10 Best Recliners For Seniors: 2024 Review Guide

Recliners are an ideal choice for seniors as they find it difficult to sit and stand up from a conventional chair. Buying the best recliner for seniors can help them with their mobility and add more comfort to them. But finding the right one can exhaust you as there are numerous options available today.

In order to make the job easier for you, we wrote this article listing the top best recliners for seniors. We’ve also added a table comparing the basic features of the products to give you a quick overview and understanding of the products further. There is also a buying guide to help you with the factors you need to consider before buying. Come take a look and pick the right one.

Best for seniors

Macedonia fabric recliner

Quick Summary

Best for seniors: Macedonia Fabric Recliner

This chair gives a mid-century aesthetic to your living area by combining characteristic tapering legs with luxurious upholstery. With minor assembly necessary, you’ll get elegance in no time. Buttoned seams at the back offer a sophisticated touch that complements the sleek style.

Best for money: Mcombo Recliner for the Elderly

The chair includes two side pockets and two USB ports for charging electronics. It has eight vibration points located around the chair. The chair is composed of high-quality synthetic leather that is simple to maintain and provides outstanding comfort and looks.

Best small-size recliner: Mcombo Electric Power Lift recliner

This chair is just perfect for your shade. The chair offers two USB charging connections for your gadgets. The motor counterweight lifting mechanism is TUV certified, making it simple for elders to stand up.

Best facilities: Signature Design by Ashley Power Lift Recliner for Elderly

It includes eight vibration points around the chair and one lumbar spine heating point. Because of the dual motor capacity, you may independently tilt and lift your legs for a more personalized and comfortable posture.

Best in comfort: Comhoma Recliner Chair

The remarkable cup holder chair, designed to the highest standards, provides stability, durability, and comfort. This massage chair offers capabilities like reclining, speaker, rocking, massage, heating, and rotating.

Best affordable: Christopher Knight Lift-Up Chair

Although Christopher Knight’s chair may appear odd, reclining in it might be an excellent replacement for doing difficult early-morning yoga positions. Its warm and pleasant feel will help you relax at any time of day.

Best water resistance: FDW Recliner Chair

This chair is sophisticated, sleek, and attractive. Lean back and unwind on your folding chair. The fabric lounger has a morning appearance and is breathable, similar to living room chairs and a soft lounger couch.

Best skin-friendly: Homall Recliner Chair

It’s crucial to get a good lounge chair at a fair price. The Homall gaming recliner includes a lumbar cushion that provides enough lumbar support. A double-thick footrest with additional cushioning adds your legs comfy.

Quality is best: Jummico Recliner Chair.

The relaxation armchair gets covered with high-quality, breathable fabric and has thick padding, providing additional comfort. It is an infinitely adjustable angle of the footrest, ideal for relaxing during the break. Easy assembly and good service.

Supportive recliner: Signature Design by Ashley Power Recliner for Elderly

With saddle brown fake leather upholstery and two motors for independent movement of the backrest and footrests, this power lift recliner is a dream. It’s a fantastic option if you value appearance and the capacity to recline, including a folded flat position, for usage during naps or awake hours.

Reviews of the Best Recliners of 2024 for Elderly

1. Macedonia Fabric Recliner

Macedonia fabric recliner

Macedonia’s mid-century recliner is a wonderful collection to add to living space. This chair is designed with a mid-century style with a little bit of modern touch. With a slight assembly, this chair is all set.

Colors available:Cream, dark blue, light grey tweed, muted blue, muted green, muted orange, muted yellow, red, grey, microfiber/slate, dark espresso, muted purple, slate/dark espresso

Product Features

  • Designed with plush fabric to give an attractive outlook
  • For more sophistication and comfort, the backrest is tufted with buttons
  • Held up by birch wood legs which have durability
  • Stain can be easily cleaned up as the fabric is top-grain leather


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good chair for small spaces
  • Plush fabric


  • Footrest can be uncomfortable

2. Mcombo Recliner for Elderly

Mcombo recliner for elderly

Mcombo’s chairs is the best sofa for the elderly as they come with power lift assistance. It is built with a TUV certified motor that easily lifts the chair up for the elders. So elders can stand up easily without putting any strain on their knees. The headdress is padded to provide more comfort when lying down. This chair can be cleaned easily because of the high-quality faux leather. A separate assembly service with the preferred installation date has to be selected before the purchase of this chair.

