Best Recliner Handle Types

Without a proper recliner handle, even the most comfortable feature will remain useless. These handles are varied on their size, structure, color, material type, and working kinds

Every type gives its best performance on its manufactured quality, to experience a perfect adjusting convenience choose a top-quality handle that suits your type.

If you want to repair or replace the handles, you need to know the handle types available in the market. In this article, we have provided you with the necessary details about the handles and a short DIY guide on you can fix them.

Types of Recliner Handles – Which is the Best?

A handle in a recliner is positioned for providing you with better support. This comes in different shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and so on. There are 3 types of handles that are commonly used in all types of recliner chairs. They are D-type handles, levers, and flappy handles.

1. D-type recliner handles

A recliner with a D-type handle is considered the most comfortable handle types. It is an alphabetic letter “D” shaped handle connected with a cable to adjust the chair. Their inner release handles are known as parachute style that works like lawn movers. It has two short-tailed cables and a long-tailed one. It is easy to use, as you simply need to pull back the handle.

Installation and repair

  • For replacing these handles you need certain tools like screwdrivers, nose pliers, replacement handles, and a cable.
  • First, put the recliner in a position and gently unscrew the handles and remove them, keeping the screws safe as they are used to fix the handles later
  • Then put the recliner top area to the floor for accessing the underneath technical area
  • Look for the cable which is attached on two ends, initiate by loosening the S-tip cable, and after that use the pliers and remove the mechanism clip
  • Remove the old cable and replace it with a new one and complete this process
  • After fixing them replace the screws and place the chair in its upright position and check for its function
  • While you are dismantling a recliner, take utmost care to position the handle properly

2. Flappy handles

This type of handle is easy to use, you can simply pull out the flap handle and adjust the recliner position comfortably. Not only on recliners but it is used in office chairs and even in automobiles due to its smaller size. These handles are difficult to find among common furniture or hardware stores, you can find them only in certain stores and online sometimes.

Installation and repair

  • First step for repairing is to slide and expand the chair. Look for the screws and take screwdrivers and loosen them
  • Keep the screws in a safer place for reinstalling it in the chair later
  • Find the handle cable that is connected to the chair and carefully loosen the cable ends and remove it
  • Then take the new cable, fix it to the ends and screw them tightly
  • Close them with the metal lid and fix them to the chair
  • Keep the recliner in its normal position and enjoy it at your convenience

3. Lever handles

Lever handles are the most common type of handle that is used in most recliner models because of the simple handle and adjustment. They are made of almost every material like wood, plastic, and metal, these resist the handle from breaking and getting cracks. It is easy to use by simply pulling the handle and you can adjust the recliner in a comfortable position. Making a simple turn the chair reclines downward and comes again to its upward position. Lever handles provide a classic look to the recliners at a low budget.

Installation and Repair

  • For installation/repair, you need a screwdriver
  • Move the recliner and place it towards the downward position for looking into the interior mechanism
  • Pull the lever handle that is presented at the bottom of the recliner and open them
  • Remove the screws and keep them safe, pull out the lever handle out
  • There’s a small protective material on this bottom side, do remove that also
  • Replace it with a new lever and screw them tightly
  • Also, place the protective material therein

Replacement guide

Though you have separately known the repairing and installation of the handles there are some more tips you need to keep in mind.

  • First of all, see why you want to replace the handle whether it got defective or not working properly then choose a handle type according to that
  • Measure the handle space and the recliner and choose a new one
  • Extend the footrest for preventing from getting struck and then find the interior mechanism below the chair
  • Using good quality and efficient tools like screwdrivers, pliers, etc will make the work much easier
  • Then find and remove the old cable, carefully from its ends and replace the new cable in the machine without damaging the cable
  • Reverse the action and reinstall them into the chair
  • Make sure you have fixed the cables in the right position and the screws flexibly into the chair’s builtin mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all mechanisms the same?

Mechanism changes according to therecliner type. The manual type recliner uses strength and power to perform a specific function of transformation and the power type recliner electric powered motors and other powered components to perform the transformation. We have written a detailed article onrecliner mechanism types, do take a look to learn more.

2. Why is my recliner handle not working?

You must first check the lever that is attached to the chair. It is caused due to the loosening, missing the part of the nuts, finding them, and screwing tightly. If you can’t find them use a ratchet and sockets and fix the arm back. The nut can also come up in plastic material for use.

3. How does a lever recliner work?

A lever recliner is the basic recliner type that is preferred by almost all people. It is operated simply by pushing the lever button front and back the seat is adjusted to its recliner position and in an upright position. These types of recliners are bigger and suited for big-sized rooms.

4. Are recliner handles universal?

These recliner sizes are quite universal there are many types of handles available while you are buying a recliner as a new one or replacing its handle to make sure of its size, and shape. It’s more important when you replace them, the size of the handle space and shape should be measured before you choose one.

5. Do they make recliners with handles on the left side?

Most recliners have their handles on the right side as it will be more comfortable to adjust on the right side than the left one. However there’s no other specific reason for placing the handles on the right side, many recliners have left and in the triple seat recliners the handles are placed on both sides, and in the middle part.

Bottom Line

Handles are the access point where the whole recliner’s functioning depends. With the help of these handles, you can set the footrest, and backrest in a relaxable position according to your activity and need. A handle may look like a small part but it’s an essential thing for recliners action. A top-quality handle type makes your whole work simple and supports your relaxation without any difficulties. Apart from choosing the handle that suits your recliner outlook also look for the right handle that perfectly maintains the inner mechanism also.

We hope that our article has helped you know the importance of recliner handles. If you have any question please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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