Top Recliners For Sleeping (Reviewed in 2024)

If you’re looking for the best recliners for sleeping, then you’ve landed on the right article. Finding the best recliners can be difficult in the market today. There are numerous brands available and selecting the right one can be exhausting. Don’t worry! We’ve researched and picked the best and comfortable recliners just for you. There are many factors that have to be considered before buying a recliner. In order to make that task easy for you, we have created a list of the best recliners for sleeping. Take a look at the list and choose the right one for you.

Overall Best Supportive

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Best SupportiveMAEVIS Large Lay Flat Sleeping Power Lift Recliner Chairs

If comfort is your choice, this is one of the finest recliners for sleeping. Wall hugger design recliner. Made of an insulated hardwood frame and 100-percent polyester khaki microfiber. High-density foam cushions. ultra-padded armrests. Lumbar and neck support.

Best CompactShahoo PU Leather Chair

If compact is the primary feature you are looking for in a recliner, this will be the ideal option. Made of sturdy faux leather. 360° metal swivel base. 8 vibration points and waist heating function. Rocking motion.

Best SophisticatedChristopher Knight Home Mid-Century Modern Recliner

If mid-century modern is your type, you will definitely like this variant. Button-tufted stitching. Tapered birch wood legs. Fine-grain fabric. Ideal for small spaces. Can hold up to 300 pounds.

Best Space saverACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner

Breaking the myths of links between size and comfort, this recliner is one of the finest space-saving chairs. Sturdy hardwood frames and armrests. Microfiber upholstery. Pull lever for the footrest extension.

Best For MultipurposeHomall Recliner Chair

Ideal for watching tv, gaming, and napping. One of the best recliners that can be twirled from 90 to 180 degrees. Equipped with non-marking pads. Steel frame. Non-marking pads. High resilience and high permeability.

Best For EldersLift Recliner for Elderly – Yandel Series

If you are seeking for a recliner for elderly people, this is the best option. Arrives with a power lift function. Upholstery made of poly fiber. High-resiliency foam cushions. Excellent lumbar support. Side pocket storage.

Best StylishFlash Furniture LeatherSoft Lever Rocker Recliner

Elevate the overall look of your space with this rocker recliner chair. Leathersoft upholstery. CAL 117 fire retardant foam. Rocker feature. Lumbar support. Side pull lever. Ideal for nursing mothers. 

Reviews of the Best Recliners for Sleeping in 2024

1. MAEVIS Large Lay Flat Sleeping Power Lift Recliner Chairs

  • Massage and heat function
  • USB charging port
  • Dual motors
  • Power lift chair
  • Waterproof leather
  • Extended backrest

MAEVIS is one of the finest recliners that fits into the synonym of a perfect reclining chair. The wide and overstuffed chair makes it the ideal chair for sleeping. The power lift feature in the reclining chair makes it suitable for seniors and people recovering from surgery. The power lift chair is highly suitable for adults who need assistance to operate the chair. As the chair has power lift features, it completely assists the elders in sitting and getting off the chair. A remote control arrives with the chair to make the operations easy.

Heated vibration massage control adds to the comfort level attained from the power lift reclining chair. 4 area and eight points massage provides assistance and support that will enhance the entire experience and provide the needed relaxation for every body part. Dual motors from OKIN are known for their performance and ensure the long life of the power lift features.

Five vibration massage modes keep your body’s blood flow intact, thus supplying the needed oxygen and energy to the entire body. The lumbar heating feature relieves tension and stress in the lumbar area and elevates the strength of your lumbar spine. Memory foam padding used for the cushions on the recliner chair keeps the comfort at the highest levels. The footrest and backrest can be freely extended or retracted independently, and the back reclines from 105° to 180°.

The chair is ideal for storing in the living room, bedroom, and office spaces. The reclining chair from the house of MAEVIS is constructed to suit all types of ambiance. Be it a modern or traditional room atmosphere, this power lift comfortable reclining chair elevates the look of the overall room. Also, it is suitable for sleeping while placed in the bedroom. If you are having trouble sleeping on your bed, you can recline the chair to the most comfortable position and lie down on the chair. This reclining chair is ideal for sleeping and causes zero side effects.

