Interior Design Tips to Decorate Around a Recliner

Grabbing a cup of coffee along with your top reads and sorting out the comfortable position in your recliner chair should be a routine in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

But, can only the texture and pattern of your recliner chair help you feel relaxed? The quick answer is no. We could understand the draining energy and the time that goes into choosing the best decoratives that go with your recliner.

Placing a recliner in an environment that is not aesthetically pleasing will make it an entire failure. Our team has worked on the best design tips around a recliner to make the investment and lifestyle worth it. Scroll through to know more about the design tips to decorate your recliner chair.

Best Interior Design Tips To Decorate Around Your Recliner

1. Consider the corners

One of the good options to place your recliner is in the corner spaces of the rooms. Corner spaces will usually be the best because they will naturally fit in and also will not cause congestion in the rooms.

If you are left only with small areas to place your recliner, it is a wise decision to put your reclining chairs in the corner spaces as these will save space and will elevate the feel of your room.

Setting it in a spot that is not around the corners can make it hard for you to walk around and it may also be a hurdle if there are elderly people or children in your home. Corners are usually one of the quiet places in the homes. It will help you relax without many disturbances. Reclining the chair may be an issue when you place the chair very close to the corner. It is just a matter of a few inches. You can move the reclining chair to the front effortlessly. You can also measure the recliner to place it in an accurate spot.

2. Place accessories to appreciate the look

Accessories that will help to elevate the look and feel of the reclining chair can be placed around the chair. The feel of the overall layout can be increased by placing the right and minimal accessories around a reclining chair. Flower vases, lamps, or rugs that go with the pattern of the reclining chair can be put near them.

This will make the space look complete and will help you achieve the desired look. You can choose the articles based on the rooms you are using for your reclining sofa. It is advisable not to place shiny near the recliner as it will make you enthusiastic and active. Subtle articles with minimalistic colors can be kept on a table next to the reclining sofa.

You can consider placing small plants that have the potential to increase the oxygen levels in the air. This will create a more relaxing atmosphere and will help you feel light. Choose the right accessories to make everything right around the reclining chair.

3. Consult with an interior designer

Who knows better than a professional who has dedicated his entire life to designing? It is highly recommended to consult an interior designer before you decide on the recliner and also the patterns that go around it. If you are remodeling your home, you can consider choosing the recliner based on the interior patterns.

If you are working on a new layout, you can fix the interiors, design it in accordance with your preferences and then choose a reclining chair. Choosing a recliner and then working on it is also a good option if you are considering only a few models of reclining chairs.

An interior designer will possess a thorough knowledge of the color features, their textures, and their suitability. He will also be able to guide you through its suitability of it and will also explain to you if it will serve the purpose. If you are not really interested in getting the entire thing done by an interior designer, you can get a consultation alone done to understand the basics. They can also help you identify the appropriate recliner weight limit that will be suitable for your space and a recliner based on body type.

4. Play with the shades

Shades can change the entire sphere of a room. Colors have unique features which are very important. Choosing the right shades of colors will elevate the overall look and feel of your area. The colors should go per the recliner or vice versa. If you are a person who loves bright colors, you can go with the shades of them to make the layout look enthusiastic and energetic.

If you want a natural and subtle feel around your recliner, you can go in for a light shade that will serve the purpose. Choose the right shade of paint because a slight variation in them might reverse the entire purpose. You can also consider hanging curtains of shades that suit the ambiance around the reclining chair.

If you are in a closed space and are left out only with a little layout, you can try placing a floor mat around the recliner in shades that have sought your interest.

5. Choose the right upholstery

The right recliner upholstery should be selected to meet the demands of the atmosphere. Entire look of the room should be escalated and it should not be entirely contrasting. An entirely contrasting upholstery will spoil the purpose. Solid fabric that will go with the ambiance should be upholstered to make the entire layout look pleasing.

Solid fabric will also give comfort and coziness and will make the reclining chair long last. Upholstery with patterns, stripes, and boxes may turn out to be inappropriate if you are looking to invest in a reclining chair for relaxation purposes.

Patterns on the chair may disturb your mood and may cause a sense of discomfort. Alternatively, you can consider adding pillows of smaller sizes with patterns to the recliner to create a classy look.

