Top Brands of Recliners Of 2024

It takes time to buy a new recliner for your living room. Everything from the features, construction, style, and upholstery will have a significant impact on what you will end up getting. The brand, however, is far more important than any of these factors. You’ll have half of the purchase process sorted out if you know which best recliner brands to go with. Come let’s read and know what’s best on the market now!

Quick Summary

Best Worldwide – Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture Industries manufactures each of the products in high-quality designs. Long-lasting colors and fabrics. Affordable. Durable. Best manufacturers of all variants of furniture. Based in Florida, U.S.

Best In Comfort – Heritage Homegroup

Finest home furnishings design, manufacturing, and retailing business unit. Ultra-fine designs. High-quality pieces of furniture. Ultimate comfort and luxury. Based in High Point, NC.

Best In Popularity – La-Z-Boy

One of the pioneers and forerunners in the field of recliner manufacturing. Affordable prices. modern and stylish designs. Padded for comfort. Magnificient looks. Based in Monroe, MI.

Best In Enhancements – Man Wah Holdings

If customization is your pick, you must go with Man Wah Holdings. Self-research techniques have resulted in over 200 self-made products. styles and colors. Based in Hong Kong.

Best Features – Catnapper

Stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting furniture with best-in-class advancements. Manufacturers of all variants of recliners from wall huggers to power recliners. High-quality chairs. Based in the USA.

Best Technology Employer – American Leather

Since 1990, American Leather is focusing on advancing technology to provide the best recliners to customers. Own power mechanisms. Machine cut designs. High-quality materials. environmentally friendly recliners. Based in the USA.

Best In Grade – Barcalounger

Each of their furniture is carefully designed. Superior comfort and relaxation. Best-grade materials. Luxury variants. Long-lasting recliners. Ample options to choose from. Based in China.

Best In Automation – Ekornes

Heritage-filled Scandinavian designs with seamless gliding options with fine quality automatic control systems. High-quality, durable, and soft. robust materials and quality craftsmanship. Based in Norway.

Best In Editions – Macy’s

Makers of furniture in over a hundred variants. Manufacturer of high-quality recliners at reasonable prices. Stylish and reasonably priced. Extremely durable. Based in the USA.

Best In Style – Natuzzi

An Italian furniture company that specializes in sofas, armchairs, recliners, and living room accessories. Highly stylish, durable, and a velvety touch to every piece. Long-lasting furniture.

Best Affordable – Christopher Knight

If you are working on a budget but are wishing to buy a recliner that will offer the highest level of comfort and luxury, this is the perfect pick. Founded by an actor turned marketer, his vision was to make low-cost furniture of top quality. Based in the USA.

Best In Invention – Seatcraft

Making unique styles by inventing and introducing new designs and structures of recliners into the market is exactly what Seatcraft does. Modernity in styles and colors. Longevity. Based in the USA.

Best In Fashion – Homelegance

Changing the fashion of recliners without compromising on quality and comfort is done by Homelegance. Stylish modern recliners. Sturdy frames. Affordable prices. Based in the USA.

Best Appearance – New Classic

Prioritizes appearance along with top-level comfort and coziness. Wide range of models. Power, lifter, massager, sofas, armchairs, and many other varieties are made. Based in the USA.

Best In Quality – Bonzy Home

If you are choosing superior designs, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality materials, choose Bonzy Home. Finest woods, metals, and fabrics are used. Budget-friendly furniture. Durable models. Based in the USA.

Best In Oversized Chairs – Simmons

Over a century of experience in the industry. Designs sizeable fluffy chair models. Affordable. Makers of finest quality spacious recliner armchairs. Based in the USA.

Best In Attributes – CANMOV

If you are aiming to invest in American-style recliner designs, you should try knowing about this brand. Premium construction. Outstanding upholstery. Innovative functionality and designs. Ample variety of its products. Based in the USA.

