Manual Vs Power Recliner – 7 Differences

Your recliner should be comfortable and match your personal style, whether power or manual. To make the best decision for your home, we’ll help you weigh their advantages and disadvantages. Back and joint pain sufferers should avoid sitting up straight for extended periods.

Once you’ve decided to buy a recliner, you must choose the type of recliner you want. Color, style, and brand are all important considerations, but one of the most important considerations will be whether to go with a manual or power recliner. Each type of recliner has advantages and disadvantages, and understanding them will help you make the best decision.

Manual Vs Power Recliner – Which is the Best?

1. Power recliners

Power recliners are also known as electric recliners which are powered by electricity. Single or dual motors move the chair’s adjustable parts via remote control, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to the perfect position. The backrest and footrest can be adjusted independently, which makes a comfortable sitting position in the multi-motor recliner. With a backup battery, power recliners can be returned to their original position during a power outage. A power recliner cannot be manually operated since the motor does all of the work.

2. Manual recliners

Manual recliners are operated by hand and use a lever and spring system to give a relaxing position. It also comes with a footrest that can be folded away when not in use. The footrest can be activated using a wooden, plastic lever, or a discrete pull-handle system. Manual recliners are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and upholstery options. There are even options for pet owners where more maintenance will be required. It has less maneuverability than a powered chair because it usually only has two positions reclined or seated.

Manual vs Power Recliner – Factors to Consider Before Buying

Have you decided on the best chair for you? First, you need to understand how power and manual recliners differ to choose the right one. Before making your purchase, consider these factors.

1. Positions

With a power recliner, your chair and footrest can be adjusted to a variety of different positions. You can raise or lower the seat or footrest by pressing and holding the button on power recliners, which use electric handsets to adjust the positions and settings. As opposed to automatic recliners, manual recliners may only have a few options for reclining. However, both manual and power recliners constitute to be the best recliners for watching tv and also relaxing. Choosing wisely is vital to enjoying comfort.

2. Usability

Many people prefer powered recliners because they are easy to use. The position can be adjusted simply by pressing a button. Those who have mobility or strength issues should pay special attention to this. An individual with cognitive challenges may have difficulty understanding and using a powerful handset in which case a manual recliner would be a better option.

3. Power supply

You may not be able to place your power recliner where you want because it must be plugged in constantly. For that, as well as any unsightly cables, there are battery power packs available. Manual recliners are more adaptable in this situation because no power source is required, giving you more options for placement.

4. Weight

This is critical if you intend to move your recliner. Because of the large motors and electrical system components that sit inside the power recliner, it is much heavier and difficult to move than the manual recliner. So always thoroughly research the weight limit of a recliner you want to purchase.

5. Optional extras

Power recliners are better if you’d like additional features like massage or heating. The quality and performance of powered massage cushions and mats must be evaluated before placing them in manual recliners.

6. Durability

When it comes to cleaning a recliner, manual is much easier to maintain due to the lack of complicated parts such as electrical systems, power recliners appear to have a longer lifespan. Their smooth motion is because they are controlled by electricity rather than by your body.

7. Price

The price is another factor that will undoubtedly influence which recliner you choose. Power recliners are significantly more expensive than manual recliners due to the additional electrical functions.

Which is a Better Fit for You? – A Manual or Power Recliner?

Due to their unlimited reclining settings and variety of optional features, power recliners are taking over the reclining furniture market. For the majority of furniture buyers, power recliners are the best option. Health issues or limited mobility may make it more difficult for those with these conditions. If you’re looking for a comfortable chair or sofa without all the frills, manual recliners are an excellent option at a lower price point.


With this knowledge, you can decide which recliner to buy. Recall that power recliners are easy to use, require less technology, and are simpler than manual recliners. In choosing the best piece of furniture, there is no right or wrong answer.

Choosing furniture that suits your aesthetic and is comfortable for you is what makes it the right piece for you. In addition to looking and feeling stylish, these chairs are just as comfortable as traditional reclining chairs. Be sure to purchase a high-quality, durable chair, no matter what type you choose. Depending on your unique situation, taste, and budget, there is no perfect seat for everyone. With your knowledge of the best recliner type, it’s time to start shopping!