warranty periods vary between three and five years, depending on the product.

When a retailer or manufacturer stands behind the quality of their products, they will provide free support. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from your recliner warranty and what to watch out for.