Comfort at Your Fingertips: Tips for Maintaining Your Recliner

Recliner is a comfortable piece of furniture that is loved by everyone in the household. Maintaining a recliner should be given importance as that investing in the right recliner. A recliner will be productive and highly functional only if it is maintained properly. Expert guidance is advisable on maintaining a reclining chair as it will increase the life span of your recliner.

As you scroll through, you will gain a complete list of tips that will facilitate your efforts in maintenance no matter the types of recliners you own.

Tips For Maintaining Your Recliner

1. Frequent Dusting

A recliner is prone to specks of dust and debris as it is exposed to all the people in the home. It is highly recommended to dust your reclining chair frequently. This will remove the chances of dust settling down permanently on the fabric and upholstery of your recliner. You can use a soft cloth to dust the chair that is dedicated only to the purpose.

2. Vacuum

Vacuuming is recommended once in a while. Deep-placed dust that is unremoved by cloth dusting will be removed by vacuuming. Also, vacuuming will give a fresh look to the upholstery. A frequent vacuum is not necessary as it might cause damage to the upholstery and texture of the fabric.

3. Wet Wipe

Tough stains cannot be removed by cloth dusting and vacuuming. In such cases, wiping the recliner with a wet cloth will clean the surface of the recliner. Mild cleaning agents can be mixed with lukewarm water and a soft cloth can be used to wipe the stains away. Using harsh detergents will cause changes to the texture of the recliner’s fabric and might also result in rusting and corrosion of the metal parts.

4. Grease Metal Parts

Metal parts of the recliner such as the frame and metal activating mechanism should be greased at regular intervals. This will enhance the functioning of the metal parts without any hardships. Overusing them is not advisable as they will cause leaking and spoil the surface and surrounding areas.

5. Use Pet Protection Covers

If you have a pet in your house, it is a wise move to invest in a pet-friendly recliner. If you are unable to find an ideal one, invest in a pet protection cover. This will keep the surface of the recliner from scratches and tears.

6. Food Articles And Drinks

Many recliners come with the facility to hold drinks and food. If you own a recliner without these facilities, there are high chances of spilling and stains. If there is a stain caused due to spilling of drinks, wipe them immediately to avoid tough stains. A wet cloth will be highly suitable. Wipe the area again with a dry cloth to absorb the excess water and moisture left on the surface.

7. Act Immediately

If you find any discomfort while sitting on the recliner, try to find the source immediately. Screws and other parts will cause more damage to the recliner if kept unrepaired for a long period. This maintenance is mandatory to keep the shelf life of the product. The tension of the footrest needs to be checked regularly to avoid the dropping of it. If you find the footrest dropping, immediately pay attention to the tension and rectify it immediately.

8. Electric Recliner

If you own an electric recliner, keep the water and fluids away from the recliner. Electric parts may get damaged when exposed to water. Plug the recliner directly into an outlet. Do not use an extension box to plug the recliner as it may spoil the life of the electric parts.


Maintaining a recliner chair is of proximate importance. When you decide to invest in a reclining chair and research it, expand the research to study the maintenance of a recliner. This is vital as the life of the recliner entirely depends on maintaining it. You can also go through zero gravity recliner reviews to get more tips as most of them will definitely come with maintenance tips.