The neck support provided by the power lift recliner chairs is immensely comfortable. The person using the reclining chair will be able to feel a reflection of the neck relaxation within a few sessions. The structure of the neck support is ideal for all people and people of all ages. The structure of the chair supports the back to be in the right position which will keep your entire back aligned.

Double handrail designs of the power lift recliner chair ensure that the arms are placed comfortably. A double-layer design of the armrests filled with high-elastic cotton along with a solid wood frame for the outboard provides the armrest area with the highest levels of comfort and coziness. Ancillary features equipped in the power lift recliner chair include a USB socket to charge your devices. This prevents you from getting off the chair in between your recliner sessions to operate your mobile phones. The leather used on the reclining chair is waterproof and dustproof. This makes maintaining the chair easy. This quality of the reclining chair eases you from the tension of spending hours cleaning the chair.

The reclining chair is capable of holding up to 330 pounds. This proves the durability and strength of the chair. The materials used in the construction of the chair are wood and alloy steel which is of maximum strength. This keeps the chair’s life extended for many years and also keeps the wear and tear of the chair away.

2. Shahoo PU Leather Chair

  • Eight vibration points
  • Waist heating function
  • Leather upholstery
  • 360-degree swivel feature
  • Rocking feature
  • Massage intensity adjustment

Standing by the tagline, “Born For Home”, this comfortable reclining chair from the house of “Shahoo” is one of the best additions to your lives and living spaces which has the potential to turn your life around by elevating the comfort experienced by you and your loved ones. Be it adults or young ones, they will be able to relish the recliner experience as this is one of the best options if you are looking for leisure along with coziness.

The construction of the recliner makes the chair ideal for small spaces. It can be placed anywhere around your home where you wish to enjoy the recliner session. High-quality metals have been used in the making of this reclining chair, which promises durability to be kept to high standards. Leather upholstery retains the fine look of the chair along with the provision of comfort. Supreme-quality leather prevents irritation on the skin and also ensures that there is the highest level of comfort and coziness.

A magnificent feature of the reclining chair is its 360-degree swivel and rocking features. The swivel feature of the reclining chair makes shifting directions easier by eliminating the necessity of moving the chair. The rocking feature of the chair assists elders and people suffering from insomnia to get quality sleep. Rocking feature of the recliner chair makes it highly suitable for nursing mothers to put their infants to sleep while getting a few hours of quality sleep.

Eight vibration points of the reclining chair ensure proper blood flow throughout the body. Also, it provides the person with the highest levels of relaxation and keeps aches and pains away from the body as there is sufficient flow of blood with other needed nutrients. The waist heating function of the reclining chair eases the aches and tension around the lumbar area. The lumbar heating function and other vibration features of the reclining chair can be activated with the help of a remote control. The remote control has separate indications for operating the controls and for choosing the vibration and heating functions. This will provide independence for the elders to operate the chair without the assistance of anyone.

The backrest is filled with over-padded cushions to ensure the highest comfort. Lumbar, neck, back, and head will feel comfort at their highest as the cushions are stuffed with huge quantities of high-quality foam. This foam keeps your body from enjoying the plush coziness throughout the recliner session.

The Footrest of the recliner chair is constructed to support your feet immensely. Retracting the footrest is simple and the cushions of the footrest are ample to make your feet feel cozy and comfortable. Also, the structure of the footrest supports enough flow of blood to the foot which keeps away swelling and aches.

The maximum weight that could be held by this recliner chair is 90 pounds. The chair is ideal to be placed in the living area, bedroom, and home theatre space. When you are using recliner chairs in the favorite corners of your home, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate level of comfort along with a feeling of refreshment and relaxation.

The ancillary features of this recliner chair include cup holders and side pockets. The cup holders are present on either side of the reclining chair. This allows you to enjoy your favorite movies by grabbing your favorite drink without having to lose the comfort and coziness of the recliner chair. Side pockets are designed to be wide and large to place your reads and journals on the reclining chair. 