6. Ensure the furniture count

The number of furniture in the room should be considered. Placing too much furniture will make the place look overfull. This will not be aesthetically appealing and will cause disturbances for everyone around. If you placing a recliner chair in a layout, try keeping other furniture to a minimum count. reclining chairs will occupy a greater portion of the space.

Placing furniture in addition to this will jam movement. It is advisable to keep a count on furniture based on the atmosphere. Minimal furniture will make the area look classy and modish.

Quick Tips To Decorate Around Your Recliner Based On The Rooms

1. Living area

The living room is a space where all the members of the family sit together for a talk. The most popular structure of the living room is U shaped where sofas are placed on three sides. A three seater sofa is placed on one side and the single seaters on either side.

A recliner can be placed comfortably in one corner of the living area by replacing a single-seater on the other side. A living area usually has articles that go with the entire concept of the room. It is a wise move to choose the recliner based on the patterns of the living area. If you are looking for a different yet modern idea, you can choose one of the best camo recliners in your living room to achieve the perfect look.

Placing a coffee table or a book table near the reclining chair will make it look fine. Minimal things are appreciated as the living room is usually associated with getting together with the family members. Too many complications will distract attention and will also not make it look appealing. You can also consider placing a recliner for TV watching to improve your viewing experience. Additionally, you can also invest in a kids’ recliner chair so even they will have a safe space to relax in the living room.

2. Home theatre lounge

Placing a reclining chair in a home theatre lounge will give you an unbeatable and unmatchable movie experience in the comfort of your home. If the area of your home theatre lounge is quite big, you can place recliner chairs that count to three or four.

You can also opt-in for home theatre recliner sofas. You can try adding a piece of small pillows to each reclining chair. This addition will make you feel comfortable. If your recliners do not have cup holders, you can consider placing small tables that are quite tall to keep your food and beverages.

Since most of us are addicted to the habit of crunching and munching through the movie, it is quite a good idea. The home theatre lounge is usually a dark room with not many options for decorations. A wardrobe for keeping your gadgets and other utilities in the back corner will not disturb your movie experience.

3. Bedroom

Recliners for bedrooms are one of the coziest options for relaxation and resting. After a tough day at work, a reclining chair can help you relax and sleep. Decorative tips around a recliner placed in your bedroom can include aromatic candles to make you feel relaxed.

You can also consider placing fine table lamps next to the recliner to help you relax. If you have the habit of reading books before dozing off, you can consider placing a table next to your recliner to store your gadgets and books. If you’re concerned about the space, you can also consider the option of placing a shelf on the wall.

4. Library

Recliners can be a good option for libraries. Who would not love to grab your favorite book along with a mug of coffee and lean on the coziest furniture? The experience is as fascinating as it sounds. Bookshelves can be placed close to the wall to avoid congestion.

Space between reclining chair and bookshelves are appreciated as it will allow more room for concentration and breathing. Consider placing the recliner near the window so that enough natural lighting will be there for you to read.

If the window has provisions for hanging plant pots, you can consider doing it. If not you can hang wall posters near the wall where the recliners are placed. You can also place a floor mat in an ultra-fine color to avoid distraction.

5. Balcony

The balcony is also one of the perfect places to relax in your reclining chair. Plants such as jade, spider plant, and aloe vera can be placed in the corners of the balcony to supply you with enough oxygen and also relaxation.

Watching plants is one of the best things you can do to relax while seated on a recliner. A coffee table along with provisions for storing magazines can be considered. Choose the furniture that goes with the pattern of the balcony. If you are a person who loves fancy decors, Led lights on the windows are the best pick.

They provide a modish look and spreads a vibe to the whole environment. If you are more of a spiritual person, placing statues that symbolize calmness and peace can be placed with additives such as an artificial waterfall setup can be done. You need to buy an outdoor recliner as it can withstand different weather conditions.


Recliners are one of the most favorite pieces of furniture that everyone in the household loves. Who wouldn’t love to settle down in a cozy and comfortable space after a tough day at work or the gym? Getting the luxury spa experience at your favorite corner of your house with the perfect lights and music around is pure bliss.

Decorative tips depend on an individual’s taste and preference. We have provided you with the gist of basic ideas that can help you elevate the look and feel of your space around the recliner. Styling the space around your recliner is now going to be effortless and simple as you have everything handy.

This will also help you have a seamless experience while in the recliner. Hope our article has served its purpose and has guided you through the best ideas to decorate around your recliner.

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