Difference Between a Massage Chair and a Masseuse

There are 2 ways to get a massage – through a massage chair and a masseuse.

It takes a lot to consider when it comes to which is the best of the two. So, now let’s look at the key differences, advantages, and disadvantages of the massage chair and massage therapist and see who wins.

Massage chair Vs Masseuse – Which is the Best?

Massage Chair


Massage Technique

The chair can either be an electronic or manual robotic device that can give you a comforting and relaxing massage at your home. There are many different types of massage chairs available nowadays to comfort people with their needs.

On the other hand, a masseuse is a professional who is trained to do all that a massage chair does with his or her hand. They know what massage should be done for any specific conditions.


Compared to regular visits to a massage therapist, the cost per massage on a massage chair is really low. In addition to that, funding is available to get these chairs if you have a medical condition and there are also many budget massage chairs available in the market. Whereas it is not possible for one-time visits such as in-person massage.

Travel duration

The time to visit a masseuse either for them to come to yours or you to go to them requires travel whereas the effort to use a massage chair is little as it will be sitting in your room.


The ability to multitask while massaging with your face lying down is not possible in in-person massage. It would be a disrespect to the masseuse if you engage in other activities such as attending a phone call. But in a massage chair, sitting at home, you can read, watch TV, play video games, and do a crossword puzzle.


Masseuses life is subject to transfer, quit the job, or switch to any other jobs. This might affect your enjoyment of the massage and the time to find a new one. But on the other hand, a massage chair is always available to you. Even with minor repairs, it will be back in no time with the help of technicians.


Unlike masseuses, most massage chairs come with warranty coverage, a guarantee that your money will be returned if you are not satisfied with the product completely. This type of warranty is not possible with a massage therapist.

Massage chair Vs Masseuse – Pros and Cons

Before we decide how effective massage chairs and masseuses are, there are advantages and disadvantages to them. Let’s start with the massage chairs.

Pros and Cons of Massage Chairs


No travel needed – Having a massage chair at home, you can reach them in a few steps. You don’t have to all get dressed up, or leave your home at all to be right on time for your masseuse’s appointment.

Cost-effective – If you are considering massage chairs and masseuses in a long term, massage chairs are more cost-effective than massage therapists.

Easy-to-useMassage chairs really work and they are created with simple and easy instructions for users to understand to relieve stress from the body by comforting them.

Multitasking – While on the massage chair, you can engage in other activities such as reading magazines, watching TV, and doing crossword puzzles.

Consistent – No matter what day you are having, your massage chair will give you the same quality performance in every massage session.

Flexible – There is no risk of unavailability or cancellation charges from your massage chairs if you want to cut short your massage timing or when skipping a massage. You can have a massage any time you want.


Malfunctions – Since a massage chair is a machine, there is always a chance that it might break down or get mechanical issues. Luckily, they can be resolved easily.

Price – The cost of some luxury massage chairs is huge which prevents people from buying the massage chairs. But financing option is available for most of the chairs.

Over-use – You might end up with an injury and muscle sprain if you use it too much or are not aware of the techniques.

Limited – A massage chair cannot reach all parts of the body due to its construction. That includes the face, front of the thighs, arms, and legs.

Pros and cons of Masseuse


Customized service – A masseuse can modify their technique to fit your particular needs or focus on difficult-to-reach areas.

Positive bond – You might develop a positive understanding bond that lasts forever with your masseuse as a client.

Expert knowledge – A massage therapist has in-depth knowledge of massaging techniques and human psychology.

Scientifically proven health benefits – Traditional massage has long been known to help with digestion, pain control, physical therapies, and even stress reduction.


Cost – The cost of regular massage appointments can be extreme over time. For instance, if an individual massage for an hour costs $50, one massage per week would come at a minimum of $2600.

Travel – You need time and have to travel every time you are visiting your masseuse unless you have them visiting your home. But that will also be extra charged when a masseuse is giving you a home massage.

Time – You need to block your time for your massage appointment from your daily duties. You cannot engage in other duties during that time. Even if you are changing your appointment time, there will be a cancellation fee from certain masseuses.

Inconsistency – Even if you have quality time with your massage therapist, she may deliver inconsistent results from time to time for many reasons including distractions.

Change – Your favorite massage therapist might move away to a different location, retire, or quits for other changes in their lives.


So now that we have seen the key differences, advantages, and disadvantages of massage chairs and massage therapists, it’s time to answer the question: How useful is a massage chair, and can they replace a masseuse?

Well, it’s a tough question to answer because they are different and effective in their own way and includes positives and negatives. But no one will say you can’t have both. You can still visit a massage therapist when you have a massage chair at home. Whichever fits your personal needs is the one you should choose.