Best Recliner Chair For Pregnant Women (2024)

A pregnant woman’s hormonal changes, growing belly, and increased pain sensitivity are all challenging. The best solution to all of these issues is adequate rest, which can be obtained by investing in the best recliner for pregnancies.

Most women find it difficult to sleep during this time, which is why alternative sleeping arrangements are sought. Recliners have numerous advantages for expecting and breastfeeding mothers like relief from backaches and circulation problems.

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best recliners for pregnant women to help you feel more at ease during your pregnancy. Check out our list below along with a buying guide and FAQ section and choose the one that suits you best.

Best In Longevity

Quick Summary

Best In LongevityINZOY Swivel Rocker Recliner Nursery Rocking Chairs

Keep away back aches and reduce aggravation with this recliner. Steel frame. Weight capacity of 300 pounds. High-resilient sponge. Equipped with eight powerful vibration massage motors and four custom zone settings. Swivel rocking base.

Best In StyleSignature Design by Ashley Ballister Contemporary Recliner

One of the stylish variants of recliners built with a metal reinforced seat on a corner-blocked frame. Provides a comfortable resting position for the back. This power lift recliner has a 4-motor design, a lean back position with 360-degree, an adjustable headrest, and power lumbar support with USB charging port.

Best Heavy DutyCanmov Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair

One of the multipurpose models that can swivel, rock, and recline. Durable. Sturdy. Made of heavy materials. Polyester-wrapped overstuffed cushion and pillow. Veneer Lumber framework. Adjustable. Weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Editor’s ChoiceMcombo Recliner with Ottoman Reclining Chair

Keep away your pregnancy sickness with this reclining chair. Stitched with high-quality faux leather upholstery. Sturdy design and high-quality wood base. Weight capacity of 300 pounds. Ball-bearing swivel base. Five vibrating massage modes.

Best In ConstructionNurture Glider Power Recliner

An enhanced reclining chair perfect for pregnant mothers. Built with a birchwood and plywood frame. Life-proof fabrics. Features a nursery glider with a power headrest. Fully cushioned. Presence of power ports.

Best FashionableOdelia Swivel Glider Recliner Rocker

This baby swivel chair will be a perfect addition to your family. Integrated ball bearings. Upright rocker with 360 degrees swivel. Easy to pull mechanism. Spring core foam-filled seat. Weight limit of 250 pounds.

Best In SpaceANJHOME Swivel Glider Recliner Rocker Chair

If a spacious recliner is what you are looking for, this will be the perfect pick. Weight capacity is 300 pounds. Adjustable. Removable footrest. Sturdy frame. Firm cushions. Rotates 360 degrees. Horizontal movement.

Reviews of the Best Recliners for Pregnancy in 2024

1. INZOY Swivel Rocker Recliner Nursery Rocking Chairs

  • Beautiful finish
  • Comfortable
  • Good lumbar support
  • Easy to swivel & glide
  • Extended service life
  • Footrest may become stiff at times

INZOY Swivel Recliner is one method for dealing with or reducing the aggravation of your back pain and tiredness caused by constant work. The reinforced steel frame prevents the chair from tilting to one side, greatly improving security and extending service life. The limited rocking mode will enable you to experience zero gravity. This is one of the best recliners for pregnant ladies as it comes with a simple operation that allows you to find the most relaxing posture. The swivel and gliding feature of the recliner chair allows pregnant women and nursing mothers to relax and rejuvenate completely along with their newborns. It can withstand a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The rocker recliner chair is made of a high-resilient sponge, which provides a soft and comfortable sitting experience. This recliner equipped with breathable fabric has a high-density sponge that is highly capable of providing the ultimate level of comfort and plush.

It has eight powerful vibration massage motors and four custom zone settings, including the back, lumbar, thigh, and leg. 10 intensity levels, 5 massage modes, and soothing heat make this recliner chair, the best among its counterparts in the market. The intensity levels and massage modes can be changed according to your preference. This allows you to choose the intensity and massage modes depending on your pain and aches. You’ll enjoy your rest in this rocker recliner chair with its gentle rocker motion, pillow top armrest, and soft backrest. The fully-filled handrails allow you to place your hands comfortably on the recliner chair without any hardships. Additionally, this best recliner for pregnancy comes with a modern design that adds a new element to your living room. You can sit on it in the living room while watching TV, or you can put it in your bedroom.

