Recliner Maintenance Made Easy: Tips for a Long-Lasting Chair

Recliner is a favorite piece of furniture for people of all ages. The comfort and coziness offered by a reclining chair are incomparable. Maintenance is a vital element that has to be given significant attention. The myth that revolves around the maintenance of a reclining chair stops many people from investing in a recliner. If you are one among those stepping away from a recliner because of the risks of maintaining it, here is everything you must know about it. A recliner is a long-term investment that will last longer if properly managed. Recliner Genius zero gravity recliners must be taken care of to utilize the cost invested in them. 

We have listed all the essential tips that will guide you through keeping your chair in good condition that will help it last longer. Scroll through to know more about it and keep your reclining chair able and functional for a longer period.

Tips For A Long-Lasting Chair

1. Maintain The Functionality

The functionalities of the reclining chair should be maintained properly. Functionalities of a recliner include the reclining features, power lift, and advancements such as vibrations, massaging features, USB, and life features. It is vital to maintain the functionality of the recliner to keep the chair in a good position. This will assist you in extending the life of the reclining chair.

2. Clean The Recliner Frequently

Cleaning the recliner chair frequently will increase the life shelf of the product. Dusting the recliner’s fabric or leather at intervals will prevent dust and debris from settling down in the areas. Dust can create a screeching sound in the metal parts if settled permanently. Also, debris can generate a smell that will create a sense of disturbance while seated on it. In order, to eliminate the settling down of dust vacuuming the recliner at an interval of six months can be done. This will help in increasing the life of the reclining chair. 

3. Maintain Upholstery

4. Maintain The Metal Parts

Metal parts are the proximate reasons behind the functioning of the recliner. Screws and metal parts have to be taken care of to make the recliner last long. Oiling or greasing the nuts and screws is important. This will also enhance the smooth functioning of the chair. The screeching sound of the chair will also be eliminated while greasing the nuts and screws. This in turn will increase the life of the product. The life of the Golden Beach Power Lift recliner chair can also be enhanced with proper metal maintenance. 

5. Settle The Recliner In An Appropriate Place

The reclining chair must be kept in a place where sharp objects and things are not used. There are high chances of them getting damaged because of sharp objects. Ensure to position the recliner is in a place that is free of congestion. Also, the reclining chair should have adequate space to recline and incline the reclining chair. This will help in elevating the life of the reclining chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the cost of the recliner affect the life of the chair?

The cost of the recliner does not affect the life of the recliner directly. The difference in cost of the reclining chair is due to the quality of the products used in the manufacturing of it.

2. Do I need to service the parts of the recliner frequently?

Servicing the reclining chair is highly advisable. It can be done twice a year. This will help you to increase the life shelf of the reclining chair.

3. Are parts replacements necessary for smooth functioning?

Parts replacement can be done if it is advised by an expert. In case of damages or breakages to the parts, they can be replaced immediately. This will help in the loss of other parts.

4. What can be used to clean the recliner?

Mild detergents can be used to clean the upholstery. In case of tough stains, a mixture of warm water, vinegar, and baking soda can be used to remove them. Using heavy detergents will spoil the texture of the reclining upholstery. Weatherproof outdoor recliners are prone to dust easily. Dusting them at frequent intervals is advisable.


Recliners are a one-time investment. The piece of furniture has to be maintained properly to increase its life of it. When you are purchasing a recliner, take quality initiatives to maintain it. Seek advice from the retailer or an expert to maintain a recliner that will help to increase the life of the reclining chair. Once you have settled down the recliner, it is time to implement the above-mentioned tips for a long-lasting chair.