Create Your Own Comfort Zone: Recliner Maintenance and Upkeep

Recliner is a productive investment in the line of furniture that will offer a higher level of comfort for everyone in the household. It is a well-known fact that recliners are the coziest and most soothing pieces of furniture that is available in various dimensions, styles, and mechanisms. Based on your lifestyle needs, you can choose a recliner that suits you the best. Maintaining a recliner and upkeeping one is a tedious task. Proper maintenance decides the life of any recliner, be it a swivel or the best-reviewed zero recliner chair.

We have provided the best techniques for maintaining and upkeep your recliner. As you scroll through, you will be able to observe straightforward tips that will help you understand how to clean a recliner which will increase the life of your reclining chair.

Recliner Maintenance And Upkeep

1. Maintaining The Fabric

Fabric or upholstery of a recliner needs frequent cleaning to maintain its color and texture. Dusting them at regular intervals will prevent debris from settling in the fabric. A vacuum can also be used to pull out the dust from the fabric upholstery. While using a vacuum cleaner, make sure to use a small soft brush as it will not cause any damage to the upholstery.

Cleaning techniques

  • Take warm water and add mild liquid detergent to it
  • Wet an absorbent cloth and wipe the upholstery
  • With a dry cloth, remove the residual soap
  • For tough stains, use stain remover or cleaning agents

2. Maintaining The Mechanism

Various types of mechanisms are available for the effective functioning of a recliner. These mechanisms are the proximate reason behind the efficiency of a recliner. Maintaining the mechanical parts are mandatory for the recliner to function properly. Not maintaining the recliner mechanism will lead to the recliner losing its ability.

Preserving mechanism

  • Oil the mechanical parts when you hear a noise from it
  • Lube the parts with grease
  • Wipe off the extra grease to void contact with your clothes or legs

3. Preventing Damage

Protecting a reclining chair from getting damaged is a way to maintain your recliner. Keep the recliner away from congestion. Position your recliner in a place that is free of objects and easy to recline to positions. Also, ensure that the reclining chair is handled properly. Moving a recliner by yourself or repositioning it should be done with utmost care.

Safeguarding a recliner

  • Keep sharp objects away
  • Do not eat or drink while seated on a recliner
  • Dragging a recliner will cause damage to it

4. Maintaining The Footrest

Footrest is an important component of a reclining chair. A finely positioned footrest will not cause discomfort and aches while seated in it. If you are finding your footrest to be saggy, it is a sign of a lack of maintenance.

Lubricating the screws of the footrest

  • A sagging footrest requires a change of screws
  • Oil the screws and position the footrest
  • Adjust the tension on the footrest


Recliner maintenance and upkeep decide the life of the recliner. Any type of recliner needs to be maintained properly so that the parts will be in a good condition and the advancements will also be in the right way. Pay attention to the parts individually to make sure that they are in great form.