A Detailed Recliner Buying Guide (2024 Guide)

Recliners are excellent for unwinding in front of the TV and sleeping in. It is truly amazing how a recliner chair makes the most of a small space while still giving you the most comfort. Finding the ideal recliner is a difficult task in and of itself, though. Fortunately for you, we have created this ‘ultimate recliner buying guide’ to help you choose the best recliner chair for you. From traditional to the best Mcombo Recliner chairs, this guide will help you to choose the best. Let’s get started.

Ways Recliners Can Be Moved By Yourself In 2024

1. Be specific about your space

Before selecting a recliner chair, be sure to measure your available space since the chair will need some room to open and recline.

2. Upholstery & Frame

Cotton, leather, microfiber, wool, or polyurethane fabrics are frequently found as recliner upholstery. Each of these materials is available to consumers, depending on the quality and design. The durability and fabric quality will affect how much the recliner costs.

A recliner’s frame is made of metal, wood, or a combination of both, making it durable. Despite the material of the frame, its weight capacity should be your primary concern. The frame of the recliner can only support a certain amount of weight in practical situations. Cushions for reclining chairs are made with materials that provide comfort.

3. Recliner Type

Understanding the recliner types will help in several ways. Your range of options will expand, and choosing will be less confusing. Recliner chairs come in a variety of styles and types. Before making a decision, just be mindful, understand your requirements, and research thoroughly. Some of the most common types in the market are,

4. Height & Weight limit

For shorter users, some of the larger recliners can be challenging to exit. Because the footrest is too small, taller people probably don’t want their feet to hang down. As a result, it’s important to measure the chair before purchasing it and choose a height that suits you, rather than just your preferences for comfort or just concentrating on the weight limit.

Depending on the size & make, the weight limit of a recliner will vary. Comfortably, standard recliners can support 200 lbs to 300 lbs. There are recliners that are bigger and made to support more weight. The maximum weight capacity for these oversized recliners is 500 lbs. Checking the ability before having to cram in every time or return it is only sensible. Look for customer reviews to get an idea if the information is not indicated.

5. Warranty

Recliner warranties are essential, especially if you are unsure of the product’s performance. If there is a problem with the product, warranties allow for replacements, repairs, and refunds. Only during the warranty period is this permitted. Usually higher the warranty period, the better the quality of the recliner.

6. Dimensions

Recliners can be quite space-consuming, especially since they only have room for just a person. Given that a good sleeping recliner will recline flat, its footprint can be even larger. Consider the dimensions of your recliner in vertical and completely reclined positions to check for space. The dimensions of the seat and the back seat should be taken into account for recliners for big and tall framed people. A larger recliner may be a comfortable option for resting since you can turn and move around freely.

7. Safety

Ensure you have high armrests on your chair so you don’t fall off while resting. Keep in mind the weight restriction as well. Those with movement issues or the elderly should invest in a lift recliner. An integrated motorized lifting tool makes it more manageable to get up from these recliners. Due to the design of these chairs, getting in and out of them is safer and provides a more comfortable resting.

8. Size

Your chair should be able to offer sufficient head and leg support in addition to comfort. For tall people, the top of your head shouldn’t extend past the back of the recliner to avoid discomfort. Have the distance from the top of your head to the back of your body measured if you cannot try the chair. This will assist in deciding on the ideal sitting height for your requirements. You need to properly measure your recliner for size to buy the right one.

9. Mechanism

There are two ways to operate a recliner chair either manually or with assistance. The benefit of manual recliners is that you can utilize all of their features without requiring access to electricity. Your chair can be made to recline with the touch of a button. Due to their simplicity, mobility, lumbar support, and convenience many prefer electric recliners.

10. Padding

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There can be a range of padding available depending on the type of recliner. Some are so plush and cushioning to the sleepers that they frequently feel like they are sinking into the padding. Other models don’t hug the sleeper as tightly because they feel a little stiffer or have less padding. In any case, consumers must choose the solution that best suits their needs. For users with mobility issues, extra-cushy chairs might not be the best option. They might find it more difficult to exit the chair due to the encasing padding. Just like that, users with supple joints shouldn’t use firmer models. They might cause a buildup of pressure in those painful areas.

11. Extra features

This aspect has an impact on comfort in other ways besides sleep. For instance, some recliners have a massage function that can be used to unwind people before bed and during the day. Some models include features like built-in heating, cup holders, side pockets for books or remotes, and more. However, consumers should keep in mind that adding features would also increase the cost.

12. Color

Color is another important factor to consider because it should complement the décor of the room in which it is placed. Neutral colors are typically the best bet because they complement all color schemes and decorations. If you want to go for a more modern look, use more vibrant colors.

13. Budget

A good recliner chair can be purchased for between $200 and $1000. Anything more expensive would be a higher-end option with more features. Models priced under $200 are typically basic recliners that will provide adequate comfort. They will suffice for budget shoppers, but you should not expect any fancy features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do recliners really provide a healthy and comfortable place to sleep?

You’ll need to take into account the recliner you’re using. There are many benefits to sleeping in a zero-gravity chair. It would be beneficial to sleep in a recliner in order to relieve symptoms of sleep apnea, for example. During sleep, airflow is disrupted by blocked airways, causing sleep apnea. Heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and diabetes can occur as a result of this disorder. Besides improving blood flow, acid reflux, and back pain, zero gravity recliners also relieve some pressure from the body.

2. Is it acceptable to spend every night in a recliner?

Using a recliner to sleep is generally safe. Even when recliners aren’t as supportive as beds, they can still be a comfortable place to sleep.

3. Can pregnant women use recliners?

Pregnant women may be able to rest in a recliner as long as they maintain some upright posture and avoid sleeping in a horizontal position. A doctor’s opinion is required.

4. How do lay-flat recliners work?

They are ideal for sleeping due to their nearly flat positions.

5. How should you maintain your recliner?

The same rules apply to sleeping recliners as they do to regular recliners when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Check your user manual to find out the best recliner cleaning tips. Most recliners require sporadic dusting, vacuuming, spot cleaning, and even professional cleanings. Additionally, you need to invest in recliner slipcovers to safeguard your upholstery.

6. Is it safe to rest in a reclining chair while pregnant?

Yes, as long as you are at ease. Resting in a recliner can relieve pressure on your pelvis and lower back, which is especially beneficial for women in their third trimester.

7. Why does sleeping in a reclining chair relieve back pain?

By reclining your body while sleeping, you relieve pressure on your joints and spine, relieving back tension. You also allow your core muscles to rest, which aids in their healing and strengthening.

8. How can you tell if your mattress is causing back pain?

If you wake up in the night or the morning with back pain, it is likely that lying flat is exacerbating your condition. Achieving a comfortable and supported position is often not possible on a flatbed, which is why many people turn to sleep on a recliner or adjustable bed at night.


The evolution of recliners is amazing. There are many modern recliner models is rapidly increasing, which can make shopping a nightmare. But it becomes much easier once you know exactly what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to pay. To summarise everything, a recliner is an important piece of furniture in your home, and it is critical to maximizing the comfort of those who use it. No recliner will be built perfectly with the perfect features because perfection is subjective to the person sitting in the chair. Hope our article will assist you in taking all factors into account and ultimately assisting you in making a final decision in choosing the best recliner for you.