Main Features

  • High-density foam and laminated veneer lumber systems provide comfort
  • 10 intensity levels, 5 massage modes, and soothing heat all contribute to total body relaxation
  • Swivel rocking base gives the glider recliner a gentle rocking motion that can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Pull the ring hidden between the armrest and the seat to pop out the footrest automatically

Breastfeeding Discomfort? Own A Recliner And Enjoy The Phase

Recliners are one of the best pieces of furniture that will calm and soothe breastfeeding mothers. New mothers are exceptionally happy about the arrival of their newborn but the sudden changeover in their entire lifestyle and body can make them restless at times. Stress and hardships are a usual phenomenon faced by breastfeeding mothers as they find it difficult to find time for themselves along their babies to relax. Recliners are one of the finest sources that will help breastfeeding mothers assist their babies alongside having the needed relaxation for their body and mind. 

2. Signature Design by Ashley Ballister Contemporary Recliner

  • Sturdy construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Relieve lower back pain
  • Easy to maintain
  • Gives a proper posture during pregnancy
  • Incorrect use can cause discomfort and back pain

Signature Design by Ashley Recliner is a legitimate and stylish recliner chair on this list. The classy appearance of the recliner is achieved with the texture and finish of the upholstery used in the recliner chair. It is built with a metal reinforced seat on a corner-blocked frame which provides durable and long-lasting use. It is intended to be the best recliner chair for a pregnant woman because it allows for a comfortable resting position for the back and other body parts. The soft foam padding of the recliner chair keeps your entire body irritation-free. The armrest is widely shaped which promises supreme comfort for your hands. It can easily match your living room furniture regardless of your decor style. With a height of 72 inches, this recliner fits perfectly next to a couch or loveseat in your living room. With this power lift recliner, you can take control of your seating. Depending on the motion control, it can lift and tilt gently when you want to get up or lie flat for a nap. The footrest can be elevated gently to experience comfort while watching TV or taking a quick nap. This recliner provides superior back support, and you will feel better regardless of whether you are experiencing back or mobility issues.

Main Features

  • Lean back positions with 360-degree turning movements for proficient relaxation and unwinding
  • 4-motor design allows independent control of the leg rest and backrest
  • Integrated with power button with one-touch (hand control) and adjustable positions
  • Adjustable headrest and power lumbar support
  • USB charging port included in the power control

3. Canmov Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair

  • Breathable material
  • Strong frame
  • Gives full comfort
  • Highly adjustable
  • Humanized design
  • Although it reclines easily, it may be difficult to close
  • Does not have many massaging functions

Canmov Recliner Chair features a sturdy wooden frame that is ideal for heavy use and is the best recliner for pregnancy that allows you to completely unwind. The idea of centering the construction of the recliner chair is “humanized design” which keeps the basic human structure as a constant consideration throughout the construction of the chair. This makes the chair highly comfortable allowing the person using the chair to enjoy ultimate levels of comfort and relaxation. This manual swivel rocker gliding chair is made of an upholstery button, a foam soft cushion, and a butterfly back to allow you to fully relax your arms and body. The chair can be manually reclined with the help of a lever that is present on the side of the reclining chair. The lever is free to operate and is highly suitable for people of all ages, also making it the best chairs for pregnancy as the design and structure are specially made to comfort expectant mothers and elders.

This recliner puts the concept of humanized design into practice and is a multipurpose model that can swivel, rock, and recline. The recliner chair can be freely adjusted between 90 degrees – 145 degrees. This makes the recliner chair ideal for watching TV, reading, and having a comfortable nap. It measures 65″ long when fully reclined, so keep that in mind when taking your measurements. This recliner has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The track arm design provides a comfortable place for your arms to rest. On the whole, you can enjoy your leisure time with this recliner and fully relax your body.

Main Features

  • Adjusting the seat back from 90° to 150° significantly improves overall comfort
  • Simply recline by pulling a lever for added convenience
  • Comfortable polyester-wrapped overstuffed cushion and pillow
  • Invisible LVL (Veneer Lumber) framework is stronger and more durable than natural wood.
  • Both the backrest recliners and footrest pop up for maximum comfort

Slay Your New Mom Life With A Comforting Recliner

New mothers must be celebrated as the struggle to bring a whole new life into this world is a real war. The bodily changes and mind disquiets are common causes of stress and tension among new moms. One of the best gifts that could help new moms to have time for themselves along with their newborns is a reclining chair. A recliner will help new moms to relax completely without having to step out of their comfort zones. No other forms of relaxation will allow the new moms the freedom to nurture their babies. This is entirely made possible by owning a reclining chair.

4. Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman Reclining Chair

  • Good material for better airflow
  • Humanized design
  • Adjustable remote control
  • 360-degree swivel wood base
  • Footrest might become stuck or make a loud noise

Mcombo recliner is a name synonymous with quality and grace, with a distinctive and luxurious appearance and is one of the best purchases for a pregnant woman. The materials used to make the recliner chair are of supreme quality. Frame is made of wood and steel which ensures the durability and sturdiness of the chair. This also promises the longevity of the recliner chair. Faux leather is used to upholster the recliner chair. Faux leather is entirely skin-friendly and the look and feel of the recliner chair will be retained for longer periods as faux leather is known for its prevention of wear and tear. This chair is very easy to maintain due to the high-quality faux leather upholstery. It has a very supportive structure with elegant back and head comfort. The sturdy design and high-quality wood base provide enough stability. It comes in two boxes and it reclines to a maximum of 140 degrees but is not completely flat. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, it’s a very comfortable and relaxing chair.

To support the waist, the back of the waist is padded and thickened with a sponge. Iron sheets are used to help with the installation of the armrests. It is beneficial to pregnant women in terms of pain relief. The ancillaries of the recliner chair are structured to provide expecting mothers with coziness and comfort. Comfortable cushions with thick padding are included with this recliner. The overall shape of the chair is more pleasing to the human body, especially for pregnant ladies. As the best recliner for pregnancy, it can provide you with comforting reclining positions with exceptional relief to your head and back.

Main Features

  • Ball-bearing swivel base that allows for an effortless 360-degree swivel
  • Equipped with 3 massage positions for the back, lumbar, and thighs
  • Five vibrating massage modes for convenience and the option to change the massage mode and node to adjust the massage strength
  • Lumbar pillow provides softer support for the waist and helps relax the body
  • Easily adjust your body to soft and smooth padded backrests and headrests
  • Massager with two levels and a heating element are included

5. Nurture Glider Power Recliner

  • Built-in charger
  • Power recliner
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Dust resistant
  • Excellent construction
  • USB charging ports for tablets and phones
  • Legrest can occasionally become rigid

The Glider & Nurture Recliner Chair is a new and enchanting style that will give your room a charming appearance. This will also be ideal for placing in your office as the design stands outstanding to be the best office chair for pregnant women. The glider is built with a birchwood and poplar plywood frame which is stain and liquid-repellent. Ergonomically designed for modern parents, with life-proof fabrics with minimal assembly. You can get into the perfect position with a few button presses.

Spacious seats of the chair are designed to fit pregnant and nursing mothers comfortably. The supportive arms of the recliner chair provide you with complete freedom to place your arms in the most desired position. Adjustable head support makes your reclining chair experience seamless as most people find it hard to place their heads relaxedly on the headrest. Additionally, the use of non-toxic materials to construct the upholstery of the reclining chair keeps your skin safe and unaffected. Also, worries about any liquid spilling on the upholstery can be eliminated as the fabric is waterproof. It features a nursery glider with a power headrest. Gliders resemble rocking chairs in that they sway gently. Some will include a footrest, while others will include an ottoman. They are fully cushioned and come in a variety of prices depending on the materials, structure, and features. The gentle back-and-forth movements allow you to calm your baby, assisting them in falling asleep. Glider recliners offer the best of both worlds since they allow you to lean back and relax. Finally, this best recliner for pregnancy provides a more relaxed atmosphere in the nursery.

Main Features

  • Base can be circular or have a structure that allows for a smooth, horizontal glide
  • Push a button or pull a handle to extend the seat’s back into a more prone position
  • Lumbar support and a headrest are integrated for added comfort
  • Power ports for USB chargers and a power chord for an electric recline function are also included

6. Odelia Swivel Glider Recliner Rocker

  • Sturdy material
  • Convenient position
  • 360-degrees swivel
  • Easy to pull mechanism
  • Not enough color options

Naomi Home Odelia Recliner is both elegant and fashionable. It is made of high-quality fabric that is soft and plush. Swivel rocker chairs feature convenient levers for controlling movement. If you want a relaxed and comfortable place to tend to your baby, you should use this baby swivel chair. Since the glider moves into recline mode easily, you can rock your newborn to sleep while also relaxing thus making it the best purchase for a pregnant woman. You can hang it in your nursery and expect nothing less than superior comfort.

Microfiber is used to upholster the recliner chair. This fabric is known for its longevity and supreme plushness. Soft cushion foam used in the chair is 100% breathable and will retain the comfort until the end of your longer recliner sessions. The superior soft padded recliner allows your entire body to relax.