3. Christopher Knight Home Mid Century Modern Recliner

  • Maximize living space
  • Easy to put together
  • Reclines easily.
  • Mechanism can be stiff at times
  • Narrow seating

The mid-century modern recliner chair is a great inclusion to any room in your house. This is one of the best recliners for back pain as the cushions are made of extra padding. Plus, the leg material is made of dark espresso birch hardwood which is highly durable. This is finished with a button-tufted backrest offering extra sophistication.

The recliner is supported by birch wood legs which make it attractive. It comes in multiple colors like grey, muted purple, slate, cream, dark blue, light grey tweed, muted blue, and muted green.

The push-back recliner makes it seamless for the person to recline and incline with its most advanced mechanism. The recliner chair can be adjusted between 120 degrees and 125 degrees according to your comfort level. The reclining chair is constructed to be kept at 150 degrees which ensures the person seated on the reclining chair relishes the recliner experience.

High-density foam used in the mid-century recliner chair ensures that the person using the reclining chair attains supreme comfort and coziness. The foam has a natural ability to support the person in sitting and accessing the chair. The upholstery of the reclining chair features clean lines and a smooth finish. The clean lines make maintaining the chair simple. In case of any dust or debris on the surface of the chair, it can be wiped clean seamlessly. The smooth finish of the chair elevates the overall look of the recliner chair.

The armrest and footrest of the chair are built to provide the person using the chair experience softness. The armrest is stuffed with high-quality cushion to avoid any discomfort while placing the arms. The footrest will allow for maximum relaxation and will also direct the flow of blood which will automatically cure aches and pains in the leg region.

This highly durable reclining chair can hold up to 300 pounds. This is made possible because of the strength of the beechwood used in the construction of the chair. The maximum weight-holding capacity self explains the strength and the life of the reclining chair.

The reclining chair can be placed in the living room, balcony, and reading room. As the chair is built to suit both modern and traditional forms of ambiance, it will be one of the perfect additions to your home.

4. ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner

  • Constructed with microfiber, and wood
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to recline
  • High-quality lever
  • Ideal for small space
  • Easy to install

Acme’s recliners are great for use in your smaller rooms saving you space. The armrests and frames of this chair are made of strong hardwood. The upholstery also has a high-quality stain-resistant microfiber material. The lever is given at the side for extending the footrest and a side knob for lowering the seat back.

This is one of the best recliners for back pain. Overstuffed pillow arms and padded seat back give you the ultimate comfort that you want. The upholstery of recliner comes in multiple colors like beige, chocolate, light brown, or sage and you can choose your favorite color.

The high-quality wood used to build the recliner chair keeps up the durability and sturdiness of the recliner chair. The wood that goes into the construction of the recliner is carefully handpicked by the experts from the team of ACME. The structure of the recliner relieves back aches as it enhances the flow of blood to all the parts of the body. Also, the structure of the recliners keeps the head, neck, lumbar, and back aligned which leaves zero room for any discomfort while seated on the reclining chair.

The reclining chair arrives with the lever on the side which makes it easier for the person sitting on the chair to operate the recliner. The reclining mechanism of the chair is easy to operate and the chair can be shifted to the desirable position without any hardships.

The armrest and footrest of the reclining chair are stuffed with cushions of supreme quality. The arms can be placed comfortably without any discomfort because of the presence of over padded armrest. The footrest of the reclining chair is equally stuffed to allow the person using the reclining chair to enjoy coziness in the leg region.

The base of the reclining chair is constructed to be strong enough to hold more weight. The recliner chair has the potential to last for a long as every feature of the chair from the base to the upholstery is chosen carefully to last for a longer period.

5. Homall Recliner Chair

  • Elegant handrail design 
  • Retractable footrest
  • Premium quality plastic for legs
  • Breathable leather upholstery
  • Easy maintenance

Homall’s Recliner is one of the best home furnishings recliners made of high-quality PU leather and sponges that can be easily cleaned. The fabric is highly durable and the color will last a long time. The recliner can be twirled from 90 to 180 degrees and it is the best choice for watching tv, gaming, and napping.

