Mcombo Recliner Chairs Review in 2024

Mcombo recliner is one of the types of recliners that are designed to give you a comfortable resting position. It also has exceptional adjustment options such as sliding through the back, lowering your height, and providing great support for your total body weight and footrest. This makes it a complete package of comfort. Most Mcombo recliners are tested as per ASTM standards for quality checks. If you’re considering buying one, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we share the best Mcombo recliner chair recommendations. Do read it fully to make the best decision!

Best massage recliner

Quick Summary

Best massage recliner: Mcombo Fabric Electric Power Recliner

Simple to assemble, really convenient, and with a USB connection. A comprehensive massage setup includes whole-body vibration and lumbar heating. It has a footrest extension of up to 3.5 inches.

Worth the money: Mcombo Electric Power Swivel Recliner Chair

The chair rotates 270 degrees and slides horizontally back and forth. Assembly does not necessitate the use of any tools. The backrest has a V-shape and easy lines. It has two USB ports and two cup holders.

Best for living room: Mcombo Recliner For Living Room

This recliner has the softest and most comfy fabric. It includes dual USB charging ports and two front pockets. It features a wide footrest and six vibration spots.

Best for couples: Mcombo Fabric Power Loveseat Recliner

The electric recliner on the loveseat works with a button built into the armrest. It has an extra 3-inch footrest extension. There are also two side cup holders, pockets, and USB ports.

Best family recliner: Mcombo Power Reclining sofa

The trio seat recliner has an incorporated push button function near the middle reclining seat. It has 8:8 vibration points and two heated lumbar cushions for the two chairs. Soft fiber material provides comfort.

Best for kids: Mcombo Big Kids Recliner

Assembly is simple and requires very little time. The chair got tested by ASTM and meets or exceeds industry requirements. The backrest is foam-padded for durability and comfort.

Considerable for kids: Mcombo Kids Recliner Chair

This recliner is offered in a variety of colors to appeal to children. The chair has four non-slip feet with a wood and steel frame. The high-quality material facilitates washing while also ensuring comfort and durability.

Best Mcombo Recliner Reviews of 2024

To help you simplify your buying decisions, we have segregated the Mcombo variety into categories like power and loveseat. You can choose one according to your preferences. If you have any health complications, please consult with your physician before you buy one.

Mcombo Power Recliners

1. Mcombo Fabric Electric Power Recliner

  • Armrest
  • Seat lock
  • Remote control for adjusting the position and modes
  • 8 built-in vibrating positions
  • Lumbar heating
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Cup holders
  • Easy to assemble
  • Does not suit for tall people
  • Seat may be hard for some
  • Not sturdy

This electric power recliner is designed for its comfortable sitting position and reclining style. It massages the whole body mainly focusing on parts like the back, knee, hip, thighs, and shoulders for delivering flawless relief. These parts have a built-in vibrating point, 9 massaging modes, 5 intensity levels, and heating therapy. Adding to the recliner there’s a footrest attached which can be extended to 4.3”. This helps to stretch your whole body to the feet and comfort them.

This recliner can be operated through remote controls, one controls the reclining position, and the other controls the intensity, time control, and modes. It has comfy extra foam coverage and non-sag spring material for an ideal sitting position. Built with anti-tilt irons for keeping up its stability.

This comes along with two sack pockets at the sides and in the front area for putting your needed things near you. You can charge your mobile phones using the USB port provided in the chair, and the cup holders in the armrest area support keeping your cups and glasses for better relaxation with a drink. These can be assembled easily by simply connecting the recliner wires while keeping them in a basic position.

2. Mcombo Electric Power Swivel Recliner Chair

  • Swivel gliding
  • Automated motors
  • Swivels at 270 degrees
  • Anti-falling ropes
  • Cup holders
  • Side and front pockets
  • Easy assemble
  • Lacks adequate padding comfort
  • Footrest may not work properly

This Mcombo recliner comes with a specialized swivel mechanism that glides around at 270 degrees which helps the recliner move front and back. The backrest is placed in a V shape for more foam padding, concave structure, and simple lines for providing extreme comfort and support. An electric chair with a plywood frame and a metal swivel provides you greater support and durability for kids to elder people.

