Best Leather Reclining Sofas (2024 Edition)

Leather recliners are the most purchased chairs for their durability and also for the elegant look it gives compared to other recliner upholstery fabrics. They can be cleaned easily as they are water and soap-resistant. Benefits like this have made people shift their interest to leather chairs in recent days.

There are many best leather chairs available in the market each of them with unique characteristics and choosing the right one can be difficult. To make things easy, we’ve curated the list of the best leather recliners. From the products overview to the buying guide we’re going to help you with your purchase. There is also a table comparing the main features of the best leather recliners to give you a better understanding of the products.

Give a read and find what’s yours!

Overall performer

Seatcraft leather recliner

Quick Summary

Overall performer: Seatcraft Leather Recliner

With LED cup holders and ambient lighting in the base, this piece is a one-of-a-kind blend of elegance, comfort, luxury, and craftsmanship. Diamond stitch leather beautiful finish for the ultimate in designer elegance and comfort. There is a USB connector accessible to charge your phone.

Elderly Comfort: Esright Massage Chair

This chair has two cup holders, four storage pockets, and a remote control to change settings. The 360-degree rotation is one of the best characteristics. The Esright massage and heating chair is also rather than spacious.

Best Durable: ANJ Electric Recliner

A sturdy frame gets encased with supportive foam cushioning and long-lasting polyester fabric. All parts and instructions are bundled elegantly in a small box for installation. It comes with a USB port. Furthermore, the sturdy steel structure guarantees 25,000 uses.

Best Leather: Signature Design by Ashley Power Recliner

There are several pricing ranges and material styles available for budget upholstery designs. Customers prefer plush and leather alternatives. The lever smoothly, plainly, and quietly elevates the footrest. The backrest’s propensity to tilt back also works nicely.

Great deal furniture leather recliner: GDFStudio CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT HOME Recliner

You may recline and raise your tired feet with dual-function controls, slider, and recline. It is with extra cushions and soft padding for maximum comfort. It has imitation leather upholstery that is simple to clean.

Best on weight: Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

Taller individuals will like the extra-high backrest and chair height. This lounge chair has a high-resilience foam seat cushion and a strengthened arm structure, to name a few advantages. The cover is of fine suede and has a leather appearance and feel.

Best leather: Barcalounger Leather Recliner

It is a 100% grain leather chaps saddle with espresso wood legs. It has tenon and tenon construction on the hardwood plywood frames and glued connections with corner blocks. It has leather curled arms and brass nail head decoration.

Best to assemble: Relaxzen Rocker Recliner

The ergo hand control allows you to tailor the massage to your needs. There are four zones, five intensity levels, and nine massage modes. Individual comfort is with ergonomic hand control. It is comfortable, supportive backrests with simple settings.

Extra relaxing: Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner

It is an ecological material. Add style and comfort to your space with this lounge chair upholstered in soft, durable leather. It can get cleaned with a damp cloth.

Quality is perfect: Flash Furniture Recliner Chair with Ottoman.

Flash Furniture looks on clean lines, complementary colors, and sleek construction. It features a luxurious multi-position, high-back, lever chair with an ottoman. Plush arms relieve neck and shoulders.

Reviews of Best Leather Recliners of 2024

1. Seatcraft Leather Recliner

Seatcraft leather recliner

Seatcraft’s recliner is one of the best premium leather recliners available in the market. It is made of top-grain leather, the finest quality to give a premium outlook. The headrest can be adjusted to many positions at the push of a button. You can recline your seats and headrests with a power button to your preferred position.

A USB port is available to charge your phone. In addition to these, there is a transducer added to each seat where you can sit, relax, and watch movie. With the sound shaker, you can hear every minute sound of the movies you watch.

Within arm’s reach, you can place your snacks, drinks, or even electronic devices on the removable tray table. When you open up the armrests, you can see storage space to keep your books, remotes, and all your essentials.

The cupholders can be set to glow so that you can find your drinks in the dark. It can be turned on and off easily with a button. Another cool feature is lighting under seats for people to find their seats in a darkened room. Black and brown are the two available colors.


