How to Clean a Recliner? (2024 Guide)

Cleaning a recliner is as important as the time you spend on a recliner. Everyday use will lead to dust and other tiny particles settling down in the nook and corners of the recliner. That is why it is vital to wipe away every spilling and dust every now and then.

In this article, you will learn how to clean a recliner and preventative cleaning measures you can take to keep your recliner in a good condition and follow the steps outlined below.

How to Clean a Reclining Chair? – Easy Steps for 2024

Before cleaning properly, you must first refer to the labels to ensure that the cleaning requirements are met. The majority of recliners are cloth, faux leather, or microfibers. Here are some of the best methods you can follow to clean a recliner upholstery and other parts.

1. How to Clean a Recliner Using DIY Solution?

  1. You can only remove dust and debris from uncleaned areas by vacuuming them carefully. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush to loosen the debris before vacuuming will help you get rid of dust and dirt in these tight places. Chairs and armchairs should be vacuumed from the underside, as well as the entire fabric.
  2. Use a laundry detergent cleaning solution to deep clean and refresh the upholstery on your chairs. Combine 1 teaspoon liquid laundry detergent with 1 liter of water and stir thoroughly to make a mild cleaning solution. Make sure your upholstered chair is dry before cleaning it with a microfiber cloth that has been soaked and thoroughly wrung. Ensure that you inspect the corners, edges, and crevices of the upholstery thoroughly. When you deep clean upholstered chairs, the cloth you’re using will become soiled. You should rinse it regularly or replace it.
  3. Using running water to wash fabric chairs is not recommended. In order to avoid detergent patches on the fabric after drying, you must thoroughly remove the cleaning solution. Besides, fabric chairs must not have a strong detergent odor. Remove any cleaning solution from the upholstery by wiping it down with a clean, damp towel. Continue rinsing the towel and wiping the fabric until no soapy residue is left.
  4. To expedite the drying process, many homeowners use a hairdryer or let them dry in direct sunlight after cleaning upholstered chairs. You should be mindful of a blow dryer’s high heat and direct sunlight’s ability to damage your upholstery. We recommend drying your cleaned fabric chairs under a ceiling fan overnight to maximize the drying process. Creating air flow in the room will speed up the drying process. Outdoor shade is another option for drying the chairs.

2. How to Clean a Recliner Without Using Solvents?

  1. Use a soft brush attachment or a hand vacuum to clean the chair.
  2. Spray the recliner with an appropriate upholstery cleaning solvent.
  3. Stiffen up the recliner upholstery by brushing it. Clean away any solvent residues with a damp cloth.
  4. Use a towel to absorb excess water on the upholstery.

3. How Clean a Recliner With Water?

  1. Vacuum the recliner with a hand vacuum or a soft brush attachment.
  2. Combine one tablespoon of mild detergent with one bucket of warm water.
  3. Soak the clean cloth in water and squeeze it dry. Scrub any stubborn stains and spots away with a soft brush.
  4. Rinse the cloth under running water. Clean the upholstery of any detergent residue with a wet cloth.
  5. Using the towel, completely dry the upholstery.

4. How to Clean a Recliner Upholstery Using Steam?

  1. Vacuum your upholstery to remove excess dirt and loosen any embedded dirt.
  2. Run a test on the upholstery to ensure that it does not react negatively to the steam cleaning.
  3. Begin using the steam cleaner on the recliner in smooth, even down-strokes with the upholstery attachment and the proper cleaning solution mixture.
  4. Ensure that the process does not leave the upholstery too wet but rather slightly damp.
  5. Work on one section of the upholstery at a time to avoid missing any spots. Continue until the entire recliner is covered.
  6. At least four hours should be enough for the chair to air dry.

5. How to Clean a Leather Recliner?

  1. Dust your leather recliner first.
  2. Once done, you can use a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water to gently wipe away the leather’s surface.

6. How to Clean a Lazy Boy Recliner?

  1. Dip a cloth or sponge in a 50-50 mild soap/detergent and water and rub it gently on the surface.
  2. Avoid excessive rubbing as it may damage the fabric.
  3. You can use a dry cloth to clean any leftover soap residue.

7. How to Clean a Microfiber Recliner?

  1. You can use mild soap and warm water to clean off any dirt on the surface.
  2. Then apply white vinegar to the stains and let it sit for an hour before washing.

8. How to Clean a Fabric Recliner?

  1. Use a solvent-based upholstery cleaner to spray the recliner and let it sit on the chair for the said time in the cleanser.
  2. Then use a gentle brush to scrub away any stains and at last, you can wipe away any soap residue with a dry cloth.

9. How to Clean a Faux Leather Recliner?

  1. You can mix 50-50 warm water and soap liquid and dip a sponge in it.
  2. Now clean the surface of the recliner with the sponge and wipe down any dirt.
  3. Once done, you can wipe it dry with a damp cloth.

10. How to Clean a Recliner That Was Peed On?

  1. If the urine is still wet, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean the area.
  2. But if it has become dry, try using a mixture of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda to wipe the spot.
  3. Once done, you can wipe it dry with a damp cloth.

11. How to Clean Headrests & Footrests?

  1. Unzip the fabric and vacuum any debris that may be found on it.
  2. Then using a cloth and a soap solution wipe the stained or dirty areas in a circular motion.
  3. You can use a dry cloth or vacuum to clean the rest of the areas.
  4. After cleaning it, use a dry cloth to wipe the fabric dry.

When to Opt for Professional Recliner Cleaning Services?

  • You can opt for professional cleaning when the stain on the recliner can’t be cleaned by yourself at home.
  • The price of professional cleaning might vary depending on the design. It can start from $40 and may go above $100 depending on the brand and the type of stain that needs to be removed.

How to Properly Care For A Recliner?

No matter the type of recliner you have, regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of the chair. While deep cleaning is only necessary twice a year, it is critical to maintaining the recliner by vacuuming it regularly or weekly. It ensures that dust and dirt are removed before becoming permanent material residents.

Consider purchasing a recliner cover to keep your reclining chair safe. With these covers on your recliner, you can protect it from dirt and prolong its lifespan. It is also useful in the event of a spill, as the liquid does not reach the recliner surface.


Keep your recliner clean regularly for the best and most comfortable experience. Proper maintenance is required regardless of the type of recliner you have. If you take care of your recliner, it will undoubtedly provide you with a comfortable, relaxing experience that will last for years, if not decades.

There are numerous methods for deep cleaning them, but the best way to ensure a long-lasting piece of furniture is to maintain it regularly and respond quickly to any stains or spills. We hope you enjoyed our recliner cleaning handbook.

If you have any questions or recliner cleaning tips to offer, do share them in the comments section below.