This has two sack pockets present at the sides and in the front area for storing small items nearby. These have an automated motor connected along that manages the position and relieves your aches, pains, and improves overall blood circulation. You can charge your mobile phones using the USB port provided in the chair, and the cup holders in the armrest area support keeping your cups and glasses. This swivel chair can be assembled easily without the need for any specific tools.

3. Mcombo Recliner For Living Room

  • Soft fabric
  • Extended footrest
  • Lumbar heating area
  • Extra coverage for armrest
  • Cup holders
  • Relieves pains and aches
  • Seat may be hard for some

This Mcombo recliner chair is manufactured for furnishing the living room and providing you with complete comfortable relaxation in your leisure time. It comes with 6 built-in vibrating points for relieving strains and pains. There’s a heating pad provided at the lumbar region for supporting the back and relieving pain. The armrest gives you extra foam coverage for a relaxed arm position, it also has cup holders for holding your cups and glasses.

Dual USB is provided for charging your mobile phones and portable side and front sack pockets for keeping your needy things. You can comfortably sit in this recliner adjusting both the back and the foot area halfway and to the highest position of 120° and 108°. Its remote control system handily controls the chair’s position and modes. This keeps you in a relaxed position for watching tv and enjoying yourself with family and friends. Through only two steps you can easily assemble the recliner without needing any bigger tools.

Mcombo Loveseat Recliner

1. Mcombo Fabric Power Loveseat Recliner

  • 16 vibrating points
  • 9 modes and 5 intensity
  • 3 adjustable positions
  • Extended footrest
  • Built-in buttons
  • Central dashboard
  • Need more space to keep the recliner
  • Seat may be hard

This is a special type of electric recliner with dual seats in it. You can control and manage the chair with the built-in button presented on the armrest area. It is made up of a soft fabric and it’s breathable. With 16 specific vibrating points and two heating lumbar regions for relieving body pain, it gives a full-body massage experience. Using the buttons provided in the recliner you can customize your modes – 9 modes and 5 intensity range. It has a small dashboard located in between the two seats for keeping the needy things like a mobile charger, remote, and so on.

The footrest can be extended up to 3.5″, and it can be adjusted to a recliner position, a tv position, and a normal chair position. There are other advantages like cup holders, dual mobile charging points, and side front pockets. This can be easily installed without any hard tools.

Mcombo Reclining sofa

1. Mcombo Power Reclining sofa

  • 16 vibrating points
  • 2 lumbar heating pads
  • Extended footrest
  • Built-in buttons
  • Central dashboard
  • Seat may be hard for some

This is an ultra-wide and specialized three-seated type of recliner chair. The trio seat recliner controls and manages both chairs with the built-in button presented near the center chair seat in the armrest area. This sofa is made up of a soft breathable fabric. Using the separate control buttons provided in the recliner you can customize your modes (9 modes and 5 intensity ranges). It creates a massage to the whole body giving 8:8 vibrating points and 2 heating lumbar pads for the two chair seats. The center seat doesn’t have these massage or heating pads. It helps for relieving body pains and stress. It has a small dashboard located in between the two seats for keeping things like a mobile charger, remote, and so on.

Mcombo Kids Recliner

1. Mcombo Big Kids Recliner

  • Soft skin-friendly material
  • Buttoned back
  • Extra foam comfort
  • 4 sack pockets
  • Back doesn’t slide far

The mcombo kid’s recliner is an excellent space for kids to watch TV and relax after school time. The backrest is made of an innovative button-stuffed range with overstuffed foam for the durability, comfort, and stability of the chair. This has a soft and smooth material that has been tested and passed in ASTM.

There’s a cup holder in the armrest area for keeping the cups and glasses stable. There are two sack pockets near the armrest area and on the sides of the recliner. This recliner comes in many colors such as Brown, dark grey, and navy blue for the kid’s preference.

