Ways to Prevent the Elderly From Sliding Out Of Recliner

Recliners are comfortable chairs that can be safely used by seniors. They provide comfort and can be easily changed to different positions for giving a perfect relaxed feel.

Using these recliners they can sit comfortably in a place, but there’s an inconvenience whey they may slide or fall from the recliner chair. So you need to choose a recliner that keeps the elderly in comfort, preventing them from sliding.

In this article we have shared important tips and advice on how to take care of and protect the elders from sliding out of the recliner

Way to Keep Elders From Falling Out of a Recliner

No matter the type of recliner chair used, these are some of the reasons elders might slip from a reclining chair.

  • One of the common causes of slipping from the recliner is the lack of balance and they become shaky
  • If footrest is not in a proper position
  • Wearing synthetic and slippery clothes mainly causes them to fall

Here are some steps you can take to prevent it.

1. Choosing the perfect recliner

The essential step is choosing a suitable recliner chair for elders. Check the chair on having certain specifications, it should have enough height as it elevates the elders to sit upright, it should be wider and has low seating, and have efficient hand rest on the side having all these in a recliner makes the elders fit correctly and prevent them from slipping down. You can also go through our recliner buying guide to make the best purchase.

2. Using footplates

Foot plates are small plates that are placed under the recliner for the feet. It is designed to provide proper space and better grip for comfortably placing the feet. The footplate faultlessly fits with the recliner and prevents the elders from slipping and sliding from it. They differ in size, design, and texture, each one gives fitting comfort relevant to each design.

3. Using air cushion

Air cushions provide great support for seniors. There are various specially designed cushions, one of the types is a pommel air cushion that keeps the elders comfortable and prevents them from falling down. This cushion also supports the knee area and soothes knee pain.

Another type of air cushion is a wedge cushion, sitting on it helps to keep the back straight in position. This alleviates causing tension around the hips and provides them a better grip on holding them firm in the recliner seat.

4. Placing non-slip pads

Placing a non-slip pad on top of the recliner upholstery and making the elders sit on that pad provides them with a good grip while sitting. But we should not use these pads for a long duration as it may hurt the elder’s back and hips.

5. Armrests

In any type of recliner, armrest helps the elders to place their hands firmly while sitting in a recliner. It keeps the elders sitting and adjusting in the right position. They can probably grab the armrest while changing the sitting position in the chair and getting up from it.

Tips To Keep in Mind to Prevent of Elders from Sliding

For preventing the elders from falling down you need to give attention to some simple efficient tips as follows

  • Chair should have enough height with it, this helps to resist the elders sitting straight and keeping their feet down
  • Choose the chair having customized adjusting features according to individual needs and comfort
  • Type of Recliner mechanism must be chosen carefully to provide the elders with a comfortable reclining experience
  • Prefer lightweight chairs as it is easier for the elders to push and move them on their necessities
  • Choose a wide and a lower base seat for a perfect relaxing fit and comfortable reclining position
  • Chairs should be filled with enough foam for preventing joint pain
  • Footrest should balance the whole body giving actual comfort to the knee and feet. You can choose either a recliner chair with an attached footrest or you can buy an additional footrest for the recliner.
  • Ensure that the recliner is easy to clean. The seat should be a waterproof material for cleaning the spilled messes and food particles
  • Use comfy pillows and certain types of airbags for providing extra support to the hips, neck, head, and arms. You can also use stiff recliner covers
  • Elders should avoid prolonged sitting in a recliner, they should take enough breaks to avoid causing body pain
  • Chair that has a poor back and poor fitting support may affect the back of the elders.
  • If the chair is too big or too small the elder can’t sit comfortably, so choose a perfect compact recliner. Ensure you select the perfect recliner size


Elderly people are more sensitive, not only their skin is soft and gentle but also their heart is. They could easily get emotional falling from a chair even suppressing their confidence level.

Choosing a comfortable recliner may avoid them from falling and causing serious injuries. A recliner is available in various models, styles, colors, and materials chosen according to your preference and comfort. Hope our tips and ideas will prevent the elders in your home from sliding.

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