Colors available: Cream white, black, and dark brown

Product Features

  • Dual USB charging ports to keep the devices charging
  • Can be reclined to a maximum angle of 140 degrees
  • Dual side pockets to keep all essential items


  • High-quality leather
  • Perfect fit in any room
  • Good heat and massage features


  • Customer service is average

3. Mcombo Electric Power Lift recliner

Mcombo power lift recliner

Another best recliner for the elderly on the list is Mcombo electric power lift recliner. Elders can easily handle the chair with the remote control. It is made of quality faux leather for easy cleaning while giving the best comfort. The assembling service has to be selected separately by the user. You will be entirely satisfied and would be clear of the doubts do massage chairs really work? When you end up with this power lift recliner equipped with a massage function.

Colors available: Black, blue, cream white, dark brown, grey, light brown, and red

Product Features

  • Dual charging ports to keep the device charging all the time
  • Comes with 8 vibrating points and 1 lumbar heating point that can be operated separately
  • Dual side pockets to keep all of the essentials by the side


  • Comfortable heating and massage function
  • Great power lift mechanism
  • Easy to put together


  • Motor became inefficient in some cases

4. Signature Design by Ashley Power Lift Recliner for Elderly

Signature design by ashley power recliners for elders

One of the best sofa for the elderly designed with thick cushions, plush fabric, and faux leathers for a better lounging experience for elders. Made of black thick poly fiber giving a leather look and touch. The seat is reinforced with metal for better stability and durability. Simple assembly is required to set it up.

Colors available: Black and saddle

Product Features

  • Built with a dual power lift motor that lifts the elders easily without adding any stress to their knees
  • Can be reclined to a full length of 69 inches
  • Elevates legs by reclining fully to the back


  • Easy to put together
  • High-quality faux leather


  • Lumbar support is low

5. Comhoma Recliner Chair

comhoma recliner chair

Comhoma’s recliner is built with strength, stability, and high durability making it one of the best recliners for seniors. This chair is built with padded cushions to provide the utmost comfort to seniors when seated. An ideal chair for anyone to be comfortable at their own place. The assembly instructions are included to set the chair up.

Colors available: Brown, black and cream

Product Features

  • Two drink holders on both sides to rest the drinks
  • Excellent lumbar support relieving the back pain
  • High-quality recliner mechanism that helps recline the chair with the user’s body weight
  • 30 degrees rocking that puts to sleep automatically
  • 360 degrees twirling
  • Massage features can be controlled with a hand remote


  • Well-built comfortable chair
  • Great vibration functions


  • Seating may be hard

6. Christopher Knight Lift Up Chair

Christopher knight’s chair is one of the affordable best recliners for the elderly. They are built with durable fabric for long-lasting usage. Elders can easily change their latitude when they want to change their reclining position. Easy to assemble with the instructions provided in the manual.

Product Features

  • Stuffed cushions on the backrest, seating and armrest give a comfortable user experience
  • Extended footrest to adjust to user’s height
  • Built with quality fabrics and metal frame to ensure a long life for the chair


  • Good functional chair for elders
  • Soft leather


  • Footrest length is short

7. FDW Recliner Chair

FDW Recliner Chair

FDW’s recliner is one of the best recliners for the elderly as they are designed with sophistication to provide comfort to the elders. This chair is best for any of the living space or office. It has a foot extension and a push-back button to recline easily. With this comfortably built reclining chair, elders can enjoy their favorite moments. No assistance is needed in installing the chair at home.

Colors available: Beige, black, blue, brown, fabric beige, grey, orange, and tan.

