How to Add Wheels Or Casters to a Recliner Chair?

To manage and move a recliner from one place to another you would probably need wheels under the chair.

However, finding the right wheels and installing them properly can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it correctly. In this article, we will share the complete process and steps on how you can add wheels to a recliner chair to move it easily.

How to Add Wheels to a Recliner?

A recliner is a type of furniture that is huge in size and weight, you should handle and maintain it well. One of the main things for handling the recliner is placing a wheel with it. First, choose a flexible wheel that suits your recliner type, and then continue fixing it.

Steps for choosing the wheels

  • The first step towards choosing a wheel is to analyze the recliner and whether it can take the wheel or not
  • Choose the number of wheels, for a single-seat recliner four wheels at the corners are enough but for a bigger-sized or double and triple-seat recliner more than 4 wheels are necessary
  • Even these chair wheels come in various sizes, material types, and designs, look for the wheels that suit your recliner weight and design
  • Along with the type of wheel also look out for the quality of the caster. It is a basic but essential item that holds the wheel and connects the base of the chair and wheel. You can easily move the wheels in a rough place or to the stairs
  • Casters are available in ball and swivel types choose the type and number of casters for your wheels. These casters are to support, you can use the wheels with or without the requirement of it

Steps for fixing the wheels

  • Before fixing the wheels the first and foremost thing is to switch off the power supply
  • Turn the recliner upside down to analyze its base part
  • Tools like a screwdriver are needed to work mechanically in the chair. Using the tool unscrew and remove the base from the chair
  • Keep these screws and nuts safely for rearranging the base as sometimes it is difficult to find screws matching the particular recliner
  • Pull out the base area with little effort and carefully remove them without causing any damage or cracks
  • Find the exact position of the recliner to place the wheel, the position may differ according to the design and shape. Place according to it
  • Take a marker to point out the area where you need to place the wheel and drill a hole to fix them
  • Using a screwdriver fix the wheel tightly into the base hole
  • Placing a caster helps to manage the weight, helps the recliner to move easily, and prevents damage by sliding
  • The final thing is checking them, to make sure it moves smoothly or cause any screeching sound. Give necessary tooling and make adjustments
  • Everyone uses this commonly so check them twice before using it again, this will prevent elderly people from sliding into the recliner

Other Things to Keep in Mind

1. Recliner safety

Some recliners are attached with legs in it for supporting the weight of the chair, they sometimes do not need these wheels. Certain models come along with wheels that already look out for them whether they manage the weight or require a replacement.

Place a wheel that suits the recliner’s shape, size, and weight. If your recliner has a footrest you

need to make sure that the wheel supports and handles these parts of the chair properly. After placing the wheels do adjust the height, it should not be too low or too high as they will make the recliner position unstable.

Using the chair on a hard or carpet does prefer a wider and even stronger wheel type for stability and efficient performance. Before sitting down in a mode of relaxation on a recliner put them in a stable position and lock them. This prevents from causing damages

2. Casters

Casters are one of the important items that help to move the wheel easily. Know the type of caster, its shape, and size, and then choose according to your recliner type.

  • Carpet casters – These are standard ones used on most chairs. They can be easily used on carpets
  • Hard surface casters – Suitable for carpet and hardwood floors
  • Reverse locking casters – This will lock in place when you sit on the recliner. Once you’re not using the recliner, it can be easily rolled out
  • Rigid caster – Roll forward and backward
  • Swivel caster – Makes the wheel turn

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use my chair without wheels?

Yes, you can use the chair without the need for wheels. You can buy a normal recliner chair and use it for your comfort, but it takes much effort to move them. It may damage your floor, or you may keep it only in one place.

2. Are all chair wheels the same?

Yes, almost 95% of the wheels that are fixed in the recliners are stable and the same but only 5% of the wheels are said to be different as they are none standard type

3. Can you lock the chair wheels?

All the chairs fixed with the wheels can lock them using the casters that are attached to the wheels. These locks help to lock the recliner and are made to stay in a place without moving or sliding.

4. Will chair wheels ruin the floor?

These wheels are made up of a hard nylon material, which will not get a proper grip from some types of floors. Due to this chair slides and the floor gets damaged.

5. What is the average cost of wheels?

The average cost of buying wheels for the recliner starts from $20 and extends up to $200. It varies in its types, shapes, material, and colors.

Final words

After a while, you may need some changes and customization to your recliner, like adding a cover or including wheels. A wheel is considered a vital part of the customization as it helps to move the recliner from one place to another.

When looking to buy wheels, you should look for quality, stability, and capability of them for controlling and managing the whole recliner. According to the type and weight limit of the recliner, the wheels need to be placed. Some need 2 or 4 wheels but some heavy-weight and triple-seated recliners need more than 4 wheels.

We hope our article has shared valuable information and ideas for placing a wheel on the recliner. If you have any questions, please share them in the comments section below.