The recliner chair from the house of Naomi Home excels in every single feature such as a wider armrest and cozy footrest. This recliner allows you to easily rest your legs so you can fully recline and unwind. With this comfortable glider recliner nursery chair, you can spend your leisure time relaxing your body. When the footrest is removed, the back does not recline. The weight limit is 250 pounds. The footrest of this best recliner for pregnancy can be closed with moderate effort using your feet. Overall, this recliner is perfect for pregnant women

Main Features

  • Integrated ball bearings ensure smooth and quiet swivel glider rotation and rocking motion
  • Exceptionally comfortable chair with a supportive spring core foam-filled seat
  • Upright rocker can swivel 360 degrees and a reclined rocker can swivel 135 degrees
  • Swivel with a smooth rotation and rocking motion
  • Controls for moving this recliner are conveniently located on the lever

7. ANJHOME Swivel Glider Recliner Rocker Chair

  • Firm cushions provide additional comfort and support
  • Roomy enough for all pregnant womans
  • Simple to use footrests
  • Reliable frame
  • Not suitable for tall women

ANJHOME Swivel Glider Recliner is a simple, straightforward, and long-lasting chair for pregnant ladies. With its small size, this pregnancy chair quickly became one of the best-rated pregnancy chairs. This pregnancy chair is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials to ensure that you have a pleasant pregnancy experience. Don’t let its simple design make you doubt its comfort.

360-degree swivel function of the recliner rocker chair will escalate your recliner chair experience as it eliminates the need to get off the chair. You can just turn on the swivel function and see what’s happening behind you. The pull tab present on the side of the recliner chair makes reclining to your desired position easy. The backrest is deeply upholstered to make your recliner sessions unbeatable. This is one of the best features of the chair as the backrest will offer ultimate relaxation eliminating discomforts and neck aches. The backrest also ensures that your muscle cramps and disease in parts of your back are kept away.

The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds. The chair seat is very comfortable and soft, providing you with ultimate comfort when reading, watching TV, or napping. This best recliner for pregnancy also allows you to sleep in this chair with your baby for the entire night without experiencing back pain the next morning.

Main Features

  • Simple rocking motions allow the glider recliner to move horizontally and rotate 360 degrees
  • Adjustable rocker recliner chair with swivel wheels
  • Enabled with three different modes depending on your needs
  • Armrests and cushions are soft and padded, providing maximum comfort
  • Footrest is easily removed by pulling out a latch on the left side

Are Recliner’s Weight Limits a Cause Of Concern?

Recliners are usually structured and designed to be of high durability and strength. The materials used to make a recliner chair are usually sturdy. Not all recliner manufacturers use the same quality of materials to construct a reclining chair. The material strength of the recliner chair and construction techniques decide the weight that can borne by the chair. The weight limit on recliners must be taken seriously as it decides the longevity of the chair and the safety of the person using the reclining chair. It is highly recommended that you understand the weight limits of each type of recliner chair to make an effective purchase. If you already own a reclining chair, you must gain knowledge of the weight limit to use them in the right way. If there are tiny tots in your homes who are attached to the coziness of reclining chairs, you must also understand that kids’ recliners also have a weight limit.

Complete Insights On Buying A Recliner

Deciding to invest in a recliner chair is one of the wisest decisions as it will elevate your entire lifestyle. You and your family will be able to relax and rejuvenate after a tiring day at work with the presence of a reclining chair at home. Also, the hustle and bustle of life necessitates you to have time for yourself to relax. This can be achieved with a recliner chair. All these factors can be achieved only when you invest in the right recliner. The synonym “right” varies from person to person. You can invest in the right recliner when you have a detailed recliner buying guide. Along with your research, the guide will help you entirely to make your time and investment worth it. Knowing everything right from the recliner types to their cost will pave the way for making an informed decision.

Buyer’s Guide to Purchase the Best Recliner for Pregnancy

There are a few things to consider when buying the best recliners for pregnancies. Before purchasing a pregnancy comfort chair, look for the following features:

1. Material

Keep an eye on the materials used in the chair’s construction. Leather, microfiber, or even polyester could be used to make it. Look for quality materials as it increases the chair’s durability and reduces the risk of wear and tear. Choose chairs that are also simple to clean. It significantly reduces your burden. When shopping for a high-quality pregnancy chair, make sure it swivels. It is preferable if it has a 360-degree swivel because this allows for smoother movement around the room with no obstructions. Look for a fabric that is long-lasting, sustainable, and resistant to wear. Textile, for example, is not only long-lasting but also summer-friendly, quick-drying, and simple to clean. In terms of premium upholstery, leatherette and suede materials will last longer and provide more comfort.

