Can you Use a Recliner After Shoulder Surgery?

Getting surgery on your shoulder and recovering from it without many hardships is not as easy as it sounds. Patients go through a lot of physical and mental trauma before and after shoulder surgery. If you are someone looking to have an easy period after your shoulder surgery, you should consider investing in a recliner. It may be really confusing to decide on a recliner without a proper recliner buying guide. It is one of the best post-surgery solutions to make yourself relaxed and lower the discomfort around the shoulder portion.

How To Sleep In A Recliner After Shoulder Surgery?

One of the biggest difficulties after shoulder surgery is difficulty in getting proper sleep. Recliners will help you sleep peacefully without causing any tension in the shoulder area. Lying down horizontally may cause stress around the shoulder thus leading to complications. Doctors always suggest the patient lie down in a comfortable position that will leave the area untouched and give room for a speedy recovery. Also, the recliner should fit your body without causing any additional aches.

1. Wear A Shoulder Wrap

Wearing an arm sling before sitting on your recliner is advisable as it will help movement because of body vibrations. It will also provide a sense of support to the shoulder and the hands to place it in a comfortable position. It will also increase your blood flow and will help in speedy recovery. The arm sling should be in place even at times of the recliner until your shoulder surgeon directs you to remove it.

2. Pillows

One of the main elements that will elevate your experience on a recliner after shoulder surgery is the pillow. Pillows can be used as a support below your arms and also at places where you seek comfort. It can be also be kept for your legs to sit comfortably on the recliners. The sizes of pillows can be chosen depending on your needs.

3. Right Angle

Seek assistance from friends or family members to set the right position. Adjusting it on your own is not recommended as it may cause pressure around your shoulder area. It is highly advisable to position yourself in the right angle and adjust the recliner until you feel comfortable and end up in a position to sleep.

4. Icing Procedures

Icing will help you ease the ache around your shoulders. It is advisable to do the icing on your shoulders before being seated on the recliner. A time of 15-20 minutes of icing pack will offer a relaxed sleep schedule.

5. Choose a comfortable place

Choosing a comfortable place that is airy will help you have a good sleep. If the place is congested and does not allow you to sit comfortably, there are chances of you feeling restless. This will disturb your sleep in addition to which will cause severity to the injury. Keeping the place around the recliner is also important for you to get undisturbed sleep which will direct for a speedy recovery.

Can I Use My Recliner To Sleep After My Surgery?

  • The hours spent on the recliner depends on your comfort. A whole night’s sleep can also be done in your recliner if you are able to sleep without any hardships
  • A six week period is the advisable time frame to be under rest after a surgery

Why Should You Consider Sleeping in a Recliner After your Surgery?

Recliner is constructed in a way to offer maximum comfort to the person sitting in it. Shoulder surgeries can cause a lot of pain around your shoulders and to the whole body. So, it is advisable to use a chair that will help you stay relaxed and comfortable without causing any serious trouble. Movements of the shoulders are also reduced when you sleep on a recliner. This will reduce the chances of pain thus paving way for a speedy recovery. Laying down flat on the back after shoulder surgery is not advisable by the doctors and it will also cause tension in your shoulders. Recliners will help you to keep your body inclined or at an angle that will soothe the entire area.

Things To Be Considered Before Using A Recliner

1. Take medication

It is highly recommended to take medications suggested by your doctor for shoulder recovery after surgery. Using a recliner will soothe the experience but will not act as an alternative to medications. So, take your pills for a speedy recovery.

2. Keep things handy

Keeping things handy will reduce the frequency of movements. A table or a stand near the recliner chair at a reachable distance will avoid pain due to movements. Seek help if you want to take anything or keep things away from the recliner.

3. Recliner type

The type of reclining chair you are choosing should be comfortable and should fit in the place. It should not cause congestion around the area. You can choose the recliner type based on the space available and also according to your need.

4. Upholstery

Choose an upholstery that will act smooth on your body. It should not cause any discomfort. Discomfort because of upholstery will cause movements in the body which will produce tension around the shoulders.

5. Weight limits

Ensure that the recliner is capable enough to hold weights. Sitting on a recliner after shoulder surgery will require additional space as an increased level of comfortless is sought. Also, breakage or damage due to weights will cause complications on the shoulders.


Recliners are highly capable to make your post-surgery period easy as they will help you sit comfortably and also have an undisturbed sleep. Proper sleep will help in faster recovery. If you feel any discomfort while seated on the recliner after your surgery, try changing the angles. If it continues, it is advisable to consult your physician before choosing to continue on the recliner. Also, your question of do massage chairs really work after surgery must be met only by a physician.

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