How Should a Recliner Fit your Body?

Recliners are products that make your life comfortable. Had a tough day at work? A tiring day at school? Never worry if you own a recliner for yourself. Lay back and stretch for all the relaxation. No matter the type of recliner you’re after, choosing a comfortable one that fits your body and fulfills all your wants without compromising on quality and cost demands much research. We have done the heavy lifting and given your answer to all the questions that pop up when you decide on choosing a recliner that will fit your body type.

How Should a Recliner Fit Your Body?

Many factors have to be taken into consideration before buying a recliner. You gain the fullest out of your investment, only if the recliner fits your body measurements. Wrong-sized recliners may become of no use to you and will break all your expectations.

Physical support

  • Armrest – An armrest with the right proportions will allow you to rest your arm comfortably without any difficulties. The armrest should accommodate from the elbow to your hand. The armrest should be at a height that is easy for you to place your hands. If the armrest is too low or high, it will cause discomfort
  • Legrest – The heels should be on the footrest when the chair is in a reclined position. It is highly advisable to purchase a recliner with a footrest that makes your leg stretchable. The footrest should not be too unsteady. You should feel strain free when you keep your legs stretched or in a crossed position. A well-rested leg will not become sore and will avoid causing trouble to you
  • Feet – Your feet should lie flat on the floor when you are seated in the normal position. If your feet don’t lie on the floor, there are chances of strain on your back that may result in prolonged back aches. Muscle strain and improper blood flow will be the end result of improper foot positions
  • Lumbar – The right recliner should provide the utmost lumbar support to your body. When you are seated against the cushion, there should be no space from your lower back. The cushion should support the resting position of the body and must not cause any strain on the back
  • Neck – Strain should not be caused when you place your neck against the cushion. The position of your neck should be in accordance with the spine and you should be able to lie without any stress
  • Shoulders Positioning your shoulders properly in a recliner is a major element to be considered. Shoulders should be effortlessly placed at the junction of the two back cushions
  • WeightRecliner weight limit is crucial. Consider your physical weight before choosing the recliner. The recliner should be heavy enough to hold you without causing any wear and tear. Make sure there is a distance of 1 inch between your body and the side walls of the recliner
  • Height – Height should be measured before you choose a recliner. Tall recliners may not suit well for a short person and will result in body aches. Small recliners measure approximately 39 inches and medium-sized recliners are 43 inches. Extra-tall persons can go for an entirely customized recliner as the readily available products might not suit you


Manual– A manual recliner works with the aid of a lever. You have to pull the lever to recline the chair. If you are working on a budget, then manual recliners are the right pick. These recliners are also easy to port and will be a good choice if you have space restrictions

PowerPower recliners use electricity to function. Switches to recline and perform other functions make it simple for everyone in the household. Power recliners are multi-functional and best suited for elderly people. Mcombo Electric Power Lift recliner chairs are the perfect instance for highly performing power recliners. They last for a longer time and are worth the investment.

features of power glide recliner

Rocking– A luxurious expensive option that provides maximum comfort to you. The recliner has a curved band that allows you to rock the chair either with your body or through power aids. This provides more relaxation.

How To Measure Your Body If You Are Buying A Recliner Online?

The dimensions of the recliner should go as per your body measurements. Measuring the portions of your body is highly recommended as the furniture will become obsolete if it does not suit you well.

  • Take a measuring tape, and compute the length between your knee and the heel
  • Then, measure the length between your tailbone and heel
  • The next measurement should be from your tailbone to the top of your head
  • Measure your hip width and that of your shoulders
  • Measure the length of your arms by placing the measuring tape from your elbows to your palm

Now that you have all the measurements of your body, compare them with the dimensions of the recliner mentioned in the description of the product. Make sure that both measurements are equal to the maximum extent. Ending up in an oversized or small recliner will cause discomfort and will result in a loss of investment.

How Does a Body-Fit Recliner Help You?

  • A comfortable recliner can help you relieve stress after a tiring day. The coziness that a recliner offers is unbeatable
  • A comfortable position in your recliner can improve blood circulation in your body
  • It helps in relieving your back ache. A good body posture will not strain the spine and other bones. This will help in the relaxation of the entire back
  • A good position in a recliner will lead to better sleep. Having good and undisturbed sleep will help ease your breathing problems and will help in the enhancement of your nerves. Your entire body benefits from good sleep.


Now that you have a clear idea to choose your recliner, be wise and choose a recliner that will suit you the best. Also, measure the recliner and see if it will go in accordance with the space. Congested spaces will not allow room for changing the positions of the chair. The amount you invest in a recliner should provide you with the maximum comfort and should be long-lasting. You can also check our recliner buying guide to get more information about the other aspects you need to consider before choosing a recliner.