How to Safeguard Your Pets Around a Recliner?

Pets usually love comfortable and cozy corners in our household. Be it a rug or a quilt, they love the coziest ambiance. The warmth generated and the snugness when they are seated on a recliner is one of their favorite pursuits. But the pets being safe around the recliner is not always a guarantee at all times. Pet parents have to be extra cautious when their pets are roaming around a recliner chair.

But the most frequent agitation rising in the minds of these pet parents is guidance on keeping pets safe around a recliner. If you have pets in your home but are looking for tips to keep your pets safe around a recliner, you have landed at the right place. Here is everything you need to understand about keeping your pets protected around a recliner.

Tips On Keeping Your Pets Safe Around a Recliner

1. Use covers

Slipcovers are one of the best options to protect your pets and recliner. The slipcover protects your pets from accidentally falling off the recliner. The texture and surface of the recliners are protected when using covers. Slip covers can be purchased from pet stores and are also available online. These covers can be used to fill the prominent areas such as armrests, seating areas, and the back of the recliner chairs.

2. Behavioral training

Pets can be trained to behave around a recliner. This will help them with metal parts and screws. There are also chances of them peeing on a recliner. All these behaviors can be trained by the pet parent or a professional trainer. Pets will be used in these lessons and will get the potential to differentiate between to-do’s and don’t when they are taught in a particular way.

3. Invest in a pet bed

One of the main reasons for pets to stay around the recliner chair is the coziness and warmth that is gained from it. One best alternative to a recliner is a pet bed that will offer the same level of comfort to the pets. Another proximate reason is that pets will always want to be around the parents or children in the homes. When you place the pet bed near the recliner chairs, they will feel safe and comfortable. This will stop them from climbing on the recliner.

4. Place the recliners in a place that is not accessible by pets

Recliners can be placed in rooms that are not accessible to pets. If your pets are restricted to certain areas in your home, you can try placing the reclining chair in such rooms. Also, you can try placing gates to prevent them from entering certain rooms. Caging animals is also a wise move but this may affect them emotionally. So, trying to cage them to use your reclining chair will not be a good move.

5. Brush the pets regularly

If your pets are allowed to roam around all the rooms in your house, the best move is to brush them regularly. This will protect the recliner from getting messy because of the pet hair. This may also cause infections in kids or elderly people. Make sure you brush them at regular intervals to avoid their hairs falling in all places.

6. Check around the recliner while getting up from the recliner

It is very common for pets to lie very close to the recliner when they are seated in it. It is highly recommended to check on all the sides of the recliner before you get off the chair. There are high chances of them getting hurt when you bring the chair from the reclining position to the seated position. Insisting they move off the reclining chair at all times will keep your pets safe.

7. Keep your pets away if they are not small

It is advisable to keep your big pets away from the reclining chair. There are high chances of their tail and legs getting caught in the spaces. Small pets are comparatively safe as there are lesser chances of them getting caught.

8. USB portals and electronic parts must be kept covered

Electronic parts are dangerous for pets. It is highly recommended to cover these electronic parts when not in use. Ensure to cover these parts when you are not around as the pets are prone to shocks when their saliva is put on these wires.

9. Use anti-scratch spray

Anti-scratch sprays are the best ways to protect your recliner from pets. There are chances of pet nails getting broken which may lead to bleeding and wounds. These scratch-proof sprays will be one of the best ways to protect your pets and reclining chairs. Pet nails can be shaped at regular intervals. This can be done in a vet unit or by a professional.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can pets go under the recliner chair?

Pets usually love to settle down in cozy places. Areas under the recliner are cozy and warm. But it is not recommended to leave pets under the recliner as the metal parts and screws may hurt them.

2. Are there any other tips I need to consider?

In this article, we have mentioned some pet-friendly tips. Alternatively, you can go through our recliner buying guide for additional guidance.

3. Are there pet-friendly recliners available in the market?

Manufacturers have tried their hands on accessories such as anti-slip covers and scratch-resistant sprays. But, recliners solely dedicated to pets are not available yet. It is expected to be done in the near future.

4. What should I do if my seat is damaged?

It is highly recommended to change the fabric and cushions if they are damaged. Leaving them unattended will cause more damage to them. Make sure the upholstery of the recliner uses a good material to prevent seat damage.


Keeping your pets safe around a recliner is mandatory for both the pets and your recliner. It is usually argued that pets are safe around a recliner. But the metal parts and the chemicals on the fabric may harm the pets.

It is advisable to keep your pets away from the recliner at all times. If they are accessing the recliner, it is highly recommended to remember the above-mentioned guidelines to ensure their safety.