2. Configurable options

The adjustments are the next thing to look at. You need a chair that can be adjusted to fit your height and body type as well as provide back support. This makes a normal recliner, the best recliner for pregnancies. When pregnant, you want the chair to conform to your body and provide the most comfort. Adjustable features to look for include adjustable height and armrests, lumbar and back support, and the recline position of the chair.

3. Padding

Pregnant women frequently complain about back pain, and sitting on a flat surface can aggravate the condition. Make sure to choose a chair with extra cushioning for maximum comfort. The headrest, for example, is one of the areas of the chair that requires additional padding.

4. Lumbar assistance

Your lower spine will bear the weight of your growing belly. So, make sure to invest in a recliner that provides good lumbar support. This will help to maintain proper posture during your pregnancy and relieve the pressure on your spine.

5. Neck support

Neck pain and discomfort is another common problem faced by pregnant women. So make sure that the recliner you purchase provides proper neck support. Padding for the neck area will be a plus.

6. Size

The reason for this is that a large recliner, no matter how cozy it is, will make your room appear cramped and smaller. As a result, before purchasing, consider the size of the chair or room.

7. Frame

A strong frame is required to support the user’s weight without tipping or toppling the chair. Steel and metal-framed recliners are popular because they are strong, lightweight, and portable. However, because of their limited weight capacity, they may wear out quickly and may not be suitable for everyone. On the other hand, kiln-dried or solid wood frames ensure high durability, sturdiness, and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to sit in an office chair while pregnant?

When it comes to selecting a comfortable office chair for pregnant office workers. The chair should, first and foremost, provide adequate back support. A lumbar pillow can aid in back support. To stay comfortable and supported during pregnancy, pregnant women need a comfortable office chair.

2. Is it bad to sit for long periods while pregnant?

Pregnant women should maintain a healthy lifestyle for the sake of their mental and physical well-being, as well as for the sake of their unborn children. So, throughout the day, including some sitting, standing, and walking. Blood clots are more likely when you sit for an extended period. Similarly, standing for an extended period during pregnancy reduces the flow of blood to your baby.

3. Will this recliner meet my comfort requirements?

The only reason pregnant women or nursing mothers require a recliner is for comfort. If you are confident that the recliner will help with back pain, circulation, and body posture, it is a good investment. Footrests on recliners help to reduce foot swelling and improve sleep.

4. How much does a recliner for pregnant women cost?

While some recliners are expensive, others are reasonably priced. People frequently believe that the higher the price, the better the product. That, however, is incorrect. It is a matter of knowing what you require and then finding a recliner that meets those requirements.

5. What materials and colors are available?

Another critical question to consider before purchasing a recliner is. If you purchase a reclining chair in a color that does not complement the rest of your furniture, it may detract from the overall appearance of your living room. As a result, most reclining chairs are white, beige, brown, or blue. The material is also an important consideration. Some materials, such as linen and polyester, are gentle on the skin, while others are tough. Some of the best recliners for pregnant women can provide both durability and comfort, but at a cost, so you must choose.

6. Are massage chairs safe to use for pregnant women?

Most recliners are 100% safe for pregnant women. Recliner manufacturers will often add a disclaimer stating whether their chair is suitable for pregnant women. If the chair you’ve selected has massaging features, check with your doctor before purchasing as massaging features will stimulate the pressure points and may lead to premature labor.

7. Are pregnancy chairs beneficial for back pain?

The best thing about pregnancy recliner chairs is that they allow you to move around, which means you can change your sitting position and posture. You can even sleep comfortably in them. All because these best recliners for pregnancy feature a swivel glider. As a result, they can help to relieve and prevent back pain.

8. Are leather chairs safe for pregnant women to sit in?

The excellent lumbar support of the desk chair made all the difference. Pregnant women who spend hours at work in front of a computer will appreciate this adjustable swivel chair. With its ergonomic design, tilt mechanism, and pneumatic seat height adjustment, this chair provides a high degree of comfort.


To summarise, the recliner chair is an excellent place to sit while pregnant as it ensures your body is well-rested, pain-free, and simply well-postured. It is critical to invest in a comfortable and best recliner for pregnancy. Go through our list of the best recliners for pregnancy to make the right choice. Let us know which ones you like best in the comments below.