Best Heated Recliner Chair

When you have a recliner with heat and massage features in your home, every day is a spa day. After a long and demanding week, there is no better way to unwind than by relaxing in a plush recliner. 

Home massage chairs can be an excellent way to indulge in heat therapy. It is a simple solution for getting a much-needed massage in the convenience of your own home. Such types of chairs provide a variety of massage options as well as heating options for relaxation. Some even target particular locations, and many use them to relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and tension. 

We’ve summarized a best-heated recliner chair buyer's guide to select the best power recliner with heat and massage, from affordable to high-end models. Continue reading to buy the best-heated recliner chairs.

Best Heated Recliner Chair Reviews of 2023

1. ANJ Massage Electric Recliner Chairs

ANJ Massage Electric Recliner Chairs

ANJ chairs efficiently alleviates the issue of a hard footrest closing that some recliner models have. Better options for seniors and patients in recovery, and people with disabilities. These recliners are uniquely developed with massage and lumbar-heat operations. There are 5 massage modes to choose from, plus a timer feature to determine massaging time. 

The extended footrest on this recliner makes it suitable for tall people. The fabric used in this recliner is well-crafted and breathable, which makes them suitable for all seasons of the year. Due to its sturdy motorized reclining system, it provides you with different positions for enjoyment and rest. Massage and lumbar heating operate flawlessly to relieve fatigue. 

Main Features

  • Easy to switch to multiple positions that let users watch television, read books, or rest
  • Enhanced seated experience and aiding in the relief of physical fatigue and aches
  • Integrated with one USB port for charging mobile devices
  • Cup holders are perfect for keeping cups and other miniature items
  • Side pockets to store small items 
  • Thick padded cushion ideal for sitting and lying

Additional information

  • Color: Nut brown, Smoke grey
  • Assembly: Easy. Can be done in 10 minutes 
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty


  • USB ports
  • Extended footrest
  • 2 side pockets
  • Excellent massage functions


  • Performance could have been better

2. ANJ Massage Recliner Chair

ANJ Massage Recliner Chair

ANJ heat recliner chair is a stylish, modern, and inviting chair for everyone. This recliner is upholstered in high-quality soft fabric, making it an excellent choice for all of your relaxing and leisure activities. This modern yet classic single sofa is a fantastic choice to match rooms of all styles. 

The recliner's back is not fixed and retracts when the user's back moves. The recliner chair will also relax your body as soon as you sit down, imparting a state of tranquility and contentment to your senses. The motorized mechanism of the chair is controlled by a fixed remote switch. It is a balanced choice suitable for most users, including average, and tall people due to its extendable footrest.

Main Features

  • With 8 vibration points and 1 heating point in the lumbar, it targets different parts of the body and relieves physical fatigue
  • Adjust the footrest and backrest without placing strain on your arms or back
  • Overstuffed backrest, armrest, and thickly padded cushion provide you with comfortable seating feelings

Additional information

  • Color: Grey & brown
  • Assembly: Really easy to assemble
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty


  • Lazy & casual design 
  • Easy to retract
  • Meet a variety of requirements
  • Long lasting use
  • 8 vibration points


  • Slightly expensive

3. ANJ Power Massage Lift Recliner Chair

ANJ Power Massage Lift Recliner Chair

The ANJ power recliner chair transforms any day into a spa day. You have complete control over the intensity and location of the massage. When you need to charge your phone, the included USB port is really convenient. It also includes a side pocket for magazines, books, and the remote. A comfortable chair can help you relax after a long day, whether you're reading a book or watching a movie. Heat and vibration allow you to lean back to relax or relieve stress while reading or watching TV. Ideal for living areas, bedrooms, movie theatres, and media rooms. It assists the person in standing up easily without putting additional strain on the knees. 

This best heated recliner chair is suitable for storing massage remotes, magazines, and other miniature items. This chair is quite comfortable to use all year because it is upholstered in soft and breathable fabric. Adequate fillings inside make the chair not only comfortable but also visually appealing. Overall this furniture will complement all types of settings and remain fashionable.

Main Features

  • Lumbar heating and massage function to make the waist more comfortable
  • Effortlessly adjust to any personalized position for the ultimate lounging experience
  • With 8 massage points and 1 heating part in the lumbar for unexpected comfort and relaxation
  • Patients in recovery and the elderly benefit from backrests, armrests, and cushions that are overstuffed
  • Enhances the sitting experience by providing adequate support to the user
  • Combining modern style and utility, this model lifts and tilts and allows to lie back or stand

Additional information

  • Color: Camel, grey & taupe
  • Assembly: Easy 
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty


  • Excellent design 
  • Adjustable
  • Antiskid upholstery
  • Comfortable use
  • Customise position
  • Multiple massage points


  • Small spaces may not be suitable for this recliner

4. Consofa Wingback Recliner Chair

Consofa is the perfect heated massage recliner chair for people who want to relax their backs. This reclining chair has a robust metal and wood frame structure which is durable. With four wooden legs at the bottom that add to the chair's safety and stability, it can handle up to 320 pounds. The high back supports your spine, and the high-density soft foam padding is quite comfortable. The wingback recliner chair has a smooth pushback mechanism that allows the chair to recline and extend the footrest with ease. 

