Complete Review of the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

Are you searching for a lift recliner model that too in this Mcombo brand? You have chosen the right model for your lift recliner as it provides top-quality material and efficient techniques for greater convenience. It gives variant types, facilities, and techniques in their different recliner models choose according to your type and preference and have a comfortable recliner time.

In this article, we have reviewed the Mcombo recliner chairs so you can fully understand if they are really worth the hype.

Features of Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chairs

Mcombo lifts reclining chairs with power lift assistance are suitable for elder people who are recovering from surgery, or arthritis, and elder people who need support. This brand’ gives you a variety of lift recliner models that differs in their design, features, and style. It even has a variety of sizes, seating positions, and power efficiency features to give you a better experience. Here are some of the notable features of the brand.

1. Massager

This not only acts as a reclining chair but also provides the most amazing massage. It effectively soothes by providing massage to the shoulder area, foot, and back parts providing good relief to aching body parts. The massager gives vibration throughout the full body in a sitting and slanting position. It vibrates at about 8 different points around the chair to give a degree of comfort to each part.

There’s a variety of modes offered for a comfortable massage. Notably, there’s also a specified heating pad provided in the lumbar region, this soothes the hip point. It has 9 modes and 5 intensity levels available that can be set based on your preference.

2. Remote control

There are 3 positions in this chair – Reclined position, the slant-up position for supporting the elders to stand up, and the TV position for sitting and relaxing while watching the tv. These three positions can be easily managed through remote control. Even the elders without any support can learn to use the remote and can operate by themself when they actually need it.

This lift recliner is especially discussed for its two-button three-control process.

It controls and operates the vibrating and heating effect using the mode. You can set the heat, timer, and intensity levels of the recliner while heating or massing.

3. Material quality

This is a TUV-certified chair that is made up of faux leather, providing you a soothing comfort. Faux leather is usually stronger and vegan leather contains no animal products. This high-quality leather material makes cleaning easy and maintains without much effort. Simply using a damp cloth you can effortlessly wipe out food spills and dust.

The recliner upholstery also comes up with an anti-slippery type, which helps to cope with the sitting position without falling from it.

4. Footrest

The chair is attached with a footrest that extends to an average of 4.7″ supporting the foot part along with your whole body. It slants and reclines the body in a perfect position to get the actual relaxation. You can also keep a pillow in the back for comforting the back part and stretching the legs in an extended footrest.

5. Additional support

The lift chair has additional support like a USB mobile charge point near the hand rest area, you don’t have to disturb your comfort when searching for mobile phones when you need them. The USB charge point charges and helps to keep your phone nearby.

Cup holders are there for placing your appetite drinks glasses and coffee cups. There’s also a sac pocket at the side and the front space where you can keep your things and even your phone while charging in the recliner.

6. Assembling

Assembling this chair is not so difficult, it comes with a unique style and easy setup. With professional help, you can easily assemble the chair without the need for heavy tools.

Notable Features

  • Recliner provides massaging support for body parts that soothes the body
  • 8 different vibrating points in the body, which focus on particular places for providing extra comfort
  • Heating pads in the lumbar region support the hip region by creating a soft heat that gives relief to the spot
  • Anti-falling ropes help the elders who sit in the recliner from slipping down
  • Cup holders for placing the glasses, and coffee cups, you can also keep your tv remote in these cup holders
  • Seat pockets are those tiny space within the recliner material, it is on the side and front of the for keeping your small notepads, pens, mobile chargers, etc
  • Footrest supports and comforts the feet, it also extends up to 4.7 for an adequate resting angle
  • Dual USB mobile charging point
  • Can wipe and clean easily
  • Durable
  • Max angle is 140° for the reclining position

Things To Keep in Mind

  • Consult a doctor before using the product
  • Electrical plugs as per the US use. So check for socket compatibility
  • Faux material may not suit some skin types
  • Space consuming, so measure the recliner for space

Models Available in Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chairs

There are numerous lift recliners available in this brand Mcombo, these are named for their high-quality materials with several soothing additional features making the recliner the perfect choice for the elders and the people who are suffering or recovering from surgery typically find a use of this. We have suggested you here with some of the Mcombo lift recliners you can choose according to your preference.

1. For the best anti-slippery medium-sized lift recliner you can check

Mcombo electric power lift recliner

2. For extended backrest and seat dept, you can check

Mcombo large power lift recliner

3. For large-size lift recliners, with massage and heating techniques you can check

4. For the large-sized chair without massage or heating technique


Lift chairs are motorized recliners that help to move your chair from a normal upright sitting position to a slanting chair. These chairs are helpful for supporting people with arthritis or neurological disorders. They provide a specialized feature that the chair easily maintains and controls the sitting and standing positions. The motor provided by these chairs makes all these processes efficient. There are many models and colors with significant features available in these lift recliner chairs. One of the best lift recliner chair brands is the Mcombo. Hope we have helped you to find the perfect power lift recliner from the Mcombo brand.