Are Rocker Recliners Good?

As the name signifies, a rocker recliner is a comfortable padded chair where the back can be slid up and down for relaxation. These stylish chairs also help you relax your muscles and support you to sleep better. They are specially designed according to today’s generation’s needs who get less time to relax.

These recliners can be placed anywhere like the living room, bedroom, study room, and so on with enough space. They are available in many designs, styles, and materials that will enhance your interior look.

Keep reading to find out the amazing benefits of rocker recliners that will help you experience perfect relaxation.

Benefits of Rocker Recliner

An investment in a recliner comes with benefits such as treating body ailments like back pain, relieving mental stress, and providing good rest. A rocker recliner has these common benefits and also comes with a special quality called the rocking method. Let’s look at the detailed benefits below,

  • Primary feature of this recliner is rocking, you can sit and enjoy it after returning from work, long rides, after playtime, and so on. These come in many models and styles which can be completely customized to your preferences
  • Seats have a removable backrest and adjustable recliner handles. Sitting for a while in this chair will relieve your back pain, and improve blood circulation. The seat is filled with padded foam that gives a soft and comfortable feel while sitting in the chair
  • Seats and backrest area have springs in them for the prevention of sagging and squeaking sounds in the recliner while rocking
  • Will help to nourish your body and stimulate sleep through their smooth rocking motion. It mainly helps elders sleep better and gives relief to their body aches
  • Even new moms can relax and feed their babies. It even helps the weeping babies put to sleep in the mom’s hands while rocking

Types of Rocker Recliners

These are the common types of rocker recliners that come with various types of

1. Power rocker recliners

Power recliners are those that are designed for simple use with the need for a power supply. It became successful in providing its controlling access even though you have less mobility and are recovering. They come up with multiple locking positions for your safety purpose.


  • Primary source for the power rocker recliners are motors
  • Recommended for people who have body aches and mobility issues
  • Soft luxury pads that are covered in seats, armrests, and so on, will give cushioned comfort to your body


  • More expensive than manual recliners and need proper maintenance
  • Need to hire professional help in case of repairs

2. Manual rocker recliners

In manual rocker recliners, positions can only be adjusted manually using the recliner handle. Unlike the powered ones, these need little effort to move the position of the chair front and back. They do not need any power plugin or chargeable battery to work, you adjust the lever and rock in your favorite position.


  • Affordable
  • Does not costs much to repair as they don’t have any motors or batteries
  • Levers adjust the recline position or the rocking position along with the footrest


  • Old-fashioned chairs
  • Operations are tough for people with mobility issues and recovery from ailments
  • No separate footrest adjustment, it automatically moves up on the reclining position and moves down in the upright position

3. Chaise rocker recliners

A chaise rocker recliner is also called a lounge chair which is designed with an upholstery outer covering that gives full support to your body. They give a complete resting position and relieve joint paints, soothe the palm, and so on.


  • Luxurious seat with padding and cushioned arms
  • Extended version of rocker recliners that comes with support along the footrest
  • Affordable when compared to power rocker recliners


  • Occupies more space than a standard recliner

Power Rocker Recliners vs. Manual Rocker Recliners – Which is the Best?

Power rockers have more specifications and smart remote control access than the usual manual types. But having more parts like motors and batteries costs much for buying and repairing.

If you need a recliner with smart and easy access that also helps to support mobility issues you can invest in a power rocker recliner. If you want a traditional rocker with a low budget, choose manual recliners. You can opt according to your preferences and necessity.

Best Material for Rocking Recliner Chairs

The right material enhances the recliner’s appearance and paves a way for strictly performing its techniques. They are made using different types of materials like leather, faux leather, and polyester. Each material has its qualities to improve the recliners’ comfort.

1. Leather

Leather is used in a recliner for its durable and luxurious quality, its natural finish gives you a super soft feel and comfort. But they are on the expensive side. If you want better performance and last long-lasting recliner choose a top-quality leather-filled one.

2. Faux leather

These are alternative materials to the original leather. They may not have 100% qualities of leather but offer the same softness and luxury. When it comes to durability, they may not last longer than leather recliners, sometimes they would get cracked or damaged.

3. Polyester

These are known as microfibers or polyester materials that are comparatively lightweight. They give a soft touch making it comfortable for every age of people. especially for the elders and children as they make more mess and these are easy to clean. It protects the chair against dirt and strains.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a rocker recliner last?

A top-quality recliner made with durable materials would probably last for about 7 to 15 years. Its lasting performance is decided based on the recliner’s material, frameworks, and coatings. Proper maintenance would enhance the life of the chair naturally.

2. Are rockers good for the elderly?

For elderly people, rocker recliners give the best arcing mode relief plus lasting relaxation. Other than rockers some other recliners with a traditional touch, swivels, and messages give more comfort for it. These come in both electric and manual types, choose your needed preference.

3. Why do adults like rocking chairs?

Not only children and elders, even adults and you people love these. These rocking motions entertain and make everyone enjoy the meantime. Health-wise, it gives relaxation by releasing endorphins in the brain that improves your mood and reduces your stress.

4. What is the average cost of a rocker recliner chair?

The cost of a rocker recliner is decided on its brand type, material quality, style, and its specifications. However, the recliner starts its cost from $100 and it can be extended to $2000. You can opt for a chair that suits your space, features, budget, and so on.

Final words

Rocker recliners are designed to give you complete relaxation and rocking enjoyment during your leisure time. Plus, they can be safely used by people recovering from illness, lactating mothers, and getting stubborn children to sleep. Each type of recliner offers different operating mechanisms and comfort. The recliners are available in various sizes, if you want to choose these for your home first do consider the space and choose a recliner size according to that.

Hope you have a got a better understanding of rocker recliners. If you have any questions, feel free to share them in the comments section.