Recliner Mechanism Types You Need to Know

Recliners are one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture in any household. Everyone usually loves it for the warmth and snug it offers. The retailer or the online seller generally explains the materials used to construct the recliners, technique, and potential. The manufacturer also takes an effort to explain these factors but the untouched portion is the recliner mechanisms.

This article explains the types of recliner mechanisms which is the key to the functioning of a recliner.

7 Types Of Recliner Mechanisms

There are various types of recliner mechanisms. Electric and manual mechanisms are the two prominent heads under which manufacturers use many sub-type mechanisms to make the recliners function effectively.

1. Power Lift Mechanism

Power lift recliner mechanism tops the list of elders and people with disabilities. These recliners rise from their entire base to assist people to get off easily. The lift recliners work with the aid of motors. A single or dual motor is the widely used motor variant in the power lift reclining chairs. The motors help in the functioning of the footrest and reclining mechanism.

  • Recliner’s body moves from a flat position to a lift position to assist elders and disabled persons to easily move from the recliner
  • Most lift chairs are equipped with the function of lumbar heating and back massage

2. Rocker Mechanism

A rocking mechanism is inculcated at the time of constructing these recliners. Arching tracks are the main element that supports the rocking mechanism. A rocker recliner has two curved arches that assist the recliner in rocking. The chair moves front and back in a rocking motion making it the best recliner for relaxation and sleeping. The rocker reallows the user ability to set the desired position. These type of recliners also offers space for resting your feet.

  • Manual rocker recliner works with the aid of a level to adjust the recliner to the desired position
  • An automated recliner works with the aid of a motor. The desired position can be achieved by operating the buttons in the remote control

3. Wall-Hugger Mechanism

A wall-hugger recliner is a variant that provides people to enjoy the warmth and snug of recliners in cramped spaces. The wall-hugger has been structured in a way to remain close to the wall and occupy lesser space. The mechanism of a wall-hugger is that the chair moves forwards as you recline back thus helping to save space and retain from hitting the wall.

  • Manual wall-saver recliners use the assistance of a lever to achieve the desired position
  • Electric wall-saver recliner is equipped with a motor to adjust positions. A remote control or switch will be present to control the movements

4. Glider Mechanism

Glider recliners are similar to that rocker recliners. The rocker recliner moves in a rocking motion in a curved arch whereas the gilder recliner moves front and back in a horizontal direction. Glider recliners are a perfect option if you have an infant or a newborn as their motion is soothing and provides a sense of relaxation.

  • Manual glider recliner requires the user to recline and glide manually by exerting body pressure
  • Electric glider recliner is comparatively comfortable and easy to operate. It provides the user with advanced features such as headrest controls, lumbar support, and a power lift

5. Push-Back Mechanism

Push-back recliner mechanism functions without the aid of a lever or a motor. As the name implies, the push-back recliner has to be given pressure by leaning against the back for the chair to recline. This is the most frequently used model of recliner and is also an affordable option. The push-back mechanism also helps you save space as it does not occupy much area for its reclined position.

  • Manual push-back recliners are one of the most used variants. The operation is simple where a lever has to be pulled to recline the chair
  • Electric push-back recliners have a power control button or remote to help you recline the chair easily. One can control the recliner by handling the controls on the remote

6. Swivel Mechanism

Swivel recliners are constructed using a different technique where a swivel base is fixed for the recliner to swivel left and right. The swivel mechanism has a base that has been built to rotate 360 degrees. It also allows the users to recline before initiating the swivel mechanism. Swivel recliners occupy more space than other recliners.

  • Swivel recliner comes with a manual operation that can be controlled by pushing the lever or the handle
  • Electric swivel mechanism functions with the aid of a motor where a button is dedicated to initiating the swivel movement

7. Traditional Recliner

The classic recliners provide the seater with two options. These are the most widely used model of recliners where the chair gets back on the push of a lever or button. The mechanism has been built in a way to recline fully and incline to an upright position. The footrest also comes up when the chair goes to the reclined position and settles back when inclining. The chair takes up more space when compared to other recliners.

  • Traditional manual recline functions like any other normal manual recliner where the user has to exert body pressure against the back to recline the sofa. The footrest is also raised when pressure is applied
  • Power motors are used to recline the sofa. It is ideal for elders and disabled people. They can recline the chair by pressing the button on the remote control

Things To Consider When Choosing A Recliner Based On Mechanism

1. Cost

It is advisable to look out for the cost before choosing a mechanism. The cost of recliners varies on the mechanism as different and complicated mechanisms go into the construction of different variants. If you are working on a budget, a comparison table before ending up with a recliner is advisable as it will help you choose the suitable and best variant.

2. Space

The area for placing the recliner is one of the proximate factors to be considered. Restricted spaces can opt for recliners with mechanisms that will occupy less space. Some variants of recliners have been built to suit cranked spaces like apartments.

3. Suitability

The recliner you are considering purchasing should suit your needs. If you are looking to purchase a recliner for your apartment, a wall-hugger mechanism will be the perfect option. Rocker mechanism recliners will suit you if you are looking to buy a recliner for elders and disabled people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best recliner for adults?

If you are looking to buy a recliner for adults, the best pick is the power lift mechanism. It will assist elders in sitting and getting off the recliner without any hardships. Also, it will give a comfortable seating experience.

2. What is the best mechanism suitable for apartments and cranked spaces?

Wall-hugger mechanisms also known as wall-saver recliners are the ideal options for apartments. They are constructed in a way to recline and incline without taking up more space.


These are the types of recliner mechanisms. Each of the recliner mechanisms varies in several ways. Cost and other factors also get affected based on the types of recliner mechanisms. It is highly recommended to go through the considerations to get a complete idea before purchasing a recliner.

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