The padding is even thicker that you’ll forget you were sitting on the recliner. This is one of the best recliners for back pain as it alleviates your stress and gives comfort to your back. The chair is held by four strong arms and non-marking pads which protect the floor from any scratches. The color variants for this recliner are Black, Brown, Grey, Khaki, Light Beige, and Red.

One of the finest recliner chairs from the masterminds of Homall to satisfy the recliner lovers. The reclining chair is designed to be adjustable according to your purpose for the chair. If you are looking to have a quick nap on a reclining chair, you are provided with the provision of reclining the chair to 120 degrees. If you are watching television or sitting on a chair for entertainment, you can choose to recline the chair to 105 degrees which is estimated to be the best position for viewing television. If you are rushing to work or back from work and need a quick break that must be relaxing and calming, you can place the reclining chair at 90 degrees and stay comfortable.

Leather is used to upholster the reclining chair. Highly breathable leather used on the reclining chair keeps the chair comfortable for all people. Also, it will act soft on the skin which keeps you irritation-free and free from any distractions during your recliner sessions. The leather is completely safe for elders and children. The leather is easy to clean. In case of dust or water on the surface of the reclining chair, it can be wiped off easily without any hardships. This quality of the fabric will assist you in retaining the fresh look of the reclining chair for a longer period.

An upgraded footrest is entirely safe and comfortable to use. The footrest will give an entire calming effect to your entire legs. It will ensure a proper flow of blood to your legs. If you or anyone from your home is facing leg aches and pains, spending quality hours on this recliner will ease the aches and soothe you entirely.

6. Lift Recliner for Elderly – Yandel Series

  • Designer upholstery 
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Remote control
  • Independent footrest
  • Power lift and tilt feature

The signature’s recliner is one of the best power recliners. The power lift soothes your back and raises your leg for an ultimate reclining experience. The upholstery is poly fiber which gives you a good touch. This is one of the best home furnishings recliners with thick cushions, a high back, and strengthened seats concerning elders.

The reclining mechanism takes just one minute and moving upright from a reclining position takes just 14.5 seconds, which makes it the best lift chair for the elderly. The recliner can be assembled individually and does not require any particular assistance. It comes in two colors, Black, and Brown.

Faux leather used to upholster the recliner chair is of the highest quality and it is structured to provide the person sitting on the recliner chair with ultimate comfort. It is entirely skin-friendly and supports elders to sit comfortably on the reclining chair. It is nonslippery and will also not cause any discomfort to the elders while using the reclining chair. The metal used to construct the reclining chair is highly durable and sturdy. This ensures the long life of the reclining chair.

The headrest, armrest, neckrest, and back are designed to be properly aligned which will improve your posture and keep your body healthy. A higher blood flow is ensured when you are seated in the right posture.

The presence of dual motors in the recliner chair ensures the perfect functioning of the chair. As high-quality motors are placed on the recliner chair, there is no room for errors or malfunctioning. The dual motors ensure to extend the life of all the features of the recliner chair.

Power lift and tilt features arriving with the reclining chair make it the best variant for elderly people. The power lift chair assists the elders in accessing the recliner chair without any assistance. This gives complete independence to seniors and persons with disabilities to access and operate the chair.

Cushioning is adequate to provide the highest level of comfort. The foam that goes into making the pads of the recliner is of supreme quality and is known to retain the comfort level for a long period.

The footrest elevates individually as the structure allows for choosing to decide if you need the footrest elevated or only the functioning of the back. All the operations can be performed with the help of a remote control. From adjusting the positions to operating the recliner chair, the remote control will assist you in its entirety.

7. Flash Furniture LeatherSoft Lever Rocker Recliner

  • Plush upholstery 
  • Rocker Recliner
  • Lever operated mechanism
  • Ideal for nursing mothers
  • Breathable leather

Flash recliner is an addition to the style and comfort of your space. The upholstery is a durable polyurethane material. Padded arms bustle back cushions, and leather soft upholstery rocks you in comfort. The lever is set on the side of the sofa which makes it easier for you to access the chair. This is one of the best home furnishings recliners that will add elegance to your home and will clear your doubts regarding are rocker recliners good.

