How to Take Apart a Recliner?

A recliner chair is a great piece of furniture found in many houses today. For many reasons such as moving across the room, across the town, or across the country, you might want to remove the back of your recliner and reattach it.

In this article, we are going to give you step-by-step guidance on how to take apart your recliner in your home or office. Before you do this make sure if this part is acceptable to your recliner warranty terms.

Tools Required to Take Apart a Recliner Chair

  • Screwdriver to take out the screws that hold the various pieces of the recliner chair.
  • Nut driver or a small screwdriver to remove the screws from the arms and legs of the recliner. They can also be used to remove the springs.
  • Razor blade to cut the fabric in order to remove it.
  • Medium zip ties to be used in place of screws and bolts.
  • Teflon tape to seal metal parts and other materials if needed.
  • You can use thread as a needle if your recliner’s fabric is coming off from the chair.

Steps on How to Take Apart a Recliner Chair?

1. Unplug your recliner from the power supply

You will be free to disassemble the recliner when you unplug it from the power source.

2. Release the lock levers

Lift the recliner forward so that the back faces up. Many recliners are designed with a detachable back panel so you can easily expose the inner frame. Find the velcro straps holding the fabric to the frame’s base, and release them. And then raise up the recliner upholstery panel.

3. Find the levers that lock the back

Look for the locking levers in the frames on either side of the sofa’s seats. There should be a metal lever on each side of the sofa’s main body, close to the area where the recliner’s top and back meet. If your sofa includes a center console, you should be able to use levers on frames that connect it to the seats.

4. Look between the back seam for locking levers

Put your hands into the left and right side of the back seams, if there are no fabric-covered parts that expose the inner frame of your recliner, look for them between the center console and the seat. The locking lever will be present pointing downward between the seams.

5. Raise the locking levers to unlock the seat backs

You can either use a screwdriver or your fingertips to lift each lever. Then, free the seat backs. After releasing the levers, reposition the recliner to its normal position, then slowly raise the back out of the frame. If your sofa has two seats separated by a center console, remove each seat and console out of the frame carefully.

6. Remove the bolted bars from the base of the recliner

Look under the recliner to see if there are any bolts present. If they are present, flip the sofa over onto its front side so that its back will be facing up. There should be two or three bars fastened with screws or bolts from one end of the chair to the other.

7. Remove the base bar’s bolts

Confirm the screws or bolts holding the base bar in place. Remove each screw from the base bar either using a drill or a screwdriver. Always have someone to help you as you remove the last bar. When the last bar is removed, the seats and the console will come off freely. So, having someone to help you with the sofa will protect the components from falling off, rolling away, or damaging other objects.

Once the bar is detached from the recliner, then you can separate the recliner into two parts. Then, it will be easy for you to quickly move it across to any place you want and assemble it back.

Reassembling the Recliner Back to its Shape

Once you have disassembled the recliner and moved it across, you will have to assemble it back. The next time you want to assemble or disassemble the chair, you do not want to spend hours on it. You also do not want to spend your money on hiring someone to do it. That is why you must record every step of the process while you dismantle the chair.

You can do it either by remembering or by taking pictures of it on your phone. In that way, you can easily assemble and disassemble the recliner whenever you want. Another great idea would be to write down the dismantling process for each part of the recliner.

Things you Should Remember When you Dismantle A Recliner

  1. When you lift the recliner to remove the bolts from the base bar, take a picture of the base so you will know how the recliner is supposed to look when you put it back together.
  2. While removing any screws or bolts, you should have separate plastic bags or containers to put them in. Likewise, keep separate bags for each and every piece of hardware and label the disassembled bars. For example, “base bar screws” or “top base bar.”
  3. Use the pictures and labeled parts you took when you dismantled the recliner to reassemble the chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do recliner chairs come apart?

Yes, they do. Recliner chairs are usually connected by bolts and screws to fit the pieces together. Once you know how to dismantle them, you can easily take apart a recliner.

2. Are there any best recliners for pregnancy available?

Yes, recliners of all types are available on the market these days. There are also the best recliners for pregnancy available. They comfort women when they lie down on the recliner.

3. Do I need to buy extra bolts and screws to dismantle the recliner?

No, you do not need to buy any extra bolts when dismantling and reassembling the recliner. Just carefully put all the screws and bolts you unfastened from the chair in a plastic bag and label them separately. You can fit the recliner back with the screws present.

4. Is professional assistance required to disassemble the recliner?

No, dismantling the recliner does not require any professional experience. The steps are simple and easy to understand, so you can do it on your own when you pay careful attention.


Keeping a recliner safe is as important as spending time picking and buying a recliner. You have invested quite some time, so you must make sure you keep it safe while cleaning or dismantling it.

If you have planned to move across your recliner and visited this article, hope this helps you in doing so. Do share questions or doubts in the comment box and we will get back to you soon.