Best Reviewed – Divano Roma

Commonly referred to as the best brand by most of its users, this recliner brand will appeal to you. Supreme luxury, comfort, and functionality. Modern and inventive styles. Cost-efficient products. Based in the USA.

Best Undecorated – Steinhoff International

Known for simple and appealing recliner designs. Made using high-quality leather and metal frames. Range of unique collections. Budget-friendly. Based in South Africa.

Best Recliner Brands of 2024

1. Ashley Furniture Industries

Ashley Furniture Industries

When it comes to global popularity, only a few brands can compete with Ashley Furniture. Every piece you purchase from these brands is the result of decades of hard work and beautiful designs that took years to create. This brand stands out for its excellent quality in terms of appearance and comfort, without sacrificing durability. You can find almost any type of recliners from, power sofa recliners to massage chairs and even the most basic chairs for children. The best thing about this recliner brand is that you can find it in any style, color, or leather type in addition to having amazing functionality. So, no matter what type of user you are, this brand is likely to have what you are looking for. Their recliner models will not only make your life easier but will also improve the appearance of your home.

Country of Origin: Florida, U.S.

Highlights of the Company

  • High-quality designs
  • Designs that are practical yet long-lasting
  • Offers recliners in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles
  • Affordable price

2. Heritage Home Group

Heritage Home Group

Heritage homegroup is a global leader in home furnishings design, manufacturing, and retailing. It is one of the most well-known and respected furniture brands. The comfort and relaxation from the recliners of this brand take you to another level and these recliners never go out of style. This brand has a number of loyal customers because of the quality and designs it provides. These recliners give an elegant touch to your living space. You can relax in luxurious comfort with reclining backs and extending footrests.

Country of Origin: High Point, NC

Highlights of the Company

  • Comfort and luxury
  • Appealing appearance
  • High quality

3. La-Z-Boy

The recliner brand La-Z-Boy is at the top of the popularity list. It was the first company to introduce reclines to the market. It is the mother of all recliner brands. Apart from its popularity, La-Z-Boy offers models at unbeatable low prices. That is the primary reason why so many people all over the world love this brand. If you value beauty and elegance, then La-Z-Boy is the brand for you. They win the award for having the most modern and stylish designs on the market. Their recliners will look great in your home and will add a modern touch. The only disadvantage of the La-Z-Boy brand is it does not provide other seat models. However, if all you need is a recliner, then this is your go-to brand. But only a few of the recliner brands can match what a La-Z-Boy does in terms of looks, overall comfort, and price.

Country of Origin: Monroe, MI

Highlights of the Company

  • Magnificient looks
  • Affordable pricing
  • Padded for comfort
  • Highly popular

4. Man Wah Holdings

Man Wah Holdings is a Chinese company founded in 1992. It has gained worldwide fame for producing modern and comfortable household furniture and furniture accessories. Man Wah Holdings is the premier enterprise in the Chinese furniture industry, with over 200 self-made products. Their main goal is to satisfy the customers. Man Wah furniture is created using researched techniques and with the comfort of various customers in mind. Their chairs are not only built to last but to provide you with luxury and complete comfort. The recliners from this company are available in a variety of attractive colors that can be customized. Their large leather seats with reclining backs and extending footrests provide plenty of room to relax in luxurious comfort.

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Highlights of the Company

  • Wide range of products
  • Different styles and colors
  • Customizable furniture

5. Catnapper

Catnapper is a sub-brand of Jackson furniture, one of the most well-known furniture manufacturers in the United States. They are well-known for producing stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting furniture that will give your home an elegant appearance. Moreover, they offer a variety of models with varying features and functions, ranging from wall huggers to power recliners. Their power recliners are especially impressive with several amazing features.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • Variety of designs and collections
  • Superior comfort
  • High-quality chairs for longevity