Extra-thick seat cushions and high backrests provide substantial support for your body while being soft enough to reduce stress. You can also customize the length to 15/30/60 minutes as needed. The tufted backrest and sophisticated design components add to the appeal of your home.  Accented nail heads are placed next to the armrests to add a sophisticated and handcrafted touch. The wingback chair's sleek form is enhanced with button-tufted stitching on the backrest and vase-shaped wooden legs. After a long day at work, this best heated recliner chair can help you unwind and relax. 

Main Features

  • Push back to simply lie down, the backrest may be reclined 90 to 140 degrees
  • Footrest pops out to provide you with a comfortable place to rest your feet. To restore the armchair to its natural position, simply press the footrest with your feet
  • Massages can be customized in 5 different modes and 3 massage zones for whole body relaxation
  • Heated waist part reduces low back stiffness and muscle tightness
  • Recline the chair using the body weight, without hunting for a lever

Additional information

  • Color: Beige, blue, blue2, grey, yellow
  • Warranty: See product manual
  • Installation: Simply attach the ears and backrest, connect the wiring, and screw the four legs together


  • Whole body relaxation
  • Vase-shaped hardwood legs 
  • Tufted backrest
  • Increased comfort 
  • Ease of assembly


  • Limited heating function

5. HomSof Multipurpose Recliner Chair

HomSof Multipurpose Recliner Chair

If you have leg or foot pain, then the HomSof Multipurpose Recliner Chair is the best choice. Heat therapy underfoot can improve circulation and relieve stiffness in the legs and feet. It is made of high-quality fabric (94% polyester and 6% nylon) which is durable and long-lasting. With its overstuffed cushions and padding all throughout, this chair has a stylish appearance and embraces your body in comfort. Massage and heating choices help to calm tense areas of your body. 

To customize the massage experience, there are eight vibration massage spots with manual remote control to give a seamless experience. It features soft padding, good lumbar support, and full chaise seating. The easy reclining pull system allows you to adjust the angle to your liking. It is up to you what you want to do. You might select an appropriate angle to enjoy activities such as reading a book, watching a movie, or taking a nap. This best headed recliner chair offers an automatic heated massage function, as well as the ability to swing or rotate.

Main Features

  • Reclines up to 150 degrees for extra convenience
  • Extendable footrest and reclining feature, allows you to fully stretch and relax
  • Padded seat cushions provide additional comfort and support where it is most 
  • Needed
  • Use your body weight to recline the chair by pulling the device from under the armrest

Additional information

  • Color: Brown
  • Warranty: See product manual
  • Installation: Contact customer support


  • 8 vibrating nodes
  • Lumbar support
  • Multipurpose recliner
  • Padded seat cushions
  • User-friendly


  • Limited heating options 

6. DreamLify Traditional Manual Massage Recliner Chairs

DreamLify Traditional Manual Massage Recliner Chairs

If you are looking for a traditional recliner that makes your movie nights and game nights exciting, the DreamLify manual massage recliner chair is the perfect pick. The level of relaxation and coziness offered by the reclining chair is unmatchable. A comfortable feeling is provided by a heating option that will take you to another level of relaxation after a long day at work or the gym. 

This recliner upholstery quality is superior and distinct which makes it worth every penny. It ensures easy cleaning and is entirely eco-friendly. The texture of the upholstery makes your entire room appear classic. The recliner comes with padded arms that make your time in the chair extra comfortable. It offers you to place your arms comfortably while seated on the chair. An 8-point massage chair with a heating system for the lumbar offers you complete relaxation.

Main features

  • Reclines up to 150 degrees for your comfort
  • 8 points massage gives relaxation to all the core points of your body
  • Position can be changed by a pull of the ring
  • Remote control facility for easier operation
  • Thick backrest doesn't cause any strain on your back
  • Pockets on either side of the chair help to place articles
  • Cupholders help you to place your coffee mug or cup effortlessly

Additional information

  • Color: Grey
  • Warranty: See product manual
  • Installation: Contact customer support


  • Comfortable armrest
  • Sturdy wood frame that last long
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Lumbar heating option
  • High-quality cushions


  • Chances of stains appearing strong because of light-colored upholstery

7. HomSof Chair Sofa                                                                                        

HomSof Chair Sofa

Homsof’s recliner chair with a heated option is the best adjustable recliner chair available with an eight-point function and is perfectly suited for the elderly. User-friendly chair sofa comes with electric remote control with an automatic adjustment that can be stretched up to 150 degrees. It is ideal for reading books, watching television, and sleeping. 

