How Strict Are Weight Limits On a Recliner Chair?

Recliners are an excellent choice to relax but exceeding the weight limit can be risky. The chair weakens faster when you put too much weight on the backrest which means you have to swap the recliner sooner than expected.

So, how much weight can a reclining chair support?

Read on to find out the answer.

Do Recliners Have a Weight Limit?

Everybody looks for a long-lasting recliner when they set out to purchase them. Depending on the manufacturers, the maximum weight capacity for a recliner varies. Some design their recliners to hold up to 300 pounds, while others make it up to 400 pounds.

However, most of the recliners on the market have a minimum weight limit of 250 pounds. Manufacturers in order to meet the demands, started manufacturing high-weight capacity recliners that could hold people up to 600 pounds. Ensure that your recliners have weight capacities and warranties before purchasing a recliner.

Do Recliner Weight Limit Even Matter?

You should never take the weight limit for granted. It has to be followed seriously if you don’t want your chair to be damaged or to have a shortened life span. So, you should strictly follow the weight limit of a recliner. You will not overload or allow more than one person to sit on the chair if you remember the amount you’ve spent on it.

A recliner is an armchair that reclines when the person sitting on the chair lowers the back and raises the front. When you overload the chair often, the working mechanism might deteriorate over time or break suddenly. That is why the weight limit of a recliner is crucial.

How Strictly Should you Follow the Weight Limits of a Recliner?

The weight limit of a chair helps you know the dos and don’ts. You will not overload it when you know the weight limit of the chair. Make sure you look at the manufacturer’s manual and be aware at all times that you should not overload the chair.

When you exceed the weight limit, your chair might deteriorate fast. A chair should not exceed its weight limit as it will affect its lifespan. Hence, considering the weight limit of a recliner is essential.

What is the Average Weight Limit of a Recliner Chair?

Based on the strength of their frame, recliners have a weight limit. The minimum weight limit manufacturers offer is 250 pounds. But there are recliners that go above it. Recliners are designed to hold the weights of elders, pregnant women, and oversized individuals. For instance, the best recliner for pregnant women will be ideal for expecting mothers to stay relaxed and comfortable. If you want to be safe, chair weight limits are important. In addition to that, weight limits are very strict to ensure long-term survival.

Is there a Weight Limit for Kid’s Recliners?

Just like adults, kids’ recliners are built for the comfort of kids at your home. They do come with a weight limit for their own safety and for the longevity of the chair. The weight limit of kids’ recliner ranges between 90 to 100 pounds. But there are some manufacturers who offer chairs up to 240 pounds.

Types of Recliners and Their Weight Limits

There are many different types of recliners available and the weight limit is based on their unique characteristics.

1. Traditional recliner

They recline when the button or lever given at the side is pushed. This allows the seat to move to its original position and the footrest to an upright position. Around a minimum of 3 feet is required behind this recliner to fully recline. The average weight limit for this recliner type starts from 250 pounds and goes up to 400 pounds.

2. Power recliner

A power recliner is similar to traditional recliners but in place of a lever, there will be a button to operate the chair. This electrical button allows you to set the reclining angle according to your preference. The weight limit for this recliner type is between 300 to 600 pounds.

3. Rocker recliner

Rocker recliners are a great choice for nursing mothers as well as adults who have children. When a person sits on the chair it functions by moving around and back. Rocker recliners are a great choice for relaxing and resting. The average weight limit for this recliner type is 300 pounds.

4. Push-back recliner

A push-back recliner works when you sit on the chair lean back and push upwards on the seat. No button or lever is needed to operate this chair. The weight limit for this recliner type starts from 300 pounds.

5. Glider recliner

A glider recliner is similar to rocker recliners but instead of moving in an arched path, they go on a linear path. The weight limit for this recliner type is 220 pounds.

6. Wallhugger recliner

Wallhugger recliners are a great choice for the ones looking to reduce space in their home. They are more upright and can be placed up against the walls with smaller spaces. The weight limit of this recliner type is between 250 to 300 pounds.

7. Swivel recliner

Swivel recliners work on a circular basis where you can twirl around the chair in 360-degree. They have a wide range range of motion compared to other recliner types. The weight limit for this recliner is 250 pounds.

8. Lift recliner

Lift recliners are a popular choice among the elderly who struggle to sit in and get out of their chair. They work from a sitting position to an upright position which allows the user to a standing position. The weight limit for this recliner type is 330 pounds.

Types of Recliner

Average Weight Limit

Traditional Recliner

250 – 400 pounds

Power Recliner

250 – 500 pounds

Rocker recliner

300 – 450 pounds

Pushback recliner

300 – 400 pounds

Glider recliner

220 – 350 pounds

Wallhugger recliner

250 – 300 pounds

Swivel recliner

250 – 400 pounds

Lift recliner

330 – 500 pounds


When you are purchasing a recliner, make sure you check the weight capacity of the chair. Choose a chair that will give you the maximum support and comfort.

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