What is a Power Glider Recliner? – Features & Usage

Power gliding is a type of recliner that works with the touch of a button. Electric motors allow power recliners to adjust their seating positions. These are available with a single or dual motor. There are numerous useful features, such as buttons/touch screens, power massage, heating functions, and so on.

There are numerous recliners on the market. Also, the recliner mechanism types vary significantly which must be considered when looking to invest in a recliner. When looking for the perfect power glider recliner, you must be thoughtful and conduct extensive research. In this article, we’ll give you a complete explanation of what power recliners are so you can make an informed decision.

What is a Power Glider Recliner?

Power recliner allows effortless angles to be adjusted, and two power buttons enable you to adjust the headrests independently. From an upright position to a fully reclined position, you can glide or recline back and forth. Power recliners are ideal for people who want to relax without worrying about back pain. Plus, reclining with a power recliner requires only a wall outlet. The chair is to offer a cozy and soothing background. It is for nurseries, living rooms, and other parts of the house where residents want to sit and unwind for extended time. Glider recliners come in numerous sizes, designs, and content to accommodate an expansive range of tastes and needs.

There is a cause why traditional rocking recliners have been around for so long: the idea behind the “sliding” feature of the recliner is that a gradual up and down motion is so soothing. Traditional recliner chairs have been around for millennia due to this. You and your child will likely fall asleep due to the peaceful, unwinding exercise they offer. When you think the glider recliner can’t get any better, it does. It features a pleasant spin motion and a smooth gliding motion. Due to its creative design, which gives an endless number of varied reclining functions, you can obtain the appropriate level of relaxation per your preferences.

Benefits of Buying a Power Glider Recliner

Having a comfortable, soft recliner in your home would be a great place to relax after a long day at work, wouldn’t it? Invest in recliner designs for your home to make it stand out and experience comfort. There are numerous justifications for selecting a glider recliner. However, a chair like this is usually most useful to new parents. The soothing gliding motion can be the perfect method to calm your newborn baby. It’s also the best spot to give them food. As your child becomes older, you can still use the chair. For instance, reading together might be a terrific activity for you to do in comfortable chairs. As a result, gliding recliners are now commonplace in nurseries all over the world.

Living room chairs might be an at-home natural cure if you experience neck or back aches. Your body is revitalized, and pressure points got removed by the massage and heat therapy activities. The last advantage of a chair is that it lowers tension. With qualities for comfort and peace of mind, the best recliner soothes the body and mind. Some features that can improve your health and decrease your stress levels are deep-tissue air massage, motorized reclining positions, and spinal support.

A power glider recliner is often more convenient than a rocking chair. They will not mark the floor because they are on a metal track. This type of seating can benefit people of all ages. The rocking motion may be beneficial to mental health. Finally, many seniors may find these chairs easier to get in and out of. They add a homey vibe, and here is a helpful guide you should not miss out on.

You can pick a Power Glider recliner to match your preferred style, how you favor a traditional vintage appearance, a sleek modern design, or vibrantly patterned fabric. It is a universal piece of furniture for your home and may even get used in a bedroom or tiny space. Built to last, the Power Glider recliner. It can resist the rigors of regular use because of its durable design and top-notch components. Also, it has a soft gliding motion and a reclining feature, as you can use it for years. The comfort a Power Glider recliner provides is among its most significant advantages.

Features of Power Glider Recliners

1. Power headrest

Through the power reclining mechanism, it is easy to adjust the headrest. A fully reclined position is also available.

2. Lumbar support

The best purchase for people suffering from back pain during a long day at work is a power glider recliner. Sit in power recliners with lumbar support so the spine rests naturally. Power hand controls allow independent adjustment of lumbar support.

3. Powerlifting

If you have difficulty getting in and out of a recliner, a power lift is a great feature. Power lift features are excellent in providing you with extra assistance.

4. Programmable memory features

This feature is for you if you get frustrated trying to find the perfect spot of relaxation and comfort. The latest technology allows your recliner to save your favorite positions, ensuring you always look forward to relaxing in your favorite position.

5. Storage space

It is becoming increasingly convenient to use power recliners thanks to the addition of many new features. Consider watching the big game or watching your favorite show while drinking a cold beverage. Remotes, mobile phones, pens, keys, and other accessories can also be held in remote holders and tray holders on power recliners.

