How to Move a Recliner By Yourself? (2024 Insights)

You have come to the right site if you have trouble moving your recliner across the room and want to learn how to do it by yourself easily. Recliners are not only difficult to move due to their weight but also have a significant risk of breaking if not done correctly.

You can quickly and easily transport bulky recliners by following a few simple steps. Other chairs have different mechanisms than reclining chairs, which is why they require various techniques to be transported securely from one location to another. You could move your recliner by yourself if you followed the appropriate instructions. This article will help you with not only how to move your recliner but also how to prevent making mistakes. Before you proceed with the steps, do verify if any of the actions will go against your recliner warranty terms.

Come, let’s dive into the article.

Ways Recliners Can Be Moved By Yourself In 2024

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to move a recliner by yourself. However, if you need to shift the recliner to another floor in your house or need to shift it to another location, please note that you need to take apart a recliner.

1. Using sliders

Sliders, also called gliders offer a modest amount of protection which can be fixed to the recliner to secure it from getting scratches when you are moving the body. They are available in various materials such as rubber, plastic, and more. You can get them at affordable prices where you can save a lot of money. The value of the recliner will be reduced if there are any scratches on the body. But using sliders you can transfer them easily to other rooms securely. You can buy sliders in various sizes and shapes. You can also get sliders that suit your recliner’s material and your floor type. So ask the seller for sliders that will suit your recliner.

2. Using blankets

Recliners with leather upholsteries have sensitive surfaces. So to avoid getting scratches while moving it, instead of sliders, blankets can be used. The blankets will protect the surface of your recliner because they are comprised of cotton and polyester fibers. Moving blankets can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Tuck the blanket under your recliner and use a plastic covering on top of it and your recliner is ready to move.

3. Using shoulder dollies

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You can easily lift the recliner by using shoulder dollies, which are lifting straps fastened to your shoulders. Your hands will be free when using dolly straps. Only your leg muscle is given movement when you are lifting your recliner using shoulder dollies. Dolly straps are easy to use. To spread the equal weight to you, the harness has to be placed over your head while the straps have to be slid under your recliner’s center. When using shoulder dollies, have someone nearby to help you and you can move the recliner in a breeze. Also, a dolly strap is a good option if you are moving your recliner upstairs.

Things to Consider When Relocating Your Recliner

For the safety of your recliner, you should take these aspects into account when moving it by yourself at home. Keep these in mind when moving your recliner.

1. Secure the recliner’s feet

The recliner’s feet have more chances of breaking while relocating your chair as they are vulnerable. Ensure that you have covered every foot of your recliner with bubble wrap, plastic cover, or newspaper before moving it. You can easily get them at your local store. This is one of the simplest and least expensive methods for transporting your recliner safely.

2. Recliner weight

You must know the weight capacity of your recliner. Most of the recliners are too heavy to lift on your own. If you are moving your recliner upstairs, use dolly straps because they will spread the weight equally. Then, it will be easy for you to move the recliner efficiently.

3. Protection

Before you move your recliner, wrap it around with a sheet or cover to protect your recliner upholstery from damage or stains. You do not want to waste your time removing the stains from your recliner. Cover your recliner with large-sized sheets and leave no space for damage to occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we disassemble recliners?

The recliner’s back can be easily taken off by following the user manual. In some recliners, a lever will be present in the seams to detach the back from the recliner. By doing this, you can take apart a recliner easily if you are planning to move the recliner to another room.

2. Is it easy to move a recliner?

The only thing that limits you from lifting the recliner is the weight limit. A recliner’s size plays a huge role in its mobility. So measure the recliner and make sure you have one inch of clearance on each side while moving.

3. How can I move a recliner upstairs?

Moving a recliner upstairs is also an easy task when you have friends to help you. As recliners are heavy in weight, do not lift them by yourself. Using shoulder dollies is an efficient method to move your recliner upstairs.

4. Is a three-seater recliner sofa portable?

Moving a three-seat sofa requires some effort. Make sure you have adequate room to move a three-seater sofa before beginning. You should not cause any damage to the walls or the floors when moving. Have someone to assist you whenever you are moving a recliner, be it a single chair or a three-seater.

5. Can you dismantle a recliner to move it?

Take apart your recliner before you move it for maximum efficiency. Follow the user instructions carefully to avoid damaging your furniture. Always have someone beside you while moving your recliner.

6. Can I move a recliner all by myself?

Although you can move a recliner by yourself, we advise you to have someone nearby to help you with moving. As recliners are heavy in weight, you do not want to damage them by lifting them alone.


When you make a considerable investment to buy any type of recliner, and you do not want to damage them or spend dollars on them for repair. When you follow the easy steps in this article, you can move your recliner efficiently. We hope this article helps you with your doubts. Write to us if you have any doubts. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible and also give us your suggestions if you have any.