How to Use a Massage Chair Safely?

Massage chairs are the best solution if you are looking to invest in a fixture that will provide you with ultra-fine relaxation and spa experiences in the comfort of your home. These chairs assist in stretching the muscles and also calm your whole body and mind. But, the frequent concern among most people is about using a massage chair safely.

This article will guide you through using a massage chair safely. All the main aspects that revolve around using a massage chair safely will be discussed in the article.

How To Use A Massage Chair Safely?

Read on to discover the only 4 tips that you need to keep in mind when using your massage recliner chair.

1. Start slowly

Beginning your sessions in a massage chair should be taken slowly. There are high chances to end up in trouble if you are taking it at a faster pace. Schedule your sessions at intervals according to your body and age.

2. Concentrate on the settings

Settings are one of the proximate factors. It is important to understand the settings of the massage chair before you start using it. Manual and instructions are to be kept handy as they will help you gain a thorough understanding of the settings. If you are unclear about any of them, it is advisable to discuss them with a customer service executive or directly with the retailer.

3. Work on the frequency

Frequency is one of the heads that need concentration. Using the massage chair very frequently will result in side effects for your whole body. Be it the best Japanese massage chairs or traditional recliners, you must work on the frequency of using the chair. It is wise to use them at intervals as advised by the retailer or the manufacturer.

4. Seek advice

If you are unsure about any of the settings on the massage chair, it is advisable to seek help from the online support system. You can also call customer service or ask for assistance from the retailer.

Who Can Use A Massage Chair?

  • Massage chairs are ideal for people who are taller than 155 centimeters. People shorter than the recommended height can use a recliner that is equipped with a vibration feature
  • People who are post-thirty can make massage chair sessions a part of their routine. This will help them relieve the stress carried by work
  • Elders can use massage chairs as per the recommendations of the physiotherapist. People with body ailments can use the massage chair after seeking advice from their doctors
  • Sports persons can spend their post-workout time in a massage chair. It will help in the relaxation of the muscles and joints

Who Should Not Use A Massage Chair?

  • People with severe body conditions should not use a massage chair
  • Persons who are shorter than 155 centimeters should not use a massage chair
  • Kids should not use a massage chair. Children below the age of 10 are easily prone to having side effects
  • Pregnant women are advised to seek advice from their gynecologists before having a session in the massage chair
  • Elders with osteoporosis should not use a massage chair

Benefits Of Using The Massage Chair Safely

Massage chairs should be put to use after taking all the necessary precautions and safety measures. This will avoid any mishappenings and will help you enjoy the experience

1. Bypasses side-effects

Overusing a massage chair may result in side effects. There are high chances of body and joint aches when you spend excessive hours in a massage chair. Residual limb pain is one of the most common takeaways of excessive and frequent usage. There are higher chances of fatigue and nausea because of the vibration caused by the massage chairs.

2. Alleviates medical conditions

A person is prone to leg soreness, neck aches, and muscle pains if they fail to use a massage chair without taking safety precautions. A wrong setting or a position will lead to any of the above-mentioned conditions. Safety is a must when working with a massage chair to avoid severe medical disorders.

Time Limit For Using A Massage Chair

Experts suggest a time duration of 15-20 minutes if you are a beginner at a frequency of thrice a week. One can slowly increase the frequency of the session to 4-5 times a week after a month. Massage sessions can be done on a regular basis if you are free of medical conditions. A time duration of 15-20 minutes will yield the benefits.

Tips To Choose The Right Massage Chair to Ensure Safety

  • Based on health conditions – It is highly recommended to choose a massage chair based on your health conditions. If your physician or physiotherapist has advised you to follow the massage session for any specific medical condition, it is highly advisable to opt for a massage chair after looking for the specific features. Also, make sure you are allowed to use a massage chair by your doctor if you have any health-related issues.
  • Based on functionality – Features associated with a massage chair should be carefully listed before choosing one. The money and time you’re investing in a massage chair should be worth it. Choosing a chair only because of the brand is not a wise move.
  • Warranty – The terms and conditions should be clear in a recliner chair warranty. Ensure to see if the warranty is productive and has the potential to help you in case of any repairs in the future.

Quick Tips on Post-Massage Session

  • Once you are out of your massage chair, make sure to hydrate yourself. Fluids of any kind will help you hydrate. Hydrating yourself will keep you away from nausea and any kind of discomfort
  • It is a good move to do the needed stretching as there are chances of muscle soreness and cramps
  • A good and relaxing bath after the session will help you to stay calm. You can wear out all the sweat and stay fresh
  • Avoid heavy intakes immediately after the session. This may result in negative effects
  • It is also advisable to keep alcohol and drugs away after a massage session

Ancillary Suggestions

  • Keep kids away when you are in a session in a massage chair. They might harm themselves when they arrive near the chair
  • Pets can be locked in their cages or kept away from the chair as they might not understand the wires and remote controls
  • Wearing loose-fitting clothing will help you stay relaxed throughout the session
  • Keep gadgets away from the massage chair as they might distract or disturb you
  • Keep the temperature of your air conditioner at normal figures. Too much of a low or higher temperature will cause a sense of discomfort


We hope our article has helped you gain a better understanding of using a massage chair safely. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to connect with us. We are working hard to provide you with the best solutions.