Product Features

  • Designed with durable PU leather, waterproof fabric so that it can be cleaned easily without any strain left
  • Supported by solid hardwood legs and frames for better stability and durability
  • Thickly padded back and armrests for a better comfort


  • Great chair for a compact house
  • Water-resistant leather
  • Reclines smoothly


  • Feet may hangover the footrest

8. Homall Recliner Chair

Homall Recliner Chair

One of the best recliners for seniors from the list is Homall’s recliner chair. This chair is made of skin-friendly high-quality PU leather that can be easily cleaned to save the users from their worries. The sponge is very thick with high resilience to give long-lasting quality. This chair can be assembled easily.

Colors available: Black, brown, grey, khaki, light beige, and red

Product Features

  • Can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 180 degrees suited for gaming, watching tv, and reading
  • Supported by four strong feet made of non-marking pads to protect the floor
  • Made of thick padded seat to provide the best comfort
  • Can be adjusted easily to your preference
  • Dual stitch finishing to ensure long-lasting quality


  • Perfect for home theatres
  • 10 different speed massage function


  • Feet may hangover the footrest

9. Jummico Recliner Chair

Jummico Recliner Chair

Jummico’s recliner is one of the best recliners for seniors made of thickly padded high-quality fabric to deliver ultimate comfort. This chair is the best choice to add more beauty and style to the living space. It can be reclined from 90 degrees to 165 degrees to adjust to user’s preferred position. This recliner can be assembled in easy steps.

Colors available: Brown, grey, light blue, and red

Product Features

  • Steel frame footrest to provide stability
  • Adjustable footrest for preferred comfort
  • Made of rubber feet to avoid scratches to the floor
  • Seat cushions are thickly padded for a better seating experience


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great chair for compact space


  • Armsrests are not that sturdy

10. Signature Design by Ashley Power Recliner for Elderly

Signature design by ashley power lift recliner

Signature Design by Ashley’s is a dual motor lift recliner designed together with style and functionality. It is made of thick poly fiber looking like leather to give a comfortable seating experience. The estimated time for fully reclined to an upright position is one minute. Hardware and tools are included to assemble the chair.

Colors available: Saddle and black

Product Features

  • Dual lift motor that eases the back by elevating the legs for a better lounging experience
  • Seat is reinforced with metal to give a sturdy appearance and long life.
  • Adjust to any preferred position with a hand power button


  • High-quality faux leather
  • Great leg support


  • Poor lumbar support

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Recliner for Seniors

Following is the list of factors to help you make the right choice

1. Simple and reliable

With innovations, now there are chairs with multiple functionalities. But elders may need all the fancy features. Get a chair with simple features so that seniors can operate them easily on their own. Remember ergonomics is important for seniors safety as well.

2. Convenience

Mobility is important when you select chairs for seniors. Select a chair where they can sit and stand up comfortably without any effort. With manual recliners, they may have to put in effort but in automatic recliners, they can move with just a finger touch. Plus, make sure the upholstery of the recliner is good as it’ll determine the life of the chair.

3. Footrest

An extended footrest is as important as other features. Some chairs have a built-in footrest that can be extended when lying for a nap. So a chair with a built-in footrest is ideal for full-body relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many years do recliners last?

Recliners are made with high-quality materials, metal frames, and thick padding as used in sofas. Depending on the usage, a recliner lives up to approximately seven to fifteen years.

2. How much does a recliner for seniors cost?

Based on the brands, an average recliner will cost between $400 – $1200. The price depends on the type of fabric used, the quality of the product, and other additional features.

3. Can we sit in a recliner all day?

A recliner is the best choice to rest up for a few hours. But when sitting on it for a long day can cause muscle sprain and improper blood circulation. So it is wise to use it only for a few hours per day.

4. Are recliners good for seniors?

Yes, they are a better choice for elders who want comfort and difficulty in movement. Recliners help them in their mobility without putting in much effort.

5. Is there a weight limit on recliners for seniors?

Yes. You should never go above the weight limit of a recliner. We have written a detailed article on the importance of weight limits on recliners, do go through it to learn more.


Buying a recliner can be easy when you write down your requirements and have them filtered out in the products that are available today. Hope our article on the best recliner for seniors will guide you to make the right choice. Drop us a comment if you have any questions and we’ll get back to you.