2. Mcombo Kids Recliner Chair

  • 4 non-slippery feet support
  • Hardwood and steel framed
  • 4 sack pockets
  • Easy to clean
  • Stable and durable
  • Seat cushions may be hard for some
  • No remote control

This specialized reclining chair for kids is built using high-quality hardwood and steel framed material. Its soft breathable fabric keeps the kids smooth in the chair. As this is specially made for kids this brand concentrates on safety, stability, and durability. These have 4 non-slip pads in the foot area for keeping the chair to stay in place without moving or sliding. As it has high-quality soft material, this chair is easy to wipe and clean dirt particles.

There are 2 pockets at the side and two at the front side of this recliner. This helps the kids to place their playing items, notes, and even snacks to place in them. It also has cup holders for the kids to keep their water bottles, glasses, and cups without spilling them into the recliner chair. It is easy to operate and assemble. This comes in various colors to satisfy the kid’s preference.

Buyers Guide

Though you have come across many specifications and chair mode techniques here are certain things that you should consider before choosing and purchasing a recliner.

1. Material quality

A recliner chair is specially designed for people comfortable and resting sitting place. The chair’s material quality is one of the most important things that we should consider initially before choosing one. It must be soft, breathable, and have long-lasting material. The material should not cause any harm like skin infection as they are used by both the elders and the kids. The seat cushions must not be hard, they should have enough foam for comfort. Its material should be easy to wipe off the dirt and messes that occur in the chair.

2. Massaging modes

These recliners should have an efficient massaging system for pressuring up the body parts. It should apply vibrations to all the efficient parts with different types of speeds and intensities. The lumbar region heating pads are the most required thing in massage recliners.

3. Footrest

An extended footrest in these chairs gives comfort to the knees and foot area for better stretch and a relaxable position. Without a proper footrest, a recliner is considered a less productive one. Every recliner must concentrate on the footrest as these will help people who are recovering from their injury or have arthritis complications.

4. Remote control adjustment

A remote control handily adjusts the recliner chair easily, it can also be done by the elders and kids without much effort. Some recliners have an inbuilt button for changing the modes and position but by using a remote control anyone can adjust the chair without even touching them.

5. Motors and batteries

Recliners are functioned by charging them, for better performance and long-lasting massage the batteries and motors must be stable. Check for the quality battery and choose one which gives much capacity for productive massage and a comfortable resting time.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the average life of a power recliner?

The average life of a power recliner with a simple mechanism lasts 10 to 20 years. Based on its maintenance it may get low or high. Taking utmost care while moving a recliner chair will prevent the chair from heavy damage.

2. Is it good to sit in a recliner all day?

Sitting in a recliner improves your blood circulation, good for the back and there are many health benefits to this. But refrain from sitting all day, and take regular breaks, it’s good for your health.

3. How to clean a recliner?

As much time you spend on researching to buy a recliner, you must spend some time at least once a week to maintain it. Take a look at our detailed recliner cleaning guide to learn more.

4. Do recliners have a weight limit?

Yes, the weight capacity of the recliner is mentioned in every recliner’s specification, on average it ranges between 250 to 500 pounds of weight.

5. Do power recliners fail often?

As they are motorized they will not last like that the other recliners. It may burn out and be faulty sometimes. So you must always invest in the best recliner brands.

6. How much do Mcombo recliners cost?

Each type of Mcombo recliner costs different as they seem different in their chair type and mechanism, however the average range of these recliners costs between $209 to $1,499 respectively.


Are you looking for recliners for your space in this Mcombo brand? You have probably chosen the best brand for recliners, there are many types of these chairs which suit age, room space, and suitable technology. It will help to you have better relaxation in a cozy material recliner chair even for your kids and elders. Choose a perfect recliner that fills up all your properties and causes you to buy the recliner. Hope this article helps you to find a better reclining chair in the Mcombo brand for your space and comfort.