Find Your Perfect Fit: Tips for Choosing the Right Recliner

Recliners are a perfect addition to your home. They add a touch of comfort and luxury to your life. Recliners are capable of enhancing your mood and provides you with relaxation at the end of the day. But, all this can be relished only if you choose the right recliner. The sizing and other things associated with a recliner do not get classified under “one-fit-for-all”.

The term “Right” varies from one person to another and from circumstances. Numerous factors have to be considered for the recliner to be the right recliner. We have listed the top functional points that will assist you in choosing the right recliner.

Tips For Choosing The Right Recliner

1. Consider The Size

Recliner chair size is a vital factor that determines the righteousness of a recliner. Choose the right-sized recliner based on your necessities and expectations. The size of the recliner varies depending on the types and features associated with it. The wrong-sized recliner is capable of causing damage to your body and will result in the loss of your investment. Look for a recliner that will fit your body and while you are seated in it, it should not cause any stress to any part of your body. The best-oversized recliners may seem appealing but might not suit if you are small-built.

2. Measure The Dimensions

Decide a place where you are positioning your recliner. Measure the dimension of the place before choosing the recliner. Once, you have measured the place, check if the recliner coincides with the measurement. Ending up with an under-sized or oversized recline will not make it a perfect recliner.

3. Functionality

Features of the recliner have to be considered. Several advancements have been made in recliners by manufacturers. These include vibration nodes, massage functions, power-lift, USB ports, etc., This has to be chosen according to the necessities and expectations of a recliner. For instance, if you are looking to invest in a recliner for elderly people, a power-lift recliner will be the idle option.

4. Select The Right Fabric

Fabric or upholstery is another component that has to be given massive importance. The right upholstery not only elevates the overall look of the environment but also adds extra comfort as it is the only element that comes in contact with the skin. The right upholstery will not cause any irritation or discomfort to the person sitting on the reclining chair. Cotton, linen, silk, leather, wool, nylon, and rayon are the most chosen fabrics for a recliner’s upholstery.

5. Pick The Type Of Recliner

There are various types of reclining chairs for you to choose from. Each recliner is different and the level of comfort they offer also varies. Power recliners, push-back recliners, wall-huggers, space savers, power gliders, swivel chairs, and rocker recliners are the prominent types of reclining chairs. Take time to understand the difference between each of these types and choose the most suitable reclining chair.

6. Check The Padding

Padding is the filling of the recliner. The material stuffed varies depending on the types of reclining chairs. The quality also varies depending on the type of material used for padding. Your body should be comfortable when seated in the reclining chair. There should not be any hardships while you sit on the recliner.

7. Inspect The Armrest And Footrest

Footrest is the place where you place your foot while seated on the reclining chair. It is highly recommended to check if the foot is painlessly placed and is not hanging out from the rest. If your foot is not settling down, the recliner is not the right one for you. Ensure to check if the handrest is also fitting you. Ensure a neutral shoulder position while seated on the recliner.


The right recliner can be purchased after taking all the factors into account. Though, each of the factors might seem simple, declining to consider them might lead to a loss of investment and put you in a state of discomfort. Ensure to consider and take time individually to read, understand and implement each of the elements that have been listed by our expert team to end up with the right recliner. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team.

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