  • Lots of lights
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Quality leather
  • Soundshaker transducer
  • Easy to assemble


  • Chair may not be sturdy

2. Esright Massage Chair

Esright massage chair

Esright is one of the best leather reclining sofas where you can enjoy features like reclining, vibration, heat, 360° twirl, and rocking in the same chair. Faux leather is used in the making of this chair, stuffed with an extra sponge in the back and the armrest to provide more comfort. You can enjoy your movie time with drinks that you can keep in the cupholders. And you can place other essential items in the storage compartment.

The reclining position can be set to a maximum of 140° with the remote controller. There are 5 control modes and 2 intensity levels for the massaging feature that comes with a power cord to operate. This best leather chair comes in two colors, black and brown.


  • Massaging modes
  • 360° twirl
  • 140° reclining angle
  • Easy assembly


  • No lower back support

3. ANJ Electric Recliner

ANJ Electric recliner

ANJ’s is one of the best leather chairs on the list. You can activate the reclining function with the press of a button to get your desired position. This chair is built with extra stuffed pillows on the back and head to deliver the ultimate comfort. Constructed with durable steel to ensure sturdiness and long life.

There is a USB charging port on the right side of the chair to charge your phone. You can easily clean the chair as the leather is soft and breathable. The electric reclining system allows you to recline to any position you want after a tiring day at work to soothe your body and mind. The available colors are nut brown and smoky gray.


  • Lumbar support
  • Easy to put together
  • Extended footrest


  • Gap in the lumbar area when chair is in the reclined position

4. Signature Design by Ashley Power Recliner

Signature design by Ashley power recliner

Signature Design by Ashley is an ideal option to add to your living room. It is one of the best top grain leather recliners as the leather covers the seating and the armrests, while faux leather covers the rest. You can control the entire chair with a single power button.

There is a convenient feature where you can charge your devices in the USB port present in the chair and adjust the headrest to your view when you are watching TV. This can be done easily with the power button making the task easier for you.

You can enjoy maximum comfort by reclining the sofa to your desired position at the push of a button. Usage of real leather adds more comfort to you when you use the chair. The color available for this chair is brown. Overall, this is one of the best leather chairs to add extra beauty to your living space.


  • Comfortable seating
  • Good quality leather
  • Adjustable headrest


  • Motor of the headrest may not be efficient

5. Great Deal Furniture Leather Recliner

Great deal furniture leather recliner

One of the best leather chairs on the list is Great Deal Furniture Leather Recliner. This chair is covered in durable fabric to last longer. You can easily operate the chair yourself when you want to change your reclining positions. They are well-built with high-quality materials to last longer. Available color option is black. Overall, you can ease your mind and body while reclining in this chair.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality leather coverage


  • Footrest doesn’t lock to the upright position

6. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

Lane home furnishings wallsaver

Lane home furnishing’s recliner chair is built with a 7-gauge steel seat box and a sturdy bolted arm mechanism. The footrest can be locked to the position you want for a comfortable seating position. It is designed with high-density foam and coils seating systems to support a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds.

Plus, the chair has an extra-tall seat back to accommodate taller people. This best leather reclining sofa comes in nine different colors such as walnut, ash, blue, cafe, chocolate, dorado charcoal, etc.


  • Sturdy chair
  • Seatback for extra length
  • 500 pounds weight capacity


  • Lever can be difficult to operate

7. Barcalounger Leather Recliner

Barcalounger leather recliner

Barcalounger’s chair is one of the best leather recliners as it is made of one hundred percent top grain leather. It is the perfect recliner to have as it provides the best comfort at your pace. There’s a stuffed pillow back and rolled arms to provide relaxed comfort. It is constructed with a hardwood plywood frame that provides durability and long life. To give seamless motion this chair is designed with Delrin bushings.

Designed with high-performance foam to give the ultimate comfort when seated. To give an aesthetic feeling, the entire chair is padded with thick cushions. Color options include chaps saddle. Overall, you can place this best leather reclining sofa to your living space to add more beauty.


