Tips To Clean a Bonded Leather Recliner

Bonded leather is where two layers are bonded or coated in a recliner to give a luxurious and comfortable cushion. The materials used in these recliners are synthetic products that are made up of 10-99% leather and polyurethane fiber. If you find original leather doesn’t fit into your budget you can choose this material.

It is becoming a popular choice among many because it gives to add a luxurious look to your interior without the hefty price tag. Even though it’s a stylish alternative, bonded leather requires regular cleaning and conditioning to increase its durability.

In this article, we will share easy maintenance methods to keep your bonded leather recliner in top condition.

Tips For Preserving

Green cloth wipes brown sofa with alcohol.

The first step towards maintaining a recliner is to preserve them even before cleaning. You need to read the catalog first and know the precautions and maintenance procedures to work according to that.

1. Keep away from extreme temperatures

Most leather materials should not be exposed to high temperatures. If they are kept in strong sunlight for a long time they would get cracked and their color might fade quickly. Use a proper recliner cover or shift the recliner to another safer place. It’s also applicable for rainy days also. Sometimes recliners kept near the window side may also cause damage as the light directly gleams on the material.

2. Use leather supplements

To preserve the quality you can use certain leather supplements like oils, cream, conditioner, and other items that are suited for preserving. These will enhance the life period of the material and also give an instant glow to the recliner. Please note that you cannot use cooking oil, hair creams, or conditioners. There are products specifically to clean and maintain the leather.

Before applying it you should wipe the dust off completely from the chair and then apply them, you can continue this for one or two weeks at a time. For better results clean and apply them weekly once. Choose an oil or a cream that suits your fabric type and the chemicals in the substance should not damage the leather, make sure of that before buying one.

Tips For Cleaning

1. Preparation

  • Every type of recliner will come with a user guide, but many of you will ignore them and consider your neighbors or do as your wish. Avoid those mistakes and go through the precaution, preserving, and cleaning procedures. They will tag you with all the specifications and needed services for the recliner. Sometimes you would have a problem that cannot be solved through those catalogs, there contact the professional service provider for the help
  • Remove any dust present in the chair, and look for the interior hidden areas as they would contain more dust particles. You may also leave some of your things like coins, and fallen food shreds, sometimes you could find your lost items only while cleaning these chairs. So examine completely
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to completely remove the dust
  • If you don’t have a vacuum, dust and wipe the chair with a soft cloth or a soft brush and remove the extra dust in the corners and hidden areas

2. Cleaning procedure

  • Do buy a product that suits cleaning the bonded leather. Follow the instructions mentioned. You can also prepare a simple cleaning solution at home – 50/50 vinegar and water
  • Do some patch tests like initially cleaning in a less important or inner side of the chair, and check for any damages or changes. If that cleaning agent suits your leather then continue to clean the whole chair
  • Soak the cleaning cloth in the cleaning solution and wipe out all the nukes and corners. After that, thoroughly clean the bonded leather
  • Use a damp cloth to thoroughly remove the leftover substances
  • After that, use a soft and dry microfiber cloth to dry the recliner. Don’t expose it to direct sunlight for drying. Mild sunlight or a warm day suits them well to dry
  • After this, you can apply the oil or conditioner. Don’t directly apply them to the leather, add a few drops in a cloth and wipe throughout the recliner

3. Don’ts in cleaning

  • Do not use a substance that contains harmful chemicals or alcohol-based ingredients for cleaning
  • Use soft brushes and microfiber cloth
  • Excessive use of preserving conditioner and not wiping it properly will damage the material quality and makes you slip while sitting
  • Avoid placing hot cups, or bowls or exposing them to sunlight for drying them
  • When you spill any food items or drinks don’t wipe them with a cloth instead use tissue paper or a paper towel
  • Placing the recliner outdoors and starting your cleaning process may cause the dust from outside to stick to the wet fabric, so place it in a less wind or closed surface while cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use vinegar on bonded leather?

Do not use any harmful and abrasive cleaners like vinegar or bleach substances as they would damage your leather quality and tarnish them. Take a microfiber cloth with dipping it into the water and wipe off the strains. You can also use mild soap oil for removing the strains immediately.

2. What is the best natural oil for leather?

Some natural oils like neatsfoot oil, lanolin, almond, and mink oil are suitable oils for your bonded leather. It will moisturize the leather and prevent it from drying or causing damage to the material. These contain fats that help the material to deeply moisturize them.

3. How do you extend the life of bonded leather?

  • Keeping it away from heat and rain
  • Avoid using excessive cleaning agents, water, creams, and so on
  • Do not leave the strains for so long in the recliner. Use a soft cloth and harmless agents for cleaning
  • Clean your recliner at least twice a month

Final words

Bonded leather is the alternative to the original leather, it contains some leather particles in them for maintaining the recliner’s quality. Knowing the material and preserving them makes it work for long days.

Keep out of extreme temperatures and clean them with mild and suitable cleaning agents for maintaining their durability and appearance. Hope our easy cleaning methods will help preserve your bonded leather recliner for a long time. If you have any questions, do share them in the comments below.