6. USB connectors

When it comes to charging your phone, do you detest getting up from your seat? Most power gliding recliners come with USB ports or wireless docks so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your charging cable. A wireless recliner battery option, LED lighting, and Bluetooth speakers are also available. The alignment and function of the electric recliner’s control buttons must get verified.

7. Wall Hugger

This feature enables the position of the chair just a few centimeters away from the wall to save space. It is ideal for people who live in apartments and tiny houses.

8. Massage

While unwinding, press a button on your recliner to receive a massage. Depending on the chair, the massage features may differ; some also include a warming option!

9. Big and Tall

The extremely large are the target market for these chairs. These recliners often have superior construction than a typical recliner.

features of power glide recliner

How Should you Choose a Power Glider Recliner?

There are numerous recliners on the market; when looking for the perfect recliner, you must be thoughtful and conduct extensive research. When shopping for a glider recliner, we recommend keeping a few things in mind.

1. Height & weight

First and foremost, consider the chair’s height. You must be able to touch the floor in order to continue your rocking motion. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be so cheap that it will be difficult to enter and exit. Plus, the recliner weight limit must also be considered to ensure that you don’t overburden the recliner.

2. Warranty

Many stores will let you try it on for size. Check the returns policy before buying something online so you know if you don’t like it, you can return it. Check out the issues that will be covered in the recliner warranty.

3. Available space

Most reclining chairs and sofas have added upholstery and a thicker skeleton. Moreover, they should be placed so they do not impede the movement of the seat, since they may be reclined forward and backward. To help you relax properly, it should be positioned near a window with a coffee table or near the living room TV. You can also measure a recliner to know how much space it will occupy.

4. Framework and upholstery

The core skeleton of power recliners can be made of various kinds of wood or metals. Recliners are essentially one-time investments. The recliner should not only be comfortable but also complement your home’s interior without interfering with anything else. So you should choose a recliner upholstery that complements your interior design and furniture.

5. Correct material

Leather, cotton, and microfiber are just a few fabrics from the Power Glider recliners. These materials each have benefits and drawbacks. When selecting the ideal material for your electric recliner, assess your preferences and lifestyle.

6. Mechanism

Push-back, remote control mechanisms, and lever are just a few working parts of the Power Glider recliners. Choose a method based on your tastes, financial situation, and way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you need a power gliding recliner chair?

As we mentioned above, recliner chairs are now available in a wide range of designs and with a wide range of functions. Before you start looking, you should know why you want the chair and what functions are included.

2. What is the difference between a power recliner and a normal recliner?

There are quite a lot of differences. We have written a detailed article about the manual Vs power recliner, do take a look to learn more.

3. How much do power gliding recliners cost?

Power recliners vary greatly in price depending on style, quality, and brand. They start around $2,000 and can go up to $8,000 or more depending on the fabric, style, and quality of construction. Before you buy, it’s important to try it out in person and get information about the construction from a trusted designer so you don’t buy a sofa that won’t last.

4. How to maintain a power glider recliner?

The power glider recliner is relatively simple to maintain. You can frequently entail regular vacuuming is the great one. It’s also critical to act quickly after spilling something to avoid staining. You can purchase removable and washable recliner covers to keep it good as new. You may need to maintain the metal track on occasion to ensure a smooth rocking motion. For proper maintenance, you will need to read this recliner cleaning guide to learn more useful tips.

5. Can I spend a certain amount to buy a power recliner?

This may seem like an obvious question, but it is critical to have a budget in place before shopping for a new chair power glider recliner. By doing so, you’ll be able to decide whether to pursue something that’s too expensive or not worth it.

6. What are the functions of power recliners?

With electric or power recliners, users are able to adjust their seating position with the assistance of motors built into the chair. After the recline angle is plugged in, the user can use a remote control to adjust it. If you want your chair to rise to make standing easier, or you just want to recline and relax, power recliners lighten your load and reduce joint stress.

7. How long does it take for a power recliner to reach its end of life?

Depending on the frequency and handling, a power recliner can last between 10 and 20 years. Sometimes it depends on the brand.


After reading this article, we hope that you got a better understanding of power gliding recliners. There are a number of recliners available on the market, so you must conduct extensive research before selecting the right one for you. The recliners on the market come in many different materials, colors, and cushioning options. Keep these points in mind and discover the perfect power glider recliner.