6. American Leather

American Leather was founded in 1990 and is constantly developing new designs and technology, including its own power mechanisms produced solely for their own use. They use computerized automated machinery to reduce wastage on cutting fabrics, leather, and other materials. As the name itself suggests, American Leather specializes in leather furniture. But it also has separate fabric collections for those who prefer fabric recliners. American leather is a company that prioritizes comfort and durability. This company is also a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, an organization that promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable green materials and manufacturing practices.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • Machine cut designs
  • High-quality materials
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Different styles and upholstery options

7. Barcalounger

Only a few brands can compete with Barcalounger when it comes to quality. Their furniture is carefully selected and designed. Even the most tricky buyers will have difficulty finding fault with Barcalounger furniture. The recliners from this brand will amaze you as there are so many collections and designs. The comfort of the Barcalounger recliner is out of the world. It is made of soft and high-quality foam for maximum comfort. It merges elegant designs with high-quality leather and fabrics to create recliners that are both appealing and long-lasting. However, the price range can be higher compared to other brands.

Country of Origin: China

Highlights of the Company

  • Attractive designs
  • Superior comfort and relaxation
  • Designed with best-grade materials

8. Ekornes

Ekornes is based in Norway where they manufacture comfortable reclining chairs available at any price. Many of the recliners in this brand have power mechanisms but the manual system tops them all. The manual seats glide effortlessly without any handles or controls automatically adjusting to the most comfortable position for your body. The leather used in this brand is high-quality, durable, and soft than many of the leathers offered by well-known brands. Even fabric options are available for those who do not prefer leather.

Country of Origin: Norway

Highlights of the Company

  • High-quality leather
  • Comfortable
  • Effortless gliding system

9. Macy’s

Macy’s is a well-known brand that sells high-quality household products including recliners at reasonable prices. When it comes to furniture, they have one of the largest selections of items from the living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoor furniture categories. Macy’s alone carries over a hundred thousand different products from different name brands in home furnishings. With such a large catalog of offerings, you can easily find beautiful furniture to fit your space. You will find Macy’s products to be more stylish and reasonably priced.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • High-quality products
  • Wide range of collections
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable

10. Natuzzi

The Natuzzi group is an Italian furniture company founded in 1959. This company manufactures sofas, armchairs, recliners, and living room accessories. The Natuzzi sofas and recliners are designed to offer ultimate comfort and relaxation. Their piece combines style, durability, and a velvety touch. They use 100% leather in all of their furniture which gives long-lasting life to the chairs. With this type of quality materials and design processes, you can expect the Natuzzi recliners to last around 15 years.

Country of Origin: Italy

Highlights of the Company

  • Wide range of price points
  • Options for personalization
  • Highly durable

11. Christopher Knight Home

Christopher Knight is the name of the company’s founder, an actor, and marketer, who decided to create home furnishings for people of all walks of life. This brilliant man abandoned everything to dedicate his life to creating comfortable home furnishings. This company primarily manufactures single armchair recliners. Specializing in this item has allowed it to become one of the best brands in the market. Despite the fact that the majority of the models are low-cost, they still offer more classic and stylish pieces that people adore. Their recliners are available in a variety of leather, fabrics, and designs at a reasonable price. If you’re on a tight budget and need a recliner that promises comfort and durability, you should definitely look into some of their recliners.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the company

  • Wide range of models
  • Different styles and options
  • Quality construction and maximum durability

12. Seatcraft

Seatcraft manufacturers the best power recliners on the market. Every Seatcraft recliner is built with high-quality materials, ranging from top-grain leather to high-density foam that gives ultimate comfort to the body. And, without a doubt, they look magnificent as well, with modern and inventive styles in a variety of colors. Another significant benefit of purchasing a Seatcraft recliner is the extensive range of features available. Their recliners have a variety of functions, ranging from lighted cup holders to LED lights and a variety of other useful power reclining features. They are designed to provide the most comfort. If you are looking for the best, this brand will not disappoint.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • Modern designs
  • Superior comfort
  • High-quality build for longevity