Stretch and relax completely in your comfortable space in the most comfortable chair sofa that offers you everything that you expect out of a chair. The recliner chair is ideal for your home spaces including home theatre rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. 


  • Reclines up to 150 degrees
  • Vibrating massage is ideal for elderly people
  • Soft padding with side pockets to store things
  • Cupholders to hold mugs and bottles
  • Remote control option is inbuilt into the recliner for easy operation of the recliner chair
  • Eight-point function with excellent lumbar support

Additional information

  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: See product manual
  • Installation: Contact customer support


  • User-friendly
  • Side pockets for storage
  • Eight-point vibrations
  • Excellent lumbar support


  • Polyurethane has water absorption properties

8. ANJ Power Massage Lift Recliner                                             

ANJ Power Massage Lift Recliner

An all-in-one fixture that comes with reclining, massaging, and heating functions to make your experience in the reclining chair feel like a spa time. 45 degrees to 150 degrees free adjustment enables you to comfortably sleep, watch television, and read books. The extra comfortable recliner also assists you in easily getting up from the recliner as you can place the recliner at 45 degrees. 

The backrest is stuffed with enormous high-quality foam to offer you comfort and relaxation. Equipped with the technology of a USB porter which allows you to charge your gadgets by being seated. 8-point massage with vibration makes your entire body relaxed and keeps your blood circulation intact. The heated option for the lumbar keeps your lumbar tension free. 


  • Four adjustable angles for performing various activities
  • Automatic footrest helps you to keep your feet in the correct position that does not cause any strain
  • Remote control is efficient enough to make your reclining work easier
  • Convenient front pockets allow you to place books and articles
  • Charging gadgets can be done in the recliner itself 
  • Antiskid upholstery provides a comfortable position in the chair
  • Chair offers 10 different modes to choose from for the massage intensity

Additional information

  • Color: Taupe
  • Warranty: cover- 1 year, reclining mechanism- 1 year, frame- 1 year
  • Installation: Contact customer support


  • Overstuffed backrest offers you maximum relaxation
  • Highly durable
  • Antiskid cushions
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not suitable for tall people

Comparison Table For Best Heated Recliner Chair



Special Features



Faux leather

USB Charge, arm rest, cup Holder, side pockets

29"D x 34"W x 40.5"H

Soft fabric

Arm Rest, side pockets, massage

35.8"D x 39.7"W x 42.9"H



USB Charge, arm rest

39"D x 39.4"W x 40.2"H


Side pockets

33"D x 26"W x 39"H


Side pockets, cupholders, arm rest

20.87"D x 22.83"W x 20.47"H


Arm Rest, ergonomic, head support

33.4"D x 29.5"W x 39.3"H


Side pockets, cupholders, arm rest

34"D x 34"W x 43.3"H



Side pockets

39"D x 39.4"W x 40.2"H

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a heated massage chair suitable for everyone?

It is perfectly suitable for everyone around the household. It can be used by elderly people to relax and also sleep in it for a while. It offers perfect support for your lumbar and all the important nodes that are essential for relaxation

2.Is heated massage chairs easy to install?

Most heated massage chairs are easy to install without expert guidance. Most of the manufacturers provide a thorough guide to the users on the installation at the time of purchase itself.

3. Is a heated massage chair good for health?

Massage chairs are good for your health and body. Suitability entirely depends on your body type. If you are a beginner, you can use your recliner at a frequency of 2-3 times per week. If you are a person using recliners regularly, then you can use them twice per day. Also, it is recommended to get advice from your doctors on the frequency of using a recliner chair.

4. How frequently can I sit on the massage chair?

Twice a day for fifteen to twenty minutes is the recommended duration by experts to use a reclining heated massage chair. Duration more than that may cause strain on your muscles and might also cause a sense of discomfort.

5. Where can I place my reclining chair?

Comfortably place your recliner chair either in the bedroom or library. You can also place some of the reclining chairs in your home theatre room. Most of the heated reclining chairs are constructed for multiple purposes


Enjoy the spa experience in the comfort of your home by investing in a heated massage reclining chair. Also, reduce the stress you carry back home after a long day at work by comfortably sitting on a reclining chair. 

Reclining chairs can also be used as an additional option along with your physiotherapy and medication if you are under orthopedic conditions. This will comfort you and is comparatively better and painless than physiotherapy and other medication. Reap all the benefits of a reclining heated massage chair and say goodbye to blood circulation issues and stress-related problems.

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