What Is A Dual Power Recliner? (2024 Guide)

Power recliners as the name indicates, work on electricity and power charging. You can easily adjust these using the buttons present on the sides of the recliner. These power recliners come in a dual mode for advanced recliner optimization and control. If you want to choose a dual power recliner for your home space do know them completely.

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about dual-power recliners so you can figure out if it’ll be the right investment for your needs.

What Are Dual Power Recliners?

Dual-power recliners are those which have two motors in them for efficient performance. One operates the position of the headrest and its function and the other one operates the footrest and controls them. This helps people with limited mobility relieve muscle stress, provide support to the limbs, and relax the whole body.

Advantages and disadvantages of dual power recliners


In this section, we’ll discuss the advantages of a dual-power recliner.

1. Easy adjustable

These recliners can be adjusted to any position easily, whether you want to sit in a back resting position, an upright position, or in a medium-angle position. You can simply push the button and change the angle according to your preferences. Some recliners have a button system in the armrest region or the chair’s side area. Other types of power recliners come with a remote control through which you can easily control and manage the position, even though you are away it can be adjusted for others without the need of touching them.

You can lower your headrest and raise the footrest for a comfortable resting position, by slightly moving the headrest up you can enjoy watching TV, and by putting the headrest straight in an upright position and lowering the footrest to have a perfect chair position. In this position, you can comfortably read books, drink coffee, eat food, and so on.

2. Massage

They also come with massaging features that are built-in into the recliner. There are many types of techniques available to relax your body. It specifically points to your every stressable body part and applies suitable pressure. They work through vibrating motion for relieving your internal and external stresses.

3. Motors

These motors in their efficient use provide less stress and prevent us from falling. These motors run efficiently by applying less pressure to your joints and relaxing the mind. Its two motors are operated for two different usages for specifying the body position and massaging mode. They are guaranteed for providing powerful rest to the body and mind plus a safer meantime in a recliner chair. It is only a little handy effort to operate and control, that’s why these are said to be a chair that supports the recovery journey from injury and limited mobility.


Though you have seen many advantages in this dual-power recliner there are also some disadvantages in them.

  • Works only on the power supply
  • Weigh much to move from one place to another as they have motors present with them
  • As they have two motors these motors run in different sections of control, which may get collapsed on mishandling
  • Complex controlling system especially for massaging function
  • Expensive compared to other types of recliners

Types of power recliners

Apart from dual-power recliners, there are other types of recliners like single and triple-powered recliners which work on their capability to comfort you.

1. Single power recliner

The single-power recliner is a basic model of all recliners with single motor control. Its single motor simultaneously controls both the backrest and the footrest at the same time. They are controlled by a handy wired remote connected to the recliner. When you slide back automatically the chair’s footrest will rise and when you raise it to the upright position the footrest moves down. These are common types that are found in the most affordable types of recliners.

2. Triple power recliner

These are considered the comfiest recliners. It has a triple-powered motor system for controlling the movement of the chair. Other than single and dual types this is considered the most convenient recliner chair type. As they have separate systems to control the backrest, massager, footrest, and lumbar movement, it is suitable for relieving your back pain and gives super comfort to your whole body. However, since this recliner chair comes with many features, it’s on the expensive side.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a motorized recliner last?

On an average period of 10 years in regular use, the recliner with motors lasts. However proper recliner maintenance and protection from mishandles are required for its lasting performance.

2. Do power recliners work without power?

It’s based on the recliner type, one type of recliner works in electricity plugging through the whole process of sitting and messaging. Another type of recliner needs a battery to be charged using electricity and can be used without plugging in. They can be moved to any other place for comfort.

3. What is the average cost of power recliners?

A good quality probably lasts between $800 to $2,000 on an average mode. It differs according to its motor type, seat type, massaging modes, and so on.

4. Which is better manual or the power recliner?

Manual recliners provide fewer locking and probably cost less whereas power recliners cost more and provide many locking positions, easy access, control, massage, and heating functions. You can read our article on manual vs power recliners to learn more about the differences in detail.

5. Is it healthy to sit in a recliner?

Yes, sitting in a recliner helps to recover your body from muscle stress, knee pain, shoulder, and back pain. These will give complete relaxation and comfort to your whole body and mind.

Final words

Though there are many types of recliners available these dual types are considered convenient and modern-day chairs as it comes with various valuable and attractive features. It looks like a normal sofa chair but does all the necessary activities for perfect relaxation not only for sick and recovering people but also for everyone.

Invest in these dual-motor reclining chairs for a better today and a perfect tomorrow.

We hope that we have helped you to know the right facts and benefits of these dual-power recliners through this article. If you have any questions, share them in the comments section below.