13. Homelegance

Homelegance is well-known not only for its power recliners but also for its daybeds, sofas, and other products. If you want a recliner that will take your comfort to the next level, you can rely on this company. This high-end brand is a bestseller for a variety of reasons, First off, their seats are extremely comfortable and you will love the padding of the Homelegance recliner. They also have a variety of models to choose from, including single-person recliners and three-seaters. Moreover, the fabric is of high quality, and the frames are sturdy which makes these chairs last for many years. Even if you are on a budget, you can find a model that meets your requirements

.Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • Collection of stylish modern recliners
  • Chairs are well-made with sturdy frames
  • Wide range of models available at affordable prices

14. New Classic

New Classic is a hidden gem that many people should know about. It has an amazing catalog that makes this brand stand out. Power, lifter, massager, sofas, armchairs, and many other varieties are available in New Classic recliners. This brand prioritizes appearance and comfort and has some of the best recliners that come within your budget. New Classic allows you to get complete furniture sets for your living room that match and look great with your living room theme. The best thing about New Classic is that the builds are more dependable. And the appearance does always appeal to you and their construction is quite worth your money.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • All kinds of models are available
  • Appealing furniture
  • Comes in living room sets

15. Bonzy Home

Consider Bonzy Home products if you want recliners with superior designs, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality materials. This company uses only the finest woods, metals, and fabrics to create truly exceptional furniture. Even better, their build quality generates more fame and glory. Some models are less expensive than high-end furniture, but even they provide ultimate relaxation. Bonzy Home recliners are unmatchable in terms of cost. This is especially true given the product features and functions. If you want a sofa with a gentle reclining mechanism, you will probably find the best models if you look through the company’s collections.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • Durable models
  • Budget-friendly furniture
  • Easy to maintain and use

16. Simmons

If you’re looking for the best recliner brands, you can go with Simmons. This is one of the most well-known brands with over a century of experience in the industry. Every Simmons furniture has the quality and beauty that any prestigious brand provides. It designs sizeable fluffy chair models over other types of furniture. This brand does not have small armchairs or huge sofas, but it does have some of the most spacious recliner armchairs that will make your sitting experience much more comfortable. Despite its prestige and focus on big models, this brand manages to offer reasonably priced pieces of furniture that can be found almost anywhere. If you want the most comfortable pieces of furniture, then Simmon is your right choice.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • Fluffy chairs with many designs
  • Affordable for its quality
  • Prestigious brand

17. Catnapper

Catnapper a Jackson furniture company sub-brand, is an excellent choice if you want the best recliners. This recliner chair manufacturer has a long history of producing high-quality recliners. No other company can beat Catnapper when it comes to comfort and functionality. They are also well-known for creating stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting furniture. Furthermore, this recliner brand offers a variety of models with varying features and functions ranging from wall huggers to power recliners. Their power recliners are especially impressive, with several amazing features such as massage and heat therapy. Overall, Catnapper is one of the best-selling recliner brands in the United States.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Appealing appearance
  • Variety of designs


If you like simple American-style recliner designs, CANMOV is a great brand to look into. It develops and manufactures high-quality living room furniture and excels at researching and developing power recliners. The company’s sofas have outstanding upholstery, which contributes to their comfort. CANMOV has an amazing list of recliners that have gained worldwide popularity as a result of their innovative functionality and designs. If there is another thing that differentiates this brand, it is the variety of its products. Even models with minimum features have premium construction to make sure you get the best value for money.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • Wide range of products
  • Long-lasting products
  • Premium construction

19. Divano Roma Furniture

Divano Roma is a company that has received reviews as the ‘best brand recliner’ from many users. This brand offers a wide range of furniture and home decor items that are great in terms of luxury, comfort, and functionality. You can expect a wide range of recliner designs, that will definitely appeal to you. There is nothing about these pieces of furniture that you will not like, from the design and construction to the padding and upholstery. Divona Roma creates its pieces with modern and inventive styles. Many of the company’s models are selling fast because of the amazing designs and functionalities.