  • Very comfortable


  • Poor quality leather

8. Relaxzen Rocker Recliner

Relaxzen rocker recliner

Relaxzen’s is one of the best leather chairs as they are built with soft bonded leather. This chair has 8 vibration massage motors, 5 intensity levels, and 9 massaging modes. Every motor is placed at the right place to give a comfortable feeling at a particular spot. You can also customize your massage through the hand controls.

The recliner is covered with deeper cushioning that gives a comfortable touch even when the massage is off. This wide chair accommodates bodies of various shapes and heights. The color variants include beige, black, brown, burgundy, and grey. On the whole, this is one of the affordable best leather chairs that will help you get a personalized massage experience at home.


  • Easy to put together
  • Soft leather
  • Rocker reclining


  • Difficult to close the footrest

9. Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner

Flash furniture rocker recliner

Flash furniture’s recliner is made of leathersoft upholstery and the arms are enveloped with rich fabric giving a comfortable feeling when seated. Extra padding has been added to the backside and the arms to provide ultimate comfort when resting.

There is a lever on the right side of the chair to adjust the reclining position to your comfort. You can place this elegant chair in your room to add more style. Available color option is brown. Overall, this is one of the best leather chairs that come with a rocking motion to soothe you after a tough day at your work.


  • Rocker recliner
  • Bonded leather


  • No lumbar support

10. Flash Furniture Recliner Chair with Ottoman

Flash furniture recliner chair with ottoman

Another best leather chair on our list is the flash furniture recliner chair that comes with an ottoman. This is a swivel recliner built with quality materials for long-lasting life and to give ultra comfort to you. This chair includes more style to any of your space where you keep this chair. Enveloped in soft and durable leather soft upholstery that adds elegance as well as comfort. The headrest is integrated with the chair to be comfortable when you lay your head.

One of the best leather recliners designed with plush arms and padded to 3 inches for better comfort. You can move to a fully reclined position with the pull of a lever at the side. The chair is attached to the wooden base to give a stronger grip. Don’t worry about spilling your food because they can be cleaned easily with a cloth. There’s also a built-in floor glide to keep your surface scratch-free. This amazing chair comes in four colors, beige, black, brown vintage, and palomino.


  • Fine leather built
  • Comfortable to sit-in
  • 360° twirl


  • Padding may loosen up over time

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Leather Recliner

You need to consider all of the following factors to make sure that it meets all of your requirements.

1. Upholstery

The leather used in the making of a recliner not only decides the appearance but the durability and the quality of it as well. There are many genuine kinds of leather available today each with its unique characteristics. Select chairs that use genuine leather is easier to clean with little detergent and water and the color and appearance will not be affected by this.

2. Weight capacity

This feature is as important as others because this helps you know whether it can accommodate your weight and the members of your family without any strain. When you exceed the weight limit of your chair, it probably will slow down its functionalities or become useless. That is why it is important to check the weight limit of a recliner.

3. Dimensions

Seat dimensions are an important feature because they decide whether you can sit and recline comfortably. Some chair limits the space while others are widely built to accommodate people of all sizes.

4. Other features

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the following are the second basic features you need to consider.

  • USB charging ports to charge your device while resting
  • Cup holders to keep your drinks when watching TV
  • Storage bags to rest your magazines and other essential items

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of leather?

Leather is one of the durable materials that last longer than others. They are also easy to clean with water and soap as they are waterproof. Overall, the durability of leather is amazing.

2. Is it okay to sleep in a recliner at night?

Napping for a shorter period of time may not lead to any health issues. But sleeping in for an entire night may cause muscle stiffness or improper blood circulation.

3. What are the benefits of recliners?

Recliners help relieve the muscle tiredness in your body after a tiring day from work. They are designed to provide comfort and relaxation that you will not regret buying.

4. How much does a best leather recliner cost?

The cost depends on the features you require and the brand your looking for. In general, the price of a leather recliner starts from $500.


Recliners are worth the investment as they provide comfort, relaxation, and a good feel when you sit on them. The best leather recliners mentioned in our article will give you nothing less than that. Hope we’ve cleared up your doubts in choosing the top grain leather recliners. Please feel free to write to us if you have any questions.