This recliner from the house of Flash Furniture will be an elegant addition to your home. The recliner chair will suit all types of interiors. As the leather used in the recliner is plush and modern, it will also go with all types of furniture placed in your living or reading room.

The recliner chair is equipped with a rocking feature. The rocking feature of the recliner chair is perfect assistance if you are suffering from sleeping disorders. The recliner chair is also one of the best nursery chairs. Also, it can be used during your post-partum periods for recovery and also for putting your infant to sleep.

The recliner chair is equipped with a lever on the side to operate the recliner mechanism. The lever is easy to pull and the chair can be settled down in the most comfortable position with the assistance of the lever.

Leather upholstery on the reclining chair is the finest of materials from the market. The leather is ultra soft and it provides a higher plush than expected. The chair is filled with 5” foam in the seat area which makes it highly comfortable and cozy. Also, the neck, back, and shoulder regions will be able to get the ultimate comfort as the rocker recliner is padded with foam.

The footrest of the recliner chair is retractable and can be operated easily. It is filled with enough foam for you to feel comfortable while stretching your legs and feet. Also, you will be able to completely eliminate aches in your foot area as the recliner chair is structured and designed to be super comfortable and productive.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Recliner

Recliners can give you the utmost comfort you expect. But there are a few major factors you must consider before buying the best recliners for sleeping. They are as follows.

1. Dimensions

A recliner will cover more space when it is reclined. So, it is essential to consider the available space at your home, before buying it. After that, you can choose the best recliner chairs from the list.

2. Upholstery

There are two types of materials used in the making of a recliner. One is fabric and the other one is leather. Fabric is comparatively better than leather as they do not use real leather nowadays. If you are opting for leather, you can choose PU leather as it is water and oil-proof, which will give your recliner more life.

3. Color

Another important thing you should consider is the color as it should blend well in the room you place. Try to choose neutral colors as they will go with any decorations you have at your home.

4. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity of recliners come with distinct capacities. Manufacturers usually design recliners that can hold approximately 350 pounds easily. Some best power recliners have greater weight capacities than non-electric ones.

5. Warranty

Last important factor to look into is the warranty. Many manufactures offer a 12-month limited warranty and at times lifetime warranty for the frame.

6. Manual and Electric

Recliner types are as follows – In manual recliners, you need to recline with the lever that is given at the side of the chair. Manual recliners cost less than power ones as it does not have any motor. Power recliners make reclining easy with just a tap in your remote.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Home furnishings Recliners

1. Are recliner chairs affordable?

Recliners give you the best comfort you’ll ever look for. Maybe a few years ago, it would have been considered a luxury product. But currently, recliners are available at various prices and types fulfilling every person’s needs.

2. What benefits does a recliner offer?

Recliners are used by many people for various reasons. From individuals who take regular naps to individuals who use it for medical reasons like sleep apnea, a recliner gives the utmost relaxation from the comfort of their own space.

3. What is the average weight capacity?

With the exception of oversized ones, most recliners have a minimum of 250-pound capacity. Fortunately, some manufacturers have responded to the demand for high-weight-capacity recliners by releasing recliners that can support people weighing up to 500 pounds.

4. What is the best upholstery for a recliner?

The most commonly used upholstery is leather and fabric. Comparatively, leather has a long life, with high resistance to dust and stains. This is suitable only for the best leather.

5. How much does the recliner for sleeping cost?

Depending on the design and materials used, the price may vary. It starts with a minimum of $200 without any electronics. The cost of the best power recliner with advanced features may go above $2000.


Before buying a recliner, you may have to consider a lot. From comfort to product dimensions you will have to look into everything carefully and decide. In order to make that job easy for you, we created this article and distinguished every product. Choose what’s right from the best recliner chairs list and enjoy your nap.

We hope the perfect sleep chair reviews in this article will help you out in your best recliners selection. Please drop your comments if you have any doubts and we’ll be happy to answer them.