Country of Origin: USA

Highlights of the Company

  • Cost-efficient products
  • Long-lasting furniture
  • Wide range of collections

20. Steinhoff International

Steinhoff International is a South African retailer that specializes in manufacturing and selling home furnishings in Europe. If you want simple but appealing recliner designs, you should definitely look into this brand. They use high-quality leather and metal frame to ensure you get the best. Steinhoff has all types of furniture to place in all your rooms. You will be amazed by the wide range of unique collections. All of their products are quite reasonable so this must your go-to brand if you are on a budget.

Country of Origin: South Africa

Highlights of the Company

  • Wide range of collections
  • Budget-friendly
  • HIgh-quality materials design

Things to Consider When Looking For The Best Recliner Brands

When you are searching for the top recliner brands, you need to look at certain important factors. Consider the following factors when you are shopping for a recliner.

1. Weight limit

If you have a large body frame, the last thing you want to buy is a recliner that is too small for you. Some excellent models can fit people weighing between 300 and 330 pounds. For your own safety, you must stay within the weight limit of a chair. If the limit is exceeded, it may result in unexpected accidents or even the failure of the lift or recline mechanism. That is why it’s important to consider the weight limit of a recliner.

2. Safety functions

Power recliners have a variety of mechanisms that may or may not function in the event of a power outage. If you or your loved ones have mobility issues, it is preferable to select a model with built-in battery backup. This allows you to use all features and functions of the chair even if there is a power outage.

3. Upholstery

The upholstery on the recliner you purchase will determine the visual appeal of the chair, durability, and the level of maintenance required. Moreover, it will decide how comfortable the chair is against your skin. Avoid fabrics that make the chair sticky and less breathable, especially on summer days, for the best experience. You can also safeguard your upholstery by investing in a good recliner slipcover.

4. Construction quality

If you want your chair to be dependable, long-lasting, and sturdy, you have to consider the brand’s standard construction quality. Before buying anything, ensure that you understand the type of construction you are getting.

5. Origin and Popularity

It is completely acceptable to learn more about the brand when you purchase your recliner. Consider chairs from reliable brands, if you do not want to be disappointed. The longer a brand has been in existence, the more popular it will be.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recliner Brands

1. How durable are recliners from these brands?

The recliners that we have reviewed in this article are the most well-known brands and have been in the industry for many years. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the durability and comfort they provide.

2. I have limited space in my home, is it wise to buy a recliner?

To save worries of not having enough space to place a recliner, manufacturers started designing wall hugger recliners. They are just like recliners where they can be placed close to the wall and don’t take up much space.

3. I am attentive to detail and want the “perfect” recliner, which brand would you recommend?

Every brand in this list is unique and known for its quality. It’s up to you to decide the brand that meets your needs and requirements. Apart from the above-mentioned brands, Irene House recliners are one of the finest pieces of furniture.

4. I want a budget-friendly recliner, which is the best brand to consider?

If you considering budget-friendly recliners, then Divona Roma, Simmons, Bonzy Home, Homelegance, Macy’s, La-Z-Boy, and Ashley furniture are good to go.

5. Do I need to consider the warranty policies of these brands?

Yes, warranty policies are written guarantee for the quality of the product and they cover your recliner in case of any damage or repair. Some manufacturers offer one year to a lifetime warranty for the frame. So make sure the brand you choose offers a good warranty policy on the product.


Now that you have come to the conclusion, you will have an idea of the famous recliner brands available in the market. Whatever you wish to get for your space, each of the brands on the list will give you something that you will enjoy. Choose any brand you want, and you will have an amazing product at home. Hope this article gave you a clear view of the best recliner brands available on the market. Share this article with your friends who are in search of the same if you find this informative. Write to us in the comments section if you have any questions and we will get back to you soon.