Golden Beach Power Lift Recliner Chair Review

Golden Thumb is one of the pioneers in the field of recliner manufacturing. They have showcased their potential and every single product that comes out of their factory is a masterpiece. Suppose you are looking for a reclining chair but are confused about investing in the best reclining chair. In that case, you can confidently choose the golden beach power lift recliner built to meet every single demand and expectation of a recliner chair.

This article will cover every single aspect of the Golden beach power lift recliner chair to help you decide if this is the right recliner chair for you and your entire family. Right from the features to suitability and cost, every head will be explained to make your work uncomplicated.

Unique Features

features of - Golden Beach Power Lift Recliner Chair
  • Power lift recliner has been equipped with an Okin motor that carries a TUV certificate. This ensures smooth running, and low noise, and is entirely safe and reliable. The dual motor allows you to adjust to a customized position of your comfort
  • Construction of the recliner is done using high-quality carbon steel that is highly durable to hold weights. Heavy duty mechanism ensures the smooth functioning of the chair that is suitable for elders to get off the recliner and sit on it
  • Remote control allows the user to read the intensity of the vibration and heat. Every feature on the recliner can be controlled using the remote control that is straightforward to use
  • Equipped with four-point vibration massage and heat options, the recliner offers maximum comfort to the back and shoulders. Extra heat function on the lumbar area helps in relaxation and pain relief easily
  • Cup holders on either side of the armrest make it easy to store
  • Storage pockets for the remote control prevent it from misplacing or losing it
  • An additional lumbar support pillow comes along with the reclining chair that adds a piece of comfort to the entire experience

Size and Dimensions

size and dimension of golden beach recliner
  • Overall product dimensions is 37.8″(W)x38.8″(D)x43.5″(H). This makes the reclining chair fit for body types in most ranges. The reclining chair can hold up to 300 lbs which makes it a perfect pick for big-built people
  • Seat Width being 24.4″ makes the reclining chair ideal for all body types. Elders, pregnant women, and youth of all ages can leisurely spend their time in the recliner without any restrictions on the side walls of the chair
  • Seat Depth being 38.8″ elevates your experience on the reclining chair. The chair depth allows more room for comfort. The power life reclining option assists people from getting off the chair. So, the depth of the chair will not make it hard for elders and pregnant people
  • Seat Height is 19.7″ makes the product suitable for tall people. People who are 6 feet to 6.4” can sit on the chair comfortably
  • Arm Height 25.4″ allows the user to rest the arms without any hardships

Fabric and Leather

  • Recliner has been covered using supreme quality diamond Chenille that offers the texture of velvet. The fabric is soft and assures an ultra-fine comfort level
  • Diamond pattern on the fabric makes the recliner perfect for all models of interior designs. Be it traditional or contemporary, the fabric and its texture will elevate the look and feel of the entire ambiance
  • Fabric has the potential to withstand high levels of wear and tear
  • Leather and fabric have the natural ability to resist stains on their surface. This retains the fresh look for a longer time
  • Germs and antimicrobial properties of the fabric safeguard the health of elders and pregnant women


The reclining chair from the house of Golden Thumb is highly functional and can be relied upon completely to enjoy a complete relaxation of your body. The reclining chair includes,

  • Neck relaxation
  • Shoulder relaxation
  • Lumbar lamina
  • Arm support
  • Hip support
  • Thigh support
  • Leg support
  • Bare feet relaxation


  • Perfectly suitable for placing in living room spaces. It can also be placed on a balcony or library room. The seating position and adjustment features make the recliner suitable for reading, watching television, and also to relax
  • Elders, pregnant women, and youth of all ages can sit comfortably and have a spa experience at home. Elderly people can seamlessly sit and get off the reclining chair with the aid of the power lift feature.
  • Carrying women can adjust the position and set it according to their comfort
  • Suitable for youth to have leisure time after a tough day


Golden beach reclining chair will cost $999. Ensure to check with the manufacturer or retailer regarding the shipping charges. If you need it to be installed, ensure to inquire about the cost of installing the reclining chair.


Trust and confidence in the product can be understood from the recliner warranty claims given by the manufacturer to the customer. Each fixture on the reclining chair comes with a warranty period.

  • Cover has a warranty period of one year
  • Metal mechanism has a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase
  • Main wood has a one-year warranty
  • Motor, remote control, power adapter, and power supply have a warranty period of one year

Is the Golden Beach Recliner the Right Pick?

Golden beach recliner is the right choice if you are looking for a reclining chair that has the features of massage, vibration, and heating. A tall and big-built person can trust and invest in the reclining chair confidently.

If you are working on a budget, make sure to cross-check the cost and also for the availability of any discount options for the product. This will help you save your cost and reap the benefits. You can also go through a recliner buying guide to know more about the features you need to look for.

Return Policies

The manufacturer makes it a point that the original cartons that arrived with the product have to be kept safe for easy returns. Disassembling the chair is also mandatory if you are looking for returning the reclining chair


Now that you possess a thorough understanding of the entire information about the Golden Beach recliner from the house of Golden Thumb, trustfully invest in the product if it suits your needs and fulfills your expectations. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the product, feel free to contact